Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Opponents Wanted

Want someone to play D&D with ?  Or any other game?

If you wanna find someone local to roll with put your name, location, and preferred games here.

All the following people are on Google plus, so can be contacted there, if you leave a comment under this post, leave a way you can be contacted.

Also check the previous Opponents Wanted thread here.

Harald Wagener, Zürich, Labyrinth Lord. I run a biweekly game on Wednesdays and am always looking for new players to join (we have a core group and a number of irregulars, playing English or German depending on who is joining).

James Young, London, whatever's clever. Will run games for booze.

Jeremy Murphy, Nelson British Columbia.  Most D&D versions, WFRP, other stuff.  I'm a long-time DM, but I like to play as well.

Torah Cottrill, South King Co. (Washington); I'll try anything once. :)

Adam Thornton, St. Louis.  Pretty much anything; if it's a casual drop-in-drop-out game let's do Risus or a rules-light FUDGE (I happen to have one; the character sheet is also the game system).  I'll play damn near anything.  Also: I'm looking for a few lunatics to do Actual Play Or At Least Character Creation Reports of some Very Bad Games.  I own a copy of Spawn of Fashan, but also I'd be interested in trying to play Synnibar or F.A.T.A.L. as long as a) we're all drunk, and b) someone is recording it.

Natalie Bennett, Fairfax and/or Gainesville Virginia. Running ACKS/old school D&D. Tastes as a player are pretty varied-- system's not really the main criteria there.

Joshua Blackketter, Chicago. I'll play mostly whatever, though Dresden Files is about as story game as I'll go.

Courtney Campbell
Northwest Arkansas 

John Cater, Brooklyn, pretty much anything

Scrap Princess, Dunedin , New Zealand/Aotearoa
Will Consider Anything

Paolo Greco, Glasgow, OSR or GURPS

Eric Boyd, South King County WA, OSR D&D for the most part; Puppetland is about the only story game I've had fun with. 

Dwayne Wallace Bisbee Arizona, any pre 2k d&d, 2e Shadowrun, or any fun game really

Dallas M, Adelaide, old school/OSR D&D etc.

Ian Borchardt, Adelaide, [hi +Dallas M],  run OSR homebrews, Pendragon, Paranoia, Ironclaw (both in Glorantha and in the default world), Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, but really looking to actually be a player in something (almost anything except White Wolf, but I'm starting to become desperate enough to consider even this).

Ryan Silva Las Vegas. D&D (any), CoC (any). Warhammer RPG (any).

Robert Morris (that's his Google+ name) Bob Morris. Palo Alto, CA. Old school D&D, old Warhammer FRP, hex and counter wargames, and historical and fantasy minis.

Anders Nordberg, Stockholm, Sweden, mostly D&D but I'm game for anything.

Chris Carpenter, SW Florida, USA. RPGs, wargames and board games; just let me know you are out there and we'll come to some sort of gaming consensus. 

Frotz Self, New York City, NY, USA. RPGs on the whole - I'm pretty system-neutral. I'm willing to make a reasonable train trip once a month or so (CT, NJ, PA) for meatspace gaming.

Aleksandr Revzin, Chicago, IL. I'm running a DCC game most Saturdays in the Logan Square neighborhood. I'll also play most other games if I can find time in my schedule.


Konsumterra said...

Konsumterra Sydney Inner West Australia mate
Have a thriving club in Marrickville
Contact me G+ or FB as "Exiles Gaming Club"

Unknown said...

Are Hauge Braaten, Norway - up for anything, anthough something dndesque is preferred. Reachable at

Unknown said...

Charles. Minneapolis. I've got experience with Pathfinder (too crunchy for me) and Fate Core, but I'm interested in trying new systems. I'm also currently playtesting a homebrew. I can be tracked down on Google+ or at

Charles Saeger said...

Peculiarly, I'm also a Charles in Minneapolis, who is running a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy sandbox game on alternate Sundays. The blog for my game is on Blogspot so click there in case anyone cares.

Dale said...

Dale in Boston North Shore. I run a biweekly Hackmaster (5e) game on Sunday afternoons and new players (to Hackmaster or RPGs in general) are welcome to join us for food, beer, dice, shouting, and even some role playing. Characters die a lot. You can contact me via

Adam Dickstein said...

Dis here, see, dis is nice.

Unknown said...

Added to my blog roll.

Unknown said...

Griffin in Redlands, CA
I've run D&D 4e, Firefly, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Old School Hack, and Rifts. I've also played GURPS, Mutants & Masterminds, D&D 2e, D&D 3.5, D&D Next, and Pathfinder. I'm willing to learn any system if someone is willing to run it!

Unknown said...
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Spazalicious Chaos said...

Orion Miller, the Spazalicious Chaos of Portland, OR
I run AD&D; D&D 3.5; Pathfinder; D20 versions of most games, BESM, New WOD, Iron Claw, and... fuck it. If I have it I'll let ya know. If I don't then show me and I will try.

Adam Dickstein said...

Adam Dickstein

New York City, NY

Currently have a group. I am the GM. Always looking to add. Very chill, story and character heavy, mechanics light group.

Play classic Traveller, Star Trek (FASA and LUG), Star Wars (WEG D6), Champions (4th Ed) and many, many other things. Prefer not to run D&D or it's relatives.

barkingalien AT gmail DOT com.

Jay Murphy said...

Jay Murphy

Aspen, CO

Attempts at face to face role playing in the wilderness...

Asaris said...

Chris Blauwkamp. ACKS in Washington, DC.

Sean said...
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Sean said...

Sean here. Montclair, NJ. Will play very nearly anything. Would prefer meatspace gaming (bad experience with Roll20 where only the GM could use voice chat without it going bonkers). I have PDF books for 3.5, Shadowrun 4/5, several others. Email is

(reposted for reasons of receiving reply notifications, if any)

Unknown said...

I am already in too many game groups. each more exclusive and fulfilling than the last. I would make time for some sort of fantasy all-star team.

Bast said...

Portland, Oregon
I would like to play AD&D type 1, AD&D type 2 Darksun, LotFP, and Call of Cthulu.