Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fish Helmets, Lamprey Men, Economics, etc

  • Scrap Princess (of this here blog) trawls the web digging up exotica including coconut fibre armor. "The warrior holds a three-pronged weapon (taumangaria) edged with shark's teeth. He may also have worn undergarments, a porcupine fish helmet and ray skin cuirass on top"
  • Likewise Scrap tracked down these terrifying pictures of atom bomb tests that look like Gordon Terry paintings
  • WOOO, extra dots!
  • This 100 Forbidden Castles is pretty good "73 A naive wizard dwells here being seduced to evil by devils, witches and gold
    74 Lamprey men fort with captured villagers feeding on poor victims slowly like cattle"
  • Likewise I'll be cutting and pasting the latest batch of Dungeon Dozen tables
  • This Gary Chalk interview illustrates how things should work: " They had repeatedly threatened to sue me for plagiarism over the dungeon planner pads and the floorplans, but had never really been able to make it stick. I told them that if they gave me a job, they wouldn’t have to keep trying to sue me and I could even invent products for them. They thought this over and gave a job they called Games Development Manager!"
  • Middenmurk heaved itself forward again a few days ago, casually shredding the usually-so-robust boundary between poetry and gaming aid.
  • Have liked Sarah Horrocks' art for a while and I like what she has to say about The Counselor too. Not RPGish but lots of blatant thought-provocation about comics, writing, art and much else that is RPG-adjacent.
  • When was the last time you heard an RPG podcast that was not annoying? Ta-daa! That's from Shiro of the RPG corner blog.
  • And Noisms is doing that thing where he sheds light on how RPGs work using knowledge gleaned from things other than how Buffy and/or other RPGs work 

So there you go.

Monday, October 28, 2013

12 Situations in 12 Pictures

I collect these and stick them in my notebook--I look for ones that convey a relatively large amount of information in one picture--easy for a GM to take in mid-session and easy to imagine any group of PCs running into.

Like for example the first one gives you a wizard who is: evil,  in the middle of an incantation, holding something important, possessed of an impressive collection of alchemical glassware (one piece of which is broken), surrounded by webs and accompanied by rats.

Half of these are from Mike Mignola & Howard Chaykin's Fafhrd & Mouser adaptations.

Roll D12











If you've got any pictures that get a lot of gameable details across all at once, put them in the comments. I suspect Conan comics and covers would be rich vein, and some of Kirby's double-page spreads from The Demon .

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Free Weird Space Magic

Hereticwerks Space Age Sorcery dealie has some decent adventure fuel in it.
also: weird nipples

Brazen Mien
Spell Level: Magic User 4th
Range: Caster
Duration: Permanent until dispelledCan only be cast once in a lifetime. Requires a blessed cauldron filled with magically molten brass. It is pref- fered that the brass come from desecrated holy objects and stolen altar pieces. At the astrologically-appropriate moment, as determined by the caster according to their own ingenium, the mage recites a blasphe- mous chant then plunges their head into the cauldron. Should they survive the unholy ordeal, their face and most of the flesh on their head is replaced with a grotesque mask of brass. They gain 1d6 new senses over and above the free use of Detect Magic and See Invis- ible as permanent abilities. Unfortunately they lose the ability to speak, unless they use magical Ventriloquism or other such means. 
Spell Level: Cleric 2nd/Magic User 4th
Range: Touch/Close
Duration: 3d6 hours
The caster may add perceived value to a common quantity of something of little or no value, for example the words of a proven liar or a portion of waste material. This value will affect all members of a reasonably sized and reasonably specific group, for example all of the members of an extended family, the politico-managerial class of a mid-sized space station or a swarm of interplanar horrors. 

 ...also, the best spell-name fonts I've seen in a free supplement.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Solution-Driven Adventures

I got 99 problems and they form an interlocking network of pistons in a vast adventure-generating engine 

There are more scripts than business cards in Los Angeles, so finding writing advice so simple that millions of people who will never ever get a movie made will understand it or at least think they do is big business.

Here's a simple one you'll hear on day one in any screenwriting class:

"There are two kinds of scripts: plot-driven and character-driven".

A plot-driven story is one where, essentially, you could replace Batman with Robin (i.e. a character of roughly the same kinds of abilities but a different personality) and the central conflict of the story would remain the same.*

For an example of these words being used by someone who knows what they're talking about, here's Jenette Kahn, ex-publisher of DC Comics:
 In the mid-seventies at DC, most stories were driven by plot not character. We tried to reverse this equation across the board so that our comics dealt more with human complexities than they did with mechanistic ones.
(You can, of course, have both at once. Don't even think of writing a boring comment in my comments extolling the overlooked virtues of having both at once. Sure great, lovely, let's move on...)


