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D100 Nested Treasure Table (Revised)

Roll twice

Roll d4 for losers & civilians
d6 for up to 6 HD of creatures
d8 for 6 to 8 HD of creatures
d10 for 8 to 10 HD of creatures
d12 for PC-types and adventuring creatures
d20 for lieutenants, treasure stores, and more than 10 HD of creatures
d30 for bosses and spell casting lieutenants
d100 for treasure caches difficult to find
2d20 and add if you're pretty sure there should be something interesting there

1-Fuck-all, do not roll again
2-Cheese or other food. Wouldn't provide a full day's nourishment alone but effectively adds 25% to the life of whatever rations the PCs already have.
4-Gems/trinkets worth d10x creature level gp

5-Roll twice more on same die
6-Net, 10' chain, Lard, Manacles, or Caltrops

7- Random book, random or creature's language.
8-Vial of acid or Holy water. 1 dose.

9-Gems/trinkets worth 100x creature  level gp
10-Vial of poison. 1 dose.

11-Tasty confection wrapped in scrap of paper with recipe. Substance unknown in local area. Worth d100 x d20 to any given confectioner back in civilization.
12-Bag of pulverized bone. A properly thrown bag will create a cloud of thick dust which obscures all vision and impairs the action of breathing organisms to the tune of -4 on everything in a 10' diameter area for 4 rounds.

13-Scroll: 1 spell. Level d4, Random.
14-Vial of lubricant. Covers 5'x5' area.
15-Vial of chloroform, 1 dose
16-Small glass sphere filled with water and lodestone shavings. Works as a compass.
17-Unusual pastry of toroid configuration. Still fresh.
18-Partial and crappy dungeon map. To simulate it, any player is allowed to look at the DM's map for a number of seconds equal to their PCs intelligence divided by 2.
19-Mineral salts. Adding these to a pool of water and bathing in it for 20 minutes heals 2 hp of damage and grants spellcasters full rest.
20-1000 x creature HD worth of trinkets. Infected with a virulent mold that'll spoil food in the pack it's stored in in 1 hour.

21-Random Key (Key #d100)
22-Scroll: 1 spell. Level d8. Random.
23-Rare spices from the east. Worth d20xd100 gp to a sufficiently adventurous cook.
24-1000 x creature HD worth of trinkets.
25-Text of document in language of humanoid civilization indicating imminent plans to launch an assault on another humanoid civilization.
26-30 (Pack containing d4 identical Kojo cigarettes (courtesy of Noisms):
*26-Love Cigarette
*27-Red Eye Cigarette
*28-Ghost Eye Cigarette
*29-Cigarette of Judgement
*30-Cigarette of Choking

31-38 Vial of Basidirond spores (4 doses) Causes hallucinations in d4 targets.
*31-Individual in a swamp-strips off armor to keep from sinking
*32 = Spiders attacking-individual strikes/attacks floor area to kill them
*33=lndividual has shrunk-shouts for help to return to normal size.
*34 =Item held is a viper-individual
*35 =Individual is suffocating-runs gasping in random directions.
*36 =Associates are diseased-avoids everyone.
*37 = Leech on back-individual tears off anything worn on back and attacks it.
*38 = Individual is HUUUGE, keeps trying to stomp everyone.

39-Puppet. Long-lost childhood toy of subterranean humanoid monarch.

40-Book of rare poetry. Prized by manticores.

41-Harpy's egg. If a witch or wizard subjects it to a certain alchemical process before it hatches it will give birth to a natural disaster. If not, a harpy the size of a cornish game hen will hatch and assume the nearest PC is its mother. It will act like an evil, flying child of its age.

42-3 anesthetized bats held in individual baseball-sized cheesecloth nets. Throwing them with full strength will wake them up in midflight. They are bloodthirsty and will attack whatever they're thrown at.

43-An AD&D Fiend Folio. Written in a medieval style and with slightly different name (A Folioe Of Unusual Creatures or whatever), but containing all of the relevant information, whether or not any of it applies to your campaign.

