Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's That? Sleigh Bells? No! It's Secret Santicore!

Come sit on my lap--and watch out for the tail spikes, they do d6 each. HO HO HO..

Have you been nice? Just kidding, I'm sure you've been nice, no-one naughty reads Playing Dungeons and Dragons With Porn Stars.

So, what do you want for Christmas?

20 Rumors About Murderonymous Castle?

20 Reasons The Goblins Are Carrying So Much Gold?

20 Side Effects of Being Healed By A Cleric of The Wrong Alignment?

20 Hacks for H3--Hall of The Mountain Grill

20 Stupid Doppleganger Combat Tricks?

6 Geese A Laying?

5 Gollllllldennnnnnn Rinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngs?????

Sorry. Anyway...

Click this link to meet a little elf named Jez and tell him you want to participate in Secret Santicore and have your holiday wishes come true!
HO HO HO!!!!


DukeofOrange said...


I would like 9 crazy things to build a town around.

By The Sword said...

I recognize both of those illustrations. Was the second one from Steve Jackson's Sorcery!: The Shamutanti Hills?