Let's say Norgulon shrinks the population of Zor'Clactica so they're all 2 inches tall and then rules them like a cruel god.

A) If the story is mostly about the hero, Gnastimus Prodd, realizing that, despite his anomie and alienation, all Zor'Clacticans are fundamentally one and, thus inspired, manages to rally the population for an all-out Zerg Swarm assault on Norgulon and defeats him and so grows the Zor'Claacticans back to normal size, that part of the story is what a screenwriter would call Character-Driven.

B) If the story is mostly about the hero, Gnastimus Prodd, realizing that, although there is no antidote to the shrink ray, he can use the shrink ray on Norgulon so that the cruel tyrant is once more the same size as everybody else that part of the story is what a screenwriter would call Plot-Driven. Even though, note, Gnastimus, a character, is still the agent of action.

...and check this:

C) If the story is mostly about life under the heavy fist of Norgulon but then Norgulon is crushed by a random asteroid, that part of the story is what a screenwriter would also call Plot-Driven.


Now anybody into role-playing games will notice a vast gulf between B and C. In B, a hero solves a problem with one of a set of solutions. In C, fate does, inexorably, with no decision points. In movies this isn't as vast a difference because both asteroids and heroes' skillsets are under the control of the screenwriter--in games, the heroes and the random asteroids are typically under control of different people.

This is one reason this plot-driven/character-driven dichotomy hasn't caught on that much in talking about games--it doesn't quite apply in the same way.

However, the fact that we don't use it much does obscure one thing: a lot of the work people like Vincent B and Luke W are doing over in the more motivation-obsessed indie games is, essentially, trying to find a way for RPGs to make character-driven stories. That is: stories where what happens is all about a problem latent in the characters.

Well, why is that hard? Because most traditional RPGs are set up to be what a screenwriter would ham-fistedly and misleadingly call "Plot Driven".

Because those words suggest railroading or a pre-packaged plot (i.e. they conflate the shrink ray solution and the asteroid), people who want to talk about RPGs need another term.

So: Solution-Driven.

In a Solution-Driven adventure the characters are presented with a problem or (better) a complex set of interlocking problems. Exterior problems.

The conflict and story arise from any set of characters attempting to solve the problems, mostly in a mechanical way.

It's not Character-Driven because you could replace the characters with other characters and there'd still be a conflict (presuming the new characters still crave experience points, gold pieces, basic survival or some other low-common-denominator motivator) though that conflict might take a different form.

It's not a Railroad (or Participationist--which is when you're ok with being railroaded) because in a Situation-Driven adventure if you changed your choices you'd get a different story.

A Solution-Driven story isn't just one where the players are given a pile of problems to solve, it's where they choose problems and different solutions lead to radically different plots.

In a Character-Driven story you change the character and you've changed the story completely. In a Solution-Driven one you change the details of the method of solving the problem and you've changed the story completely.

Like yesterday me and Stokely chose to get drunk in the middle of an adventure Kirin was running.

My elf, Gorgut the Weasel, got tossed in jail.

Stokely hooked up with a witch who then turned her leg into a tentacle.

Though these could be framed as natural consequences of our characters' respective alcohol problems, the game mechanics frame these problems as external. You gotta roll to get bonus xp--this isn't a Hard Choice--you deal with the problem you get.

Stokely decided to try to charm a goofy local apprentice wizard into Cure Disease-ing her, but he (die roll...) took her to his mom's basement and had some stolen wizard's library book and he was all weird and clueless and she was thinking this wasn't gonna take and there'd be some horrible diceroll in the future so she tricked him and took off with his spellbook.

The spells turned out to be too high-level for anybody in the party to handle, so she asked around about how much it'd cost for a professional--3000gp.

At this point I'm like "Look, don't bail me out of jail--let me go to the arena, let my third level ass fight a giant crab with all the other doomed prisoners. Bet on me: I'll win at insane odds against, I get out of prison, we get enough gold to cure Stokes, all is right in the world."

And, weirdly, that worked.

Point is: all that adventure came from attempts to solve basically mechanical problems ("I've got a monster leg.""I'm in jail.") and player choices, not presumed plots.

So a Solution-Driven adventure is a thing.


Some other things about Solution-Driven adventures:

In Solution-Driven adventures, the characters are treated like tools to enact solutions.