44-2d4 x 1000 g.p.

45-2d4 random books

46-Head of a morningstar. Light enough to throw. It is coated in a substance which makes it smell like fresh meat and stupid carnivorous monsters may try to swallow it.

47-Shield made of null-magic metal. Basically gives a reflex save/dex check against magic attacks that might be blocked by a shield.

48-Oil of Brutal Noise. Anyone drinking this or stabbed with a blade coated in it becomes painfully sensitive to all sounds. Mechanics here are up to you. d6 doses.

49-Magic warpaint-- +2 hit and damage, -6 wisdom. d4 days worth.

50-Yellowish goo. Purifies water, makes water elementals docile.

51-Legal book written in language of nearby humanoid species. If read, it will offer general info on that species' habits, disposition, etc.

52-Morningstar of Ridiculous Wounding. This magic weapon can hit gods, demons, etc. as if it were a +6 weapon (though it has no bonus), however a successful hit on an intelligent creature will strike the target as hilarious, causing them to laugh so hard their armor class is reduced by 1. Successive hits will seem even more hilarious, again reducing the target's AC by 1 for each hit. If the target survives the combat s/he/it will continue laughing for 8 more rounds.
The user becomes increasingly grim and humorless. His/her charisma is reduced by 1 for all purposes except intimidation checks for each foe slain with the morningstar.

53-Lachrymaxe. This weapon appears to be merely a very ancient and finely-made battleaxe, however, it feeds on misery, and gains a +1 for each intelligent creature whose tears are rubbed onto the blade (up to a maximum of +5). Each application of tears must be from a different species.
The Lachrymaxe is intelligent, though it will never engage in a duel of wills with its owner. It will, however, whisper to the wielder constantly, subtly encouraging him/her to slay, to conquer, and to tread the jewelled thrones of the Earth under his/her feet.

54-Razor potion. 1 dose. Drinking it and then spitting it out allows the imbiber to spit a cone-shaped "breath weapon" full of gnat-sized barbs which does 3d6 damage to exposed flesh.

55-Crumpled musical composition in unknown notation. Any bard can roll an intelligence check + (level divided by 3) to understand it. Playing it will require will require 8 hours of intensive study as well as modifications to any musical instruments present requiring 3 hours of peaceful, solitary work. The song, when finally played, will cause all intelligent creatures within hearing range to go "Wow. That's a song alright. I'm so glad we brought you down here."
It resembles "Pop Goes The Weasel" in most important respects.

56-Vial of unholy water.

57-Bad dream in a bottle. 40% chance of being prophetic.

58-Scroll: Steal spell spell.

59-A form of waxy cosmetic made from crushed carmine beetles appliable to the lips. Using it and then kissing any object will cause a mouth to form wherever the kiss was. The new mouth will be sentient and can answer any questions that the thing in question would be expected to know (if a living being is kissed only the body part kissed will be able to speak) for d4 rounds before disappearing. The magic only works once, but the cosmetic itself is a sort of flattering muted rose and would look pretty good on you with maybe a slightly lighter foundation color.

60-Taskmaster dust--put it on yourself (first) and then someone else and you'll be able to copy their dex for the rest of the day. 2 doses.

61-Vial of a substance derived from mind flayer digestive juices. If a PC drinks it immediately after eating the brain of another living creature it will allow the PC to know everything the creature knew. However the PC must save or gain an insanity. 1 dose.

62-Diary of dead adventurer describing dungeon in sketchy detail (mostly worthless but has 2d20% chance of working on any device the PCs consult it about. HOWEVER, once it works, that's it.)

63-d6 outfits of local high-level religious authority

64-Roll twice

65-Ordinary-looking (but fresh) apple. Cures d8 hp.

66-Consecrated dagger, +2 vs. whatever humanoid species the nearest hostile humanoid species considers its enemy.

67-A Goblin Key that'll lock any door.

68-Vial containing a form of sovereign glue. Sets instantly and covers 1' square area.

69-Vial of rust monster digestive acids.

