Wednesday, January 1, 2014

27 Things I Almost Forgot I Did On This Blog This Year

The Spinneskelle--spooky undead wand monster

Pterodactroll--pretty much what it sounds like.

I turned that comic book Cosmic Odyssey into a mini campaign handbook

My highest-level character started buying maps--still buying them, BTW

I also investigated ways to get 25,000 xp on his behalf.

Defined antimemes. Either: D&D blogging in general has gotten better, D&D blogging has just dropped off to a point where trends aren't noticeable any more, or this article actually worked. I haven't seen anybody talk up an antimeme on their blog in ages.

Drew and designed a bunch of mechs for that Mekton/Pendragon game we only got to do like 6 sessions of.

Search-and-replace dungeon. I should do more of these.

Actually read all the way through Expedition To The Ruins Of Greyhawk and wrote all about it.

Actually read all the way through Red Hand Of Doom and wrote all about it.

Made this totally failed FLAILSNAILS experiment.

Visited post-apocalyptic New York.

Identified the rhetorical device known as Comic Book Guy's Razor.

Found out how you could put numbers on a map automatically.

Noted the disagreeability of manticores.

Wrote up some cats.

Collaborated with G+ to find out what halfling cities are like.

We also did 100 things about magic books.

And I wrote 100 ways to break curses.

Listened to WOTC guys play D&D.

Talked about how crunch can create a sense of desperation.

Talked about meeting the characters you play.

I forgot about the videos at the end of this post. I love them.

Wrote up the Danger Room Method of PC balance.

Made this list for people looking for local people to play D&D with. I should do that again.

Went to Indiecade and wrote about how games relate to real life.

Wrote up d100 ideas from the 1001 Arabian Knights and a Dr Strange comic.


greyirish said...

Good stuff. You've done well on your blog this year!

Enzo said...

Agree. This blog is one of my primary sources of inspiration for gaming. Thank you very much and happy new year!