Characters' personalities affect the style of solution, the atmosphere, and the choice of which problems to solve but that moment of choice is not a drawn out main event, the complexities of the solution are the main event.

Almost all location-based modules are gonna give you Solution-Driven adventures. The location is a problem--it has gold in it, it is guarded in one way or another, there are billions of ways to extract it, some good, some bad. However, not all Solution-Driven adventures are location-based.

For example: murder mysteries can be Solution-Driven adventures. Assuming you can make a suitably complex web of clues and have a suitably wide variety of avenues of inquiry, the way the players choose to solve the problem of discovering and then confronting a culprit can be written in a Solution-Driven way. For example.

Superhero adventures are easy to write as Solution-Driven. There's Dr Doom: he lives in Latveria which is here and he has these powers and he just made an army of cannibal sloth men. Do something about that.

Just because there's one Big Bad doesn't mean it has to be a railroad. Cthulhu can be banished in a thousand ways after a thousand different series' of events. Or he can even win.

When a game company sells you a module, they are selling you a set of problems. The characters that your players bring are tools to find solutions. The story is the interaction of these two parts.

Designing this kind of adventure is, therefore, about designing interesting problems. 

Some systems want to give you different consequences based on the plausibility of your solution (GURPS) and so are all about the problem of concocting the best solution for the situation, some want to give radically different solutions basically equal chances of success (Dread) and so the precise decision is less important than the camera pan across the tension of the act of enacting the chosen solution.

In Dread, breaking the window or dropping the TV on the guy will both work equally well--either way you gotta pull a brick from the Jenga tower--in GURPS, whichever is easier to do is easier to do. Thinking of the best solution is an important drama in GURPS, whereas in Dread the important drama is Will you tip over the Jenga tower after you've picked a solution?

For that reason, I'm not sure I'd go "x,y,z systems are solution-based"--this is more about what a session or adventure is like than what system itself is like.

The very last part of that Jenette Kahn quote up there ends
"...We tried to reverse this equation across the board so that our comics dealt more with human complexities than they did with mechanistic ones. This was a much more modern approach and also a more adult one."
...and begs the question of whether Character-Driven stories really are more grown-up than Solution-Driven ones. They are in the sense that they engage the empathic rather than the inventive imagination. On the other hand, as anyone at DC should know, there's something a little childish about a fear of being childish especially in a game.

Personally I wonder why it is that Character-Driven movies and books interest me very much (or as much as anybody else), but games that seem to want to be Character Driven fall flat for me. I think it may be because the use of characters as pawns by real and interesting and independent players means a layer of character interest is automatic in any game I play and far more subtle than the schematically simple moral and emotional conundra games seem to ask for (Kill the girl in Bioshock? Who cares?) Every good Solution-Driven game asks: Will they cooperate and think and live or will they react and squabble and die like ugly pigs?

Which is the only real human question anyway.


*Yes, which conflict is central in a given story can be a topic of debate, as can all of the terms, like "character". Like if we decide HAL is a character in 2001 then it's Character-Driven and if HAL isn't then it's Plot-Driven. Despite whatever TED talk you saw, writing isn't an exact science. Or a science.

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Your RPG Person Profile

Copy this and put it somewhere on your blog or some other static place that's easy for people to find. Like if some RPG person can find your name, they should be able to find this profile. It'll speed things up.

Like, I put a link to mine over in the margin there.

If you're on a forum, you can put a link to in your signature.

I'm going to copy mine and put it in the comments on this page, but if you do that also make sure you do it somewhere else, too, because there's no guarantee anybody will be looking for your profile here.

Erase anything that doesn't apply.

I'm currently running (at home):

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (at home) include:

I'm currently running (online):

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (online) include:

I would especially like to play/run:

...but would also try:

I live in:

2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like:

2 or 3 novels I like:

2 or 3 movies I like:

Best place to find me on-line:

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it's:

I really do not want to hear about: 

I think dead orc babies are ( circle one: funny / problematic / ....well, ok, it's complicated because....)

Game I'm in are like (link to something)

Free RPG Content I made for _______(name of game(s) here) is available here (link).

Free RPG Content I made for _______(name of game(s) here) is available here (link).

(copy the above lines as many times as you need to)

You can buy RPG stuff I made about _____ here (link)

You can buy RPG stuff I made about _____ here (link)

(copy the above lines as many times as you need to)

If you know anything about _____ it'd help me with a project I'm working on

I talk about RPGs on ____ (social media site and/or RPG forum name) under the name ______ 

I talk about RPGs on ____ (social media site and/or RPG forum name) under the name ______

(copy above line as needed)


Friday, October 18, 2013

D&Dability Study: Scheherezade, Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom

Roll d100 for a random plot element from...

