Saturday, May 18, 2013

Comic Book Guy's Razor

Comic Book Guy's Razor Principle

The most insulting possibly explanation is rarely the correct one, but it's the first one you'll hear on the internet.

Self-Loathing Academic Anecdote Corollary (SLAAC) 

...when the evidence for applying the Razor is: "I know because I totally would've totally done the same thing, too, until I, like, grew up, man."

Forgot A Condom Sub-corollary (FACS) SLAAC above, when the evidence of having grown up is that the speaker owns or jizzed in a snatch that produced a human infant.


Gus L said...

How'd that baby get an AC 6? With a Dex 3 it needs to be wearing plate to get an AC 6! Unless that's ascending AC - then I suppose it's about right.

Also, yes the internet is a horrible place for reasoned discourse.

kent-allard-jr said...

Ascending AC, naturally, the dude has a -4 Dex modifier.

SAROE said...

Still more HP than 25% of 1st Level Magic-Users (and Old School Thieves) out there.

Alec Semicognito said...

As a mother, I know the FACS is right. Oh sorry, I meant "as a motherfucker."

Jonas said...

I dont know what is the latest but I think those are all used in sort of one-upmanship and you have unfortunately attracted nerdrage for a long time. I still remember that soup kitchen thing and you cant possibly be connected in any way Mieville because he is one of the good gys and you are a bad guy argument and several others.

Stefan Poag said...

What's the name of the syndrome where somebody spends several hours a day google-stalking and linking and quoting a target, and when the target says, "Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you spending your life following me around on the internet?" the stalker retorts that he (the stalker) doesn't have a problem and it didn't take much time at all to find those usenet postings from 1998 and YOU'RE the one with the problem because YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Zak S said...

soup kitchen?

Jonas said...

Ah, forget about it, it's something that ha come up in couple of places and I have puzzled over the matter that isn't that you know good thing.