Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Some New Demon City Stuff

Albequerque, New Mexico. Long story. Anyway I was there.

I was walking through what I take to be some outskirt of some part of the center of some part of town. Like 2pm. Dust, rust. Broken car. Everything yellow.

Homeless guy: "Spare a torchlight?"

I carry a lighter, not for me, but for people who need a lighter-- "All yours."

He lights up a lightbulb pipe, something blue collected in the bottom, breathes meth or crack smoke.

"You look like a man in a hurry," he says.

I'm super not. Especially these days. Lawyers aren't even awake in half the time zones I'm dealing with.

I'm waiting for final versions of Demon City pages to come in for proofreading and every other thing, so I figured I'd make a few new pictures to illustrate action rounds while I wait. Here are a few of the batch that I like best:

Thanks to the girls for modelling. More on the goons soon, for those waiting on that.

Monday, March 14, 2022

"Get up. The war has started" Interview from Kyiv


Hey all, like I promised Friday, here's an interview with a gamer in Kyiv, as the bombs are dropping.

How did this happen? Anton from the metal band Kauan is a fan of my game stuff and Anatoly is also in his band. 

We all want to know what's going down there, so here's an interview. The first thing I asked is who he was, what games he was into, and what's going on. The interview begins with what he said, via Telegram (click to enlarge if it's hard to read):

Imagine paying for Kingdom Death and then having to leave

Territorial Defense Forces, Ukraine

How much debris would it stop?

William T Vollmann, a real nice guy who introduced me to getting shot at in Eastern Europe

Disco Elysium

Vladimir Putin's favorite band

Did you see that? Of course I saw it.

Ok, that's that. If you're interested in the perspective of Russian gamers I am also working on an interview with one of those guys as we speak--hopefully it'll be ready and up within the week.

And for those of you who are like "Yeah yeah international events are very exciting but when are you going to get back to telling us about what you learned from suing Something Awful trolls while suing people?" Well if you're interested in that--don't forget to vote!