Sharaz-De: Tales from the Arabian Nights by Sergio Toppi...

1.  ...the snowy peaks of Bashra, where Hyrkanian tigers lose their color in winter
2. I have a garden filled with birds
3. Each day the king takes a new and beautiful wife, and she is dead the next morning
4. The land is ravaged and sullen. Sharaz-De goes forward to end this, by sacrificing herself
5. An owl that listens to stories
6. A hunter prince with a great falcon who lives in the mountains
7. A mirror which shows not the one who gazes but the one that they love
8. A prince calls a great hunt
9. A golden-horned animal pays homage to a monarch--this is not a good omen
10. An animal that speaks only with its dying breath
11. A pond made from the drool of a great dragon
12. ...the cries of stones scalded by the sun terrify travelers
13. Attempting, and failing, to placate every demon claiming jurisdiction before undertaking an important task
14. The punishment for the sin of the father visited upon the son
15. From all corners of the kingdom came wise men and mages to try and heal the young king
16. Leprosy hidden behind a silver mask
17. A columnar hill, surmounted by a dome, where executions take place
18. A wise man's disembodied head, kept in a jar, talking
19. A great black book bound in a serpent's black skin
20. A blank book, with poisoned pages
21. A summoned demon guards the rear flank of a mortal army
22. A subordinate buried alive for drunken dereliction fo duty
23. An arrogant demon whose fatal flaw is his eagerness to prove his powers
24. Mysterious signs form in the blood of a dead fish
25. A fortress-isle of magnetic iron to which ships are ineluctably drawn
26. The gold domed building is the head of a vast golem
27. A man forbidden to speak a certain word, lest he be turned to stone
28. A man who rides a giant turtle
29. A merciless monarch served by a formidable and honorable general
30. The animal which was spared turns out to be a grateful demon
31. A man sworn to always be merciful on pain of being transformed into the victim of his cruelty
32. The party accused of a crime recently committed by someone else
33. A rock shaped like a hand that covers a round stone concealing a tremendous treasure
34. A magic sword requiring communion with the deepest abyss of earth where metals unknown to man boil in fusion
35. Kumaz, great bronze-hoofed beast, destroyer of fortresses
36. So there's this prince, right? And this magic dwarf helps him conquer everybody and the dwarf's like "In return, I wish only for your #1 babe" and the prince is like "Whatever"
37. Great Mu'Awyah, forced to murmur his stories while balancing on a rock, where a tyrant had banished him
38. Hot immortal babe entombed in a rock
39. Scarlet rocks licked by sourceless rivers where great ruby-eyed birds fly overhead
40. Jade riders on proud destriers
41. The treasure speaks at the trial of the thief who stole it
42. Iblis, the Lying God, disguised as a poor man
43. A difficult question that, until answered, will pull at the soul as a geas or quest
44. An egg of the great falcon, Shamak, a bird sacred to all those who live from plunder--it will save you from brigands
45. A serpent whose bite summons sleep
46. A trickster who tells his victim to seek out the wise woman he then pretends to be
47. A jackals shoulder blade, engraved with vital information
48. A wandered who begs everyone he finds to read a blank scroll
49. A conspiracy of disgruntled wise men, dismissed by their patron
50. A man forever enthralled by stories within stories


Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment by Roger Stern, Mike Mignola and Mark Badger
51. A man so old he no longer knows his own name
52. A faithful servant who forces his aged charge to eat
53. A would-be apprentice travels a vast distance to seek a master, only to be refused. He is enraged.
54. A vain man possessed of a minor injury he would hide from the world
55. A secret order of mystics unknowingly aiding the schemes of a lunatic
56. A senile man whose mind is clear once every hundred years
57. An overgrown temple, excavated and prepared for a coming ceremony
58. Words which only the highest-level wizards in the world can hear, and which they all hear at once
59. A blue-skinned witch from Atlantis, who survives on the surface with her head in a cloud of mist held together by sorcery
60. A king served by golem-replicas of himself
61. Accidentally casting spells while asleep
62. A mystically sealed memory, only opened at a command word
63. A temple in the shape of three colossal faces
64. A multicultural gathering of the world's mightiest sorcerers to contest for a great honor--the winner must perform a service for the next runner-up
65. A scholar sworn to serve the gods forever in exchange for knowledge
66. A triarchy of divinities--a gracious lady, an all-seeing wizard and a tiger with eyes that burn
67. A hostage trapped in emerald
68. Any attack on the artifact turns the attacker into a zombie
69. Learning magic by eidetic memory of verbal, somatic components
70. The entity responsible for your spell is the thing you're fighting
71. An evil wizard-king seeks your aid in freeing the soul of his mother from the clutches of a demon
72. Every hundred years there is a ritual in a temple. It destroys the temple. So there are many identical ones all over the world and new ones must constantly be built. (Explains a lot.)
73. A ruler as evil as he is beloved
74. Cynthia Von Doom must have been a mystic of considerable skill
75. Diaries reveal the clues to the fate of a victim of a evil forces
76. Repeated, failed attempts to rescue a lost soul
77. An iron hoop, candles like numbers on a clock, a witch in the center
78. A tyrant enthroned to save a persecuted people in a pact with a devil

79. Unbeknownst to the wizard, the power granted by the demon is too powerful--the first time it's used on any target, it targets everyone in the area.
80. The chest full of cursed arcana can neither be destroyed nor lost
81. The wicked baron scours the land for the renowned healer
82. Your apprentice is evil
83. Each midsummer's eve, when the barriers between worlds are most easily breached, I have called the powers of hades into this chamber and challenged them on my mother's behalf
84. Incantations that rhyme
85. A demon, worm-bodied and tiger-striped
86. An adventure that requires going to hell
87. Throne of boulders and monstrous skulls
88. A mystic sandstorm splits the party
89. Once the party's split, the most ambitious party member is offered a Faustian bargain
90. Flashbacks to past sins, trying to use your own despair to crush you
91. This demon's only job is to pour napalm into his boss' cup
92. Trap--touching the enemy's inert body causes paralysis
93. Antimagic crystal
94. The soul is a moth in a diamond
95. If you perform an evil act in this place, you can never leave
96. Channeling the bad guy's own zap can shatter his devices
97. Altruistic acts + magic =  holy smite
98. The demon wants to keep you alive because he can't ensnare your soul if you die while you're still good
99. Good people annoy demons and they want them gone if they can't kill them
00. It is essential that the villain feel as though he owes no-one anything

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Visual Random Encounters

I printed these out and taped them into my DM notebook...

Some pictures are worth at least a paragraph.

Like I wouldn't have put this picture in one of these here:
Nice as it is, it doesn't do much more work than the entry on the random encounter chart I already have that says "Manticore", whereas #19 above says "Creepy pseudo-asian potentate half-finished with some blasphemous sacrifice with a bunch of decapitations behind him" and it says it in half a second. Handy when you're trying to whip something up in the middle of a session.

Plus, with a lot of the more exotic concepts--like #14--words break down and the monster is fuck-all without the picture, so it's nice to be able to go "You see...this"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All The Magic

AD&D1 is the maxnificence for spells. 

It has versions of nearly everything that was in the previous editions, plus the ones afterward were never as weird.


Well for a long time there's been this which has all 770-odd AD&D spells. Which is nice but hard to search.

There's also this which is searchable but doesn't have all the spells.

Now just today, Adam T has produced a new one, viewable in Firefox and Chrome which I'll let him explain...

It contains write-ups of 95% of the traditional AD&D list, most of them renamed, all of them rewritten as necessary for clarity, logic and balance. There are also spells from many other sources, very possibly including ones I have gleaned from you (yes, you, the reader). Apologies; happy to give credit if you let me know that's the case.

This is my home campaign spell list, based on a hybridised 2nd Ed system. It ought to be very translatable to your system of choice, but there will be some leakage of campaign material into the spell descriptions. Some of that will hopefully be evocative enough by itself, but much of it will need to remain mysterious.

...add him on Google + to get it.

EDIT: Oh wait, now Ram just went and put it up here.


This is a step toward the Holy Grail--a complete, searchable list:

-of all spells in all not-in-print editions of D&D,
-downloadable and editable
-rewritten so the descriptions are as short as possible (like the 3.5 srd) and easy to reference

And why is this a big deal?

Because as of 2013, for nearly every single working part of D&D there is at least one DIY-made replacement part available on-line. There are alternate takes on races, on classes, on monsters, alternate planes, alternate combat systems, save systems, everything.

The possibility of a totally fan-made game just as fat as the original D&D game is just around the corner--in effect a complete "OSR edition" of D&D containing all the best and coolest stuff, totally playable as its own game with no reference to any other product.