70-Shrieker encased in vibration-proof container

71-Magic sword


75-Spell scroll: cures d8 hp but requires two fingers from a dead humanoid.

76-Elf ear with gold earring worth d100xd30gp. Removing the earring from the ear causes it to turn to silver worth d10gp.

77-"Rosetta stone" book translating between ancient elvish and the language of rats.

78-Attachable steel fangs. Enables bite for d4 (even if grappled, usually).

79-Biography of PC who found it, written 1o years from now.

80-Mushroom. Makes you 2 feet tall until remove curse or similar is cast.

81-Vial of medusa tears. Application to a body part will turn it to stone for 5 minutes. 2 hand-sized doses.

82-Goblin-walking scroll. Speaking the words on this scroll causes the creature to stick like a fridge magnet to their own shadow--allowing them to walk on walls or ceilings so long as light sources in the room can be moved such that the shadow of the creature can be cast on the ceiling. (Generally, a creature can jump, causing the shadows of their feet to slide up to the wall, this will then cause the creature to be sucked toward their shadow.) Works until creature is exposed to sunlight.

83-(from Taichara) A small, white and friendly kitten with glowing eyes. The kitten will follow the party everywhere; if it is killed, the next night there are two kittens.

84-Pair of beads. Crushing bead A will instantly bring crusher to the location of bead B.

85-Crawling claw (as monster). Obeys whoever finds it.

86-Fancy hinged box. Inside is an elaborately-wrought carved scalpel and illustrated instruction book (in a foreign tongue) in a velvet-lined case. The scalpel can be used to remove an eye from any creature (of roughly equal size) and insert it into another creature's head, enabling them to use any vision-related abilities or gaze attacks of that creature. The surgeon can't be either patient and must make a dexterity roll. Rolling over dex means the operation fails and causes d20 hp damage. Rolling under causes d20 minus (number of points under dex rolled) hp. Works once. Whenever the recipient of the new eye rolls a 1 it means the new eye has rebelled and will spend the next d4 rounds causing as much trouble as it can for the PC.

87-Vial of multicolored dust. When opened or shattered it creates a cloud filling about a refrigerator-sized area in mid-air. It lasts for 5 days. The mist affects any magic effect passing through it as follows: (d4 1-disperses effect 2-redirects effect toward randomly determined other target 3-Wild magic effect 4-Solidifies effect into a small mammal which drops immediately to the floor, where it sleeps for d4 hours.) The vial can be opened or broken in the middle of someone else's turn on a successful dex check.

88-Frost mask. This icy substance, when painted over a creature's eye will lighten and twist it into a shape which frightens fire. No flames, magical or otherwise will come within 5 feet of the creature. Lasts 1 day. 3 doses.

90-Marble-sized crystal of Ice 8. Like Ice 9, but it'll only solidify about a 20 x 20 x 20 foot area of water.

91-Vial of liquid shadow. Not the kind in Ptolus, which just gives you a bonus to shadow magic (though it does that, too, why not?). This stuff can be used to create a deep shadow--about twice human-sized--where there shouldn't be one. A thief can hide in it as if it were an ordinary shadow, at -20%. It can also be used to move from any liquid shadow to any other pool of liquid shadow the character knows about. It can also be used to replace a lost shadow.

92-Codex of Unutterable Tedium by Ryne Bland. This book is so boring. Anyone reading it will fall asleep after a number of rounds equal to their wisdom for d10 rounds. Reading aloud from the book will cause anyone hearing it and able to understand it to make a will/vs.-spell save or just walk out of hearing distance. If the reader pursues the fleeing creature and continues reading, the creature will be affected as with a sleep spell. Anyone hearing or reading the book more than three times will attempt to destroy or discard it.

93-Vial containing an oily substance. If rubbed on any part of the body (5 square inches), spikes made of fused bone and hardened flesh will form there. A successful strike with these spikes will cause d4 damage or normal punch damage plus 2 hp damage, depending on system. 2 doses.

