Sunday, November 13, 2011

One of those lazy link days

If you are on blogspot and happen to check your trackbacks right when the clock ticks over to the next day you'll catch the first few searches people used to find your site that morning:...mister or misses #5 there somehow just almost broke my heart nestled in among the bad spelling and venality.

Anyway, if you're out there, get in touch, DIY D&D will find you some players somehow. Your pathos is too poignant to ignore.

Guy #1 you disturb me.

And guy #4?--I wonder. I really do.

Some links I have been enjoying having the little Stephen Hawking who lives in my Mac* read to me while I work:

Geoffrey Mckinney's got ahold of John (Excalibur) Boorman's acid-rock-damaged screenplay treatment of Lord of the Rings and is pulling out the highlights...

Gandalf takes each member of the Fellowship, puts him in the liquid water, and rotates his fingers over his eyeballs. All the while Aragorn keeps the Wargs at bay. Then Gandalf pours fistfulls of salts and powders on the fire, which makes the fire blaze forth and makes the wargs retreat. This allows Aragorn and finally Gandalf to take swigs and get their eyeballs rotated.

The Fellowship is helplessly giggling as they fall unconscious. The water flows over their faces, then freezes. The wargs can't get at them through the ice, so they give it up as a bad job. The next day chunks of ice (containing the Fellowship) break-off and fall into a swift stream. The ice gradually melts, freeing the Company. stuff. Depending on the way you look at it, Boorman either pulled Tolkien forward to fit '70s pulp sensibility, or (Mandy's take) pushed Tolkien back in time to match the sensuality and alien nastiness of the mythplasm from whence it sprang. Anyway, not boring.

This "Let's read every issue of Dragon all the way through" thread is kind of hypnotic if you read enough in a row. I think it's best if you play it simultaneously with Neurosis: Live in Lyon.

More apocrypha: Waaaaay early George Lucas Star Wars scripts and treatments. Before R2-D2 and C-3p0 were robots, when there was no Han, Chewie, or Ben Kenobi and back when the script was a more straightforward rip on Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress. Courtesy of this guy.

*Highlight, Edit: Copy, Open: Preview, Edit: Paste, Edit: Speech > Start Speaking


Jack Guignol said...

Unrelated, but I thought you might enjoy the random What Has This Character Been Doing Since Their Player Missed a Game table I've made and posted here:

I hope you don't mind that I've "borrowed" Gaxen Kane for an antry about goblins.

Gabriel Harley said...

For a short while, my personal reader was a sexy-voiced British woman named Rachel ( Unfortunately, her free tr--I mean visa--expired and we've been apart ever since. I still think of her often, however. Especially when wading through long forum posts.

Jeremy Duncan said...

That Boorman LotR thread is fascinating. Like Jodorowsky's proposed Dune adaptation, it seems to run almost perpendicular to the source material, but it's still wonderfully bizarre and compelling. As a fan of Boorman even at his most self-indulgent (I like Zardoz, what can I say?) I'm loving this, while my inner Tolkien fan is screaming and begging for the torture to stop.

Also, Kent is being halfway civil, for Kent.

mordicai said...

I figure that guy was looking for some of the "infographics porn" like "Information is Beautiful":

Or...jegus, I dunno.

Kiel Chenier said...

It's me.

I'm guy #1.


The Cramp said...

Sadly, probably formula (one racing) porn was what 4 was after. Too bad,'cause literally anything else would be either bent or intriguing.

huth said...

Sadly, probably formula (one racing) porn was what 4 was after.

What, like, anthropomorphosized cars having sex? Are they robots like the Transformers, or those WWII airplanes who are also cute girls?