But I did say nearly. Most of the missing parts are within trivial reach--if nobody's built a better Giant Ant yet we can get someone on that. The spells, however, are a big hurdle.

One day I hope to be able to turn to Evard's Black Tentacles and get a fucking spell where I can fucking understand what it does in the middle of the game at a glance, but this is not that day. It's getting closer, though.

For the record, here's all the spells in AD&D:

1Acid Arrow  
2Acid Cloud  
3Advanced Illusion  
4Adventurer's Luck  
5Aerial Servant 
6Affect Normal Fires  
8Air Breathing 
9Air Walk  
10Airy Water  
12Alter Reality  
13Alter Self  
14Animal Friendship  
15Animal Growth  
16Animal Summoning I  
17Animal Summoning II  
18Animal Summoning III  
19Animate Dead  
20Animate Dead Monsters  
21Animate Object  
22Animate Rock  
23Anti-Animal Shell  
24Anti-Magic Shell  
26Anti-Plant Shell  
29Astral Spell  
32Audible Glamer  
39Battering Gauntlets  
40Beast of Burden  
46Beneficent Polymorph  
47Besieging Bolt  
48Bestow Curse  
51Black Tentacles  
52Blacklight Burst  
54Blade Barrier  
56Blazing Beam  
62Boiling Bath  
63Bookworm Bane  
65Breath of Life  
66Bubbling Buoyancy  
68Burning Hands  
70Call Lightning  
71Call Woodland Beings  
74Cause Blindness  
75Cause Critical Wounds  
76Cause Disease  
77Cause Fear  
78Cause Light Wounds  
79Cause Paralysis  
80Cause Serious Wounds  
82Ceremony: Oath  
83Chain Lightning  
85Change Self 
89Chariot of Fire  
90Charm Monster  
91Charm Person  
92Charm Person or Mammal  
93Charm Plants  
95Chill Metal  
96Chill Touch  
97Chime of Release  
98Chromatic Orb  
101Clenched Fist  
102Cloak of Bravery  
103Cloak of Fear  
104Cloak Undead  
109Color Spray  
110Colored Lights  
113Command Earth  
115Commune with Nature  
117Comprehend Languages  
118Conceal Alignment  
119Conceal Charm  
120Cone Of Cold  
121Confuse Tongues  
123Conjure Animals  
124Conjure Earth Elemental  
125Conjure Elemental  
126Conjure Fire Elemental  
127Construction Crew  
128Contact Other Plane  
129Contaminate Water  
131Continual Darkness  
132Continual Light  
133Control Temperature  10’ Radius  
134Control Undead  
135Control Weather  
136Control Winds  
140Create Food & Water  
141Create Water  
142Creeping Doom  
143Crushing Hand  
144Crystal Dagger  
145Crystal Dirk  
146Crystal Rhythms  
149Cure Blindness  
150Cure Critical Wounds  
151Cure Disease  
152Cure Light Wounds  
153Cure Minor Wounds  
154Cure Serious Wounds  
156Dancing Lights  
157Dancing Werelight  
159Darkness 10’ Radius  
160Deadly Strike  
162Death Fog  
163Death Screen  
164Death Spell  
165Death’s Door  
166Deep Pockets  
167Defense Against Lycanthropes  
168Defense Against Reptiles  
169Delayed Blast Fire Ball  
172Demi-Shadow Magic  
173Demi-Shadow Monsters  
174Destroy Water  
176Detect Balance  
177Detect Charm  
178Detect Curse  
179Detect Evil  
180Detect Good  
181Detect Illusion  
182Detect Invisibility  
183Detect Lie  
184Detect Life  
185Detect Magic 
186Detect Pits & Snares  
187Detect Poison  
188Detect Undead  
189Dextrous Digits  
190Diamond Screen  
192Digit of Disruption  
194Dimension Door  
196Disc of Concordant Opposition  
197Disguise Undead  
200Dismiss Earth Elemental  
201Dismiss Fire Elemental  
203Dispel Evil  
204Dispel Exhaustion  
205Dispel Good  
206Dispel Illusion  
207Dispel Magic  
208Dispel Silence  
209Dispelling Screen  
210Distance Distortion  
215Drums of Despair  
219Dust Devil  
222Ebony Tendrils  
223Electric Arc  
224Electrical Screen  
226Empathic Perception  
227Enchant An Item  
228Enchanted Weapon  
229Encode Illusionist Magic  