94-Vial containing an oily substance. If rubbed on any part of the body (5 square inches), a functioning eye will form there. Eyes facing backwards have predictable effects, eyes on the fingers or hands may allow a bonus to hit at the DM's discretion. 1 dose.

95-Sign of Antithesis. This talisman looks like the holy symbol of some local god or demon only upside-down and with a closed eye superimposed on it. It makes the wearer entirely invisible to the deity or power in question. Cleric spells and paladin abilities granted by the entity in question will not affect the wearer. The sign is made of ordinary materials and can be destroyed as easily as any piece of jewelry. Any cleric will recognize one.

96-Null paint. This substance will only function if applied to living flesh. Any part of the body covered in this paint becomes nonreflective black and intangible. Weapons cannot be held in a painted hand, clothing cannot be worn over a painted body part (it will pass through), etc. If painted over sensory organs they become useless. If painted in a stripe pattern on the skin then items may be held or worn and 50% of all piercing or slashing attacks will pass harmlessly through the wearer. Lasts one day.

97-Shield made of null-magic metal. Basically gives a reflex save/dex check against magic attacks that might be blocked by a shield.

98-Vial of bizarre pearlescent substance. When mixed with demon blood it will create a solution which, when rubbed on a weapon, allows it to be treated as a magic weapon for 10 rounds.

100-Net trap kit. Tripwire activated, catches up to 4 humanoids.


Arthur Fisher said...

This is a thing I will use. Probably tomorrow. Thanks.

Planet of Adventure said...

I wish there was a way to consolidate all the cool shit posted here over the years.

Luka said...

Oh ... this is good :) this is something I should build on. Damn ... why didn't I think of nested tables for troves like that. And there I was contemplating how to make table that takes advantage of treasure modifiers for coolness ... Damnit, I have to make a Necropolis version of this now! :D

Patrick Mallah said...

Hypothetical Question(s): Let's say you are the DM, you're rolling a d6 (or higher), and you get a 5 "Roll twice more on same die" and then you roll two more 5s... Do you pick up two more dice and roll 4d6, or do you maintain the 2d6 roll for the one result until you roll a 1 or get a result? If you roll the 4d6, let's say all four come up as 5s. At what point would you stop rolling 5s and just try to force a result?

Zak Sabbath said...

Keep rolling even more dice every time you get that result, so there's a chance of getting way more treasure.

Patrick Mallah said...

Unfortunately, doing it like that will break Abulafia. But I'll figure something out.
Which brings me to my last question: may I have permission to Abulafia this?

Zak Sabbath said...

of course.

Patrick Mallah said...

Good news everyone! I found a way to keep the 'exploding' dice rolls intact without breaking the page. Cheers and exaltations galore!

A couple more questions:
1. d100 x d20 appears a few times in the table. Is this meant to simulate a 1d2000 roll?
2.You have Local Key on here twice, is that intentional?
3.I took the liberty of expanding some entries. For example, entry 45 says 2d4 random books here but I wrote it so that it will generate book titles and pull data from both the Arcane Books and Fantasy Books pages. I hope these sorts of expansions are okay? (I assume they are but I think it's impolite not to ask)
4. Redacted?

Pending these editorial queries, the page is otherwise live.

Zak Sabbath said...
2. yes
3. fine
4. you'll have to make something up or leave it out

Good job! Thank you

Patrick Mallah said...

1. I'll leave them how they are then, right now the d100 x d20 result will roll the dice for you.
4. I switched the "4," on Redacted with the "1," on 2d4 random books, and re-wrote Redacted as "Pristine and immaculate papyrus scroll inside obsidian scrollcase, the scroll is always written in a language the reader can understand easily and finishing the scroll seems like the most important thing to the reader. It takes 1 round to read the entire scroll, and once finished the scroll will erase the reader's memory of anything that happened since they last woke up. Reading from the scroll out loud will cause anyone who can hear the reader to think they are just mumbling bullshit words, and will still cause the reader to forget everything from that day."

Thanks! and no problem. It was a fun challenge.