Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It really tied the hovel together

Blogger ate my original post after I wrote it, so here's a very short version of the actual play report:

Satine Phoenix (behind a chair, long story), Connie, and Caroline Pierce...
go into the snowy marsh to find the foxwitch...(oh and blogger how much do I have to type so that the formatting won't stick Caroline behind the Keith Parkinson picture down there? This much? this much? More than that? I don't really understand or want to right now I have to go to the store and get this coconut bliss ice cream from the store for Mandy so just let me knwo when I can... Ok, right so anyway into the Hagwood to find the foxwitch...(like that only more fox-er.)

The foxwitch sleeps CP and Satine and they wish the party cleric was there but she's sick in bed so cleric heal thyself..."Oh no I'm sick and not actually eating sushi like I am in this picture" says the cleric.

So the muscle of the party is gone and the thief is the only one left. This could be a total party kill.

So then anyway the foxwitch begins to install str 17 Satine and Str Caroline underneath her small stone house in with the phalanx of other exhausted women under there who are all doing the Atlas thing holding the foxwitch's house out of the marsh and keeping it from flooding and so her carpet being ruined.

Connie then decides to throw a sling stone at the women holding up the house.

This works and causes the house to pitch forward and the foxwitch has to wake up Satine to help her hold the place up.

But then Connie 20s the foxwitch in the back with a mace and runs inside the house to try to drag the carpet into the mud.

Foxwitch freaks, follows.

This then causes considerable strain on the women holding the house up.

CP wakes up.

Things become increasingly confusing.

Satine fires a crossbow into the melee and the witch dies with a bolt through her neck.

They manage to get all but four of the women out from under the house before it collapses--they might've gotten more if Connie hadn't stayed inside to loot it.


thekelvingreen said...

I love the foxwitch's hut. Great idea.

And get well soon Mandy!

Welcome to Dungeon! said...

What characters are they playing?

deleted said...

Foxwitch is not the preferred nomenclature

migellito said...

Reminds me of (and perhaps improves upon?) the whole Baba Yaga thing. I mean, tons of people holding up a stationary(?) hut strikes me as a trade-up from chicken legs.

Zak Sabbath said...


satine Ranger Elf (newish), CP--Smacky the fighter, Connie--1/2 elf thief


i kinda felt clever then realized it is a little like a Fafhrd/mouser story where they steal a house. different but similar.


sorry--"Vulpine Wiccan Sapien"

Everloss said...

Nice use of the Palladium cover.

Alex Osias said...

I guess the Foxwitch was lucky that all the women she enslaved were all roughly the same height...

... halflings would no doubt be ignored.

I love the mental image of the women holding up the hut though. Awesome.

Zak Sabbath said...


I imagined them kinda bent to various degrees--plus i imagine the house being wobbly

Unknown said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mandy.

Unknown said...

This might sound obvious but I like how much a monster makes a scene. I just threw a fight where a wizards lab is raided and the players get attacked by a giant bee whom the wizard was experimenting on. They really enjoyed it. So now I wish to relive that joy of newer and more interesting fights. No more three orcs attack you. Now it'll be a.orc shaman, a barbarian and a ranger attack.