230Encompassing Vision  
231Endure Cold  
232Endure Heat  
233Energy Drain  
239Enveloping Darkness  
243Excruciating Screen  
245Expenitious Fire Extinguisher  
246Explosive Runes  
247Extension I  
248Extension II  
249Extension III  
251Extinguish Fire  
252Eye of the Eagle  
253Eye of the Tiger  
256Faerie Fire  
257Faithful Hound  
258Faithful Phantom Defenders  
259Faithful Phantom Guardian  
260Faithful Shield-Maidens  
261False Seeing  
262False Trap  
263Fantastic Fencers  
266Feather Fall  
268Feeling Fingers  
269Feign Death  
270Find a Stray  
271Find Familiar  
272Find the Path  
273Find Traps  
274Finger of Death  
275Fire and Ice  
276Fire Charm  
277Fire Quench  
278Fire Seeds  
279Fire Shield  
280Fire Storm 
281Fire Trap  
285First Level Magic-user Spells  
286Flame Arrow  
287Flame Blade  
288Flame Strike  
289Flame Walk  
290Flaming Blade  
291Flaming Sphere  
295Flesh to Stone  
296Floating Disc  
298Flying Feat  
299Fog Cloud  
300Fool's Gold  
304Force Sculpture 
305Force Umbrella  
309Fortunes of War  
311Freezing Sphere  
317Gaze Reflection  
319Giant Insect  
320Giant Strength  
324Globe Of Invulnerability  
325Glyph of Warding 
327Go Down  
328Golden Revelation  
330Gong of Isolation  
332Grasping Hand  
335Grue Conjuration  
336Guards & Wards  
337Gust of Wind  
339Hallucinatory Forest  
340Hallucinatory Terrain  
341Hand Fire 
342Handy Timepiece  
347Heat Metal  
348Heroes’ Feast  
350Hold Animal  
351Hold Monster  
352Hold Person  
353Hold Plant  
354Hold Portal  
355Hold Undead  
356Holy Symbol  
357Holy Word  
358Hunting Hawk  
359Hypnotic Pattern  
361Ice Storm  
363Illusionary Script  
364Imbue Undead  
365Imbue With Spell Ability  
368Improved Invisibility  
369Improved Phantasmal Force  
370Incendiary Cloud  
372Insect Plague  
373Instant Daylight  
374Instant Exit  
375Instant Summons  
376Interposing Hand  
378Invisibility 10’ Radius  
379Invisibility to Animals  
380Invisibility to Undead  
381Invisible Stalker  
382Iron Sack  
383Irresistible Dance  
389Know Alignment  
390Lamentable Belabourment  
391Legend Lore  
394Light Step  
396Lightning Bolt  
397Limited Wish  
399Lizard to Log  
400Locate Animals  
401Locate Object  
402Locate Plants  
403Log to Lizard  
404Lose the Path  
405Lower Water  
407Magic Aura  
408Magic Font  
409Magic Jar  
410Magic Mirror  
411Magic Missile  
412Magic Mouth  
413Magic Stone 
414Magical Vestment  
415Magnificent Mansion  
417Major Creation  
418Major Ward  
420Marvelous Shield  
422Mass Charm  
423Mass Invisibility  
424Mass Suggestion  
426Master of Arms  
427Masterpiece Force Sculpture  
431Meld Into Stone  
433Memory Alteration  
435Merciful Metamorphosis  
438Meteor Swarm  
440Mind Blank  
441Mind Scan  
442Mind Shield  
443Minor Creation 
444Minor Curse  
445Minor Globe of Invulnerability  
446Minor Ward  
447Minute Meteors  
449Mirage Arcane  
450Mirror Image  
453Mnemonic Enhancer  
455Monster Summoning I  
456Monster Summoning II  
457Monster Summoning III  
458Monster Summoning IV  
459Monster Summoning V  
460Monster Summoning VI  
461Monster Summoning VII  
465Move Earth  
466Mummy Touch  
468Negative Plane Protection  
469Neutralize Poison  
473Obscure Alignment  
474Obscure Object  
476Orb of Containment  
479Part Water  
480Pass Plant  
481Pass Without Trace  
483Penetrate Disguise  
484Penultimate Cogitation 
486Permanent Illusion  
489Phantasmal Force  
490Phantasmal Killer  
491Phantom Armor  
492Phantom Steed  
493Phantom Wind  
494Phase Door  
496Plane Shift  
497Plane Truth  
498Plant Door  
499Plant Growth  
501Poison Touch  
502Polar Screen  
504Polymorph Any Object  
505Polymorph Other  
506Polymorph Self  
508Power Word, Blind  
509Power Word, Kill  
510Power Word, Stun  
513Predict Weather  
516Primal Fury  
517Prismatic Sphere  
518Prismatic Spray  
519Prismatic Wall  
520Private Sanctum  
521Produce Fire  
522Produce Flame  
523Programmed Illusion  
524Projected Image  
525Protection from Avians  
526Protection from Cantrips  
527Protection from Evil  
528Protection from Evil 10’ Radius  
529Protection from Fire  
530Protection from Gas  
531Protection from Good  
532Protection from Good 10’ Radius  
533Protection from Insects  
534Protection from Lightning  
535Protection from Normal Missiles  
536Protection from Scrying  
537Protection from Slime  
538Pugnacious Pugilist  
539Purify Food & Drink  
540Purify Water  
542Putrefy Food & Drink  
545Radiant Arch  
546Radiant Baton 
547Radiant Screen  
549Rainbow Pattern  
550Raise Dead  
551Raise Water  
554Ray of Enfeeblement  
555Read Illusionist Magic  
556Read Magic  
558Reflecting Pool  
562Remove Curse  
563Remove Fear  
564Remove Paralysis  
565Repel Insects  
566Replay of the Past  
568Resilient Sphere  
569Resist Cold  
570Resist Fire  
574Reverse Gravity 
575Reversed Temporal Fugue  
577Rope Trick  
579Running Warrior  
583Scent Mask  
587Secret Chest  
588Secret Page  
589Secure Shelter  
591Sepia Snake Sigil  
593Serpent Missile  
595Shadow Door  
596Shadow Magic  
597Shadow Monsters  
598Shadow Walk  
599Shape Change  
605Shocking Grasp  
607Shrink Animal  
608Shrink Insect  
609Siege Sphere  
610Silence 10’ Radius  
611Silencing Hand  
612Silver Tongue  
615Skull Watch  
616Slay Living  
619Slow Poison  
621Smoky Sphere  
622Snake Charm  
623Snakes to Sticks  
626Solid Fog  
627Soothing Vibrations  
629Speak with Animals 
630Speak with Dead  
631Speak with Monsters  
632Speak with Plants  
633Speak with the Dead  
634Spectral Force  
635Spectral Guard  
636Spectral Wings  
637Spell Enhancer  
638Spell Immunity  
641Spider Climb  
642Spike Growth 
643Spike Stones  
645Spiritual Hammer  
650Staff of Smiting  
654Steady Aim  
655Steaming Sphere  
656Sticks to Snakes  
657Stinking Cloud  
659Stone Shape 
660Stone Tell  
661Stone to Flesh  
663Strangling Grip  
667Summon Insects  
668Summon Shadow  
672Superior Force Sculpture  
673Superior Identification  
674Superior Spell Enhancer  
675Sure-Footed Shuffle  
677Swift Mount  
685Telekinetic Sphere  
686Telepathic Bond  
688Teleport Dead  
689Teleport Without Error  
690Temporal Fugue  
691Temporal Reinstatement  
692Temporal Stasis  
695Time Stop  
696Tin Soldiers  
697Tiny Hut  
698Tonal Attack  
699Tones of Forgetfulness  
701Tool Box  
705Transmute Dust to Water 
706Transmute Metal to Wood  
707Transmute Mud to Rock  
708Transmute Rock to Mud  
709Transmute Water to Dust 
710Transport via Plants  
712Trap The Soul  
715True Seeing  
716True Sight  
718Turn Wood  
723Uncontrollable Laughter  
724Undead Drain  
725Undead Mount  
726Undetectable Lie  
727Unholy Word  
730Unreadable Magic  
731Unseen Servant 
733Urgent Utterance  
742Wall of Fire  
743Wall of Fog  
744Wall of Force  
745Wall of Ice  
746Wall of Iron  
747Wall of Stone  
748Wall of Thorns  
749Ward Against Undead  
751Warding Tones  
753Warp Wood  
754Water Breathing  
755Water Walk  
756Weather Summoning 
760Whispering Wind  
763Wind Walk  
764Wind Wall  
769Wizard Eye  
770Wizard Lock  
771Wizard Mark  
772Word of Recall  
776Wyvern Watch  


Also, here's a fan-made list of peoples' favorite spells from lots of other games that have no AD&D equivalent. If you can't see it, add me on Google+ along with a note that you want to be in my RPG circle.