Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cobalt Reach

The Cobalt Reach

The frontier edge of the Goblin Empire. South of Gaxen Kane.

Monsters refer to versions from this blog, so links are provided


1-20 Thick blue jungle
21-30 Thick blue jungle with mist (visibility 5' at ground level)
31 Hilltop Goblin fortress turned lair of an ancient Blue Dragon
32-35 Goblin sentry tower
36-38 Goblin fortress
39-41 abandoned goblin fortress
42-43 Mushroom field
44 Giant mushroom field (average 3' tall, but some are tree-like)
45-47 Wind-sculped rock formation--stones twisted into arabesques
48-50 Lake with rock formation in it
51 Rock island floating 30' in mid air, vines hanging down
52 Rock island floating 30' in mid air, waterfall running off and into lake
53-54 Waterfall
55-56 Lake dotted with small islands
57 Lake dotted with small circular islands which are the heads of mushrooms
58-62 Tall grass (6')
63 Appears to be tall grass (6') but is actually carnivorous anemone-like tentacles
64-65 Abandoned alchemist's tower
66-67 Plateaus (10'-500' across) like islands in a lake of mist
68-71Field of mist (visibility 10')
72 Cave
73-76 Field of jagged osmium
77-80 Plain of spongy, lurid moss
81 Ruins of an ancient garden built on a plinth of stone
82 Cave containing naturally-occurring nuclear fission reactor (underground lake, with vents to surface)
83 Goblin battlefield-turned-graveyard. Rows of crudely-carved statues of overweight carrion crawlers.
84 Field of fungi
85 Field of shriekers
86-87 Field of fungi with shriekers mixed in
88-89 Field of fungi with hallucinogenic fungi mixed in
90 Goblin fortress turned beholder lair
91 Protean turning from dead giant to moss
92 Slab of flesh--result of a medusa who turned a demon to stone being killed
93 Megadactyl/megadragon corpse
94 Megasussurus
95 Misshaping pool
96 Dead tower golem
97 2' deep pool full of carrion crawler grubs
98 Large ruins of inexplicable device
99 Enormous orchid
00 Acidic pool


1-3 1 or 2 goblins riding lobotomized troll, one is cleric/wizard
4-6 1-2 goblins riding lobotomized troll
7-8 d6+1 goblins carrying vials of green slime with d4 suicide dogs or suicide hogs (entry 51)
9-10 1-2 goblins in a pig-balloon carrying vials of green slime
11-12 d4+3 goblins, d4 are meazel-infected d4-2 dogs or hogs
13-14 d4+3 goblins, d4 are nilbogs d4-2 dogs or hogs
15-16 d4+3 stunjelly-slathered goblins with d4-2 dogs or hogs and d4 xvarts
17-18 d4+3 goblins, 1-2 are terithrans d4-2 dogs or hogs
19-20 d4+2 goblins carrying Carrion Crawler grubs d4 are clerics/wizards d4-2 dogs or hogs
21 goblin palanquin procession--including at least one dyad (snyad), a sacred carrion crawler, including d4 of each of the special troop-types listed in entries 5-9
22-25 tigerfly swarm released by goblin scouts--bitten victims will attract goblins in 2 rounds--roll d20 on this table to see which
26 friendly outcast goblin
27 lone goblin delivering message or otherwise on mission
28-29 d4 mutant humans (hostile)
30-31 1-3 mutant humans (friendly)
30-31 d6 mutant halflings (hostile)
32-33 1-3 mutant halflings (friendly)
34-35 gas spore
36-37 automaton on mission for alchemist
38-39 osquip
40-42 pterodactyl
43-44 sussurus-trap (singing a specific spell)
45-46 symbiotic jelly (roll again for host)
47-48 thoqqua (15')
49-50 tirapheg
51-52 vodyanoi in 3' water
53-54 malfunctioning volt
55-56 volt on mission for alchemist
57-58 d4+1 alchemist's henchmen with vortex
59-60 ivy hair zombie queen (bluish of course)
61-63 Tigerfly swarm--once bitten victims will attract goblins in d4+2 rounds (roll d20 on this table to see which)
64-65 Algoid (roll again for minions)
66-68 (night) bats (day) zygom-infected butterflies
69-70 carrion crawler (asleep, but discovered inches away in undergrowth)
71-72 giant centipede (10')
73-74 ancient blue dragon flies overhead to lair, ignores PCs
75-76 pond/groundwater with electric eels
77-78 alchemist collecting ingredients
79-80 garbug collecting ingredients for alchemist
81-82 gibbering mouther
83-84 gibberling
85-86 poison lizard
87-88 lodestone golem (serving alchemist)
89-90 d4+1 librarians (yuan-ti) hunting rare beast or collecting scientific information
91-92 d6 mushroom men (50% of being controlled by other monster, roll again)
93 human--escaped experimental subject
94-95 xorn
96-97 roll twice, first entity is hostile to second
98-99 roll twice, entities are allied
00 roll twice, first entity is eating second--2nd is probably dead


Duglas said...

Cool little zone. (I was unaware that "naturally occurring fission reactors" once existed outside, say, the core of the planet. Neat.)

I can't help but to be reminded of Vaughn Bode's weird little dude, Cobalt 60. Maybe he could be some sort of goblin assassin with ancient artifacts cruising around being villainous.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a troll's regenerative powers allow it to heal a lobotomy?

Zak Sabbath said...


clearly there is some alchemical substance the goblins have access to which prevents regeneration. But don't tell my players that.

huth said...

Just toss in a random piece of another troll into the brainpan (preferably a hand or foot). It'll keep mooshing up whatever grows back.

Blair said...

Drill a hole and use a red hot poker or pour some acid in....

Rainforest Giant said...

Lobotomized troll? Yech, I suppose you simply fill in some of the frontal lobe area with some neutral substance to keep it from properly regrowing. Or perhaps some kind of abrasive surfaced object that continually caused minor brain damage. Either sounds pretty horrible.

I love the part about the naturally occurring reactor. One of the most informative posts ever, in many respects.

liza said...

If ever you draw a map and put all these little bits of your setting in a printed book, you'll make me a very, very happy person.

Zoranu said...

92 Slab of flesh--result of medusa who turned the demon a stone fortress was made from being killed

I found this old post and I'd like to use it for a game.

but what does 92 mean exactly? I like this idea but what happened here?

Zak Sabbath said...

In the beginning, there were demons. Then 12 medusa sisters came and turned them to stone. The world was built from that stone.

When a medusa is slain, all the stone they created reverts to flesh