Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ConstantCon Week 3 Is In Effect

This is the post I'll be putting up every Wednesday for the foreseeable future about Constantcon--our neverending program of RPGs played via Google +'s free multiperson videochat feature ("hangouts").

The point of this post is:

1) you can sign up to GM a game via Google + video chat in the comments,

2) you can join one of those games in the comments, and...

3) hopefully every question you might have about Constantcon is answered on here somewhere.

The weekly post will also contain all the collected wisdom on running G+ games we have accumulated thus far. New tips/discoveries for any given week will be below in red.

Everything else in this post is old news if you read this blog every day, I just consolidated it into one post.

The current calendar of Google + games is on the right of this blog page just under my bloglist where it says "upcoming games on Google +". If you can't see it, reload the page--if you still can't go here and hit "agenda". Calendar times are in Eastern Standard Time because that's where I am today and I'm the guy who's taking the trouble to keep the calendar up.

You can subscribe to the thread and the comments if you wanna keep up as new games are added.

Time describe the time you're available using at least one western hemisphere and one eastern hemisphere time zone so peeps can figure out whether they're around.



Do we need to bring anything? (Like, say, a 3rd level character) and anything else you think might make your pitch intriguing--setting, etc.)(if your ruleset is unusual, it may be best to tell everybody to just show up with stats, a race and a class and smooth out the specifics once the game starts rolling.)

Contact info:
Please include a way people can contact you other than Google + so that you can tell who they are when they request you and you can discuss details if they're not already one of your G+ contacts. If your name is like "Jack Wilson" realize there's 200 of you on Google plus and you'll need to supply some alternate information if G+ users are looking for you. (Like: I'm the Zak Smith with the black and white picture and the asymmetrical haircut). _________________


Skooky McDungeonface will be DMing a Red Box game in Greyhawk at 1pm Italian time/4 am Pacific Standard time next Tuesday. Bring a 4th level PC and she can be reached under the name Skooky dawt McDee at yahoo dawt calm.


How it works/getting started:

So step one is get a Google + invite from a friend.

Step Two: Once you get that you show up on the site and go "looks like facebook" then you leave.

Step Three: Forget you have it until you decide it's time to play GURPS Supers at 3 in the morning with someone in Madagascar who must be a good DM because he likes Motorhead as much as you do, at least judging from his comments on your blog...

Now what:

So once you have Google + you can get to your page by clicking like so...

...which takes you to a very Facebook-looking page.

Here are the important bits about this page:

-there's a green button on the right that says "start a hangout" which you can use to start a video session (only if you're not already in one on Google +)(though you can use Google + and Skype simultaneously--the people will be able to hear each other).

-If one of your friends has started a video session, there will be a green button allowing you to join in under their name, where this Larry Page guy has his message written in the picture. Click it and you're in.

This is what a video session looks like (only perhaps the people in your session may look a little less...festive...than the models in this Google PR photo I found on-line.) Anyway, important bits to remember are in red:

A-Hitting this button will make a little text chat window appear in the margin which allows you to type shit to the other people there. It's good for keeping track of dimensions of rooms, PCs names, etc. Also, if it's hard to hear someone talk you can type something in. Usually the audio's pretty good, though.

B-Hit this to invite new peeps to the session. You can do it by name or by "circle" (Google + name for a ton of people you've put in the same category)

C-This button theoretically lets you all watch the same youtube video but it doesn't seem to work yet.

D-The program senses whoever's talking and makes their head big. (Beardy is talking here, apparently). However, if, for example, the GM is holding up a map to the screen and you want the big camera to stay on one person, just click on their little head. To switch it back, click the little head again.


-Some people get asked to download a plugin when they first start a Google + vid chat and can't join until they've done it. After you download it, you should be cool.

-The thing freezes occasionally. If this happens, just use the text chat thing in the corner for a few seconds while it unfreezes. Sometimes people get kicked out by the machine. Don't worry, they'll rejoin seconds later.


-If Google + keeps kicking you out and there are 5 or fewer windows open, try shutting down your video so that you're audio-only. That might lower your bandwidth enough to keep you on.

-Alternative to G+: Skype offers a free 7-day trial of multiperson video chat--if your group has 4 players and a dm (5 skype accounts), that's over a month you can use multiperson video for free via Skype. (More if you can use a friend's Skype account, too). And of course, you can always pay for Skype.

-Some GMs have begun a practice of overbooking by one player (an alternate) since usually one person usually has to cancel by game time.

-5 people is the current maximum. G+ says it can handle ten but whatever, that's all lies. Any more than 5 and it goes all screwy. Do not book a game with more than 5 total chat windows, it will make your life suck.

-It's possible some GMs may find individual initiative works better than group inititative on G+: With group initiative you have to decide who'll roll, they roll, then tell everyone what they rolled. People tend to talk over each other so it can be a little clumsy. However, with individual initiative, each player and the DM can roll, then immediately type the number they just rolled into the chat window (so it'll say "Zak: 2, Mandy: 6, Skooky: 4") and the DM and everybody can just go in that order and you can all see it right there on your screen. Cuts down on crosstalk and is easy. You might wanna try it.

-Don't point your speakers toward your mike. (You know about feedback, right metalheads?)

-If your audio's screwy, use headphones.

-If there's an audio problem, the person who sounds most normal on the audio is probably the one whose computer's creating the problem.

-Close as many windows as you can.

-Some people's computers or connections just hate G+ right now and their computer will lag or be gimpy and make the whole session screwy. If this is you, you probably won't be able to play today but don't be discouraged--speed of service ebbs and flows. If you're screwed today you might not be tomorrow. Also, G+ itself may figure out how to handle the volume of online heads in the future.

-If your computer is one of the unreliable ones, try switching from a wireless to a wireful (cable, DSL, etc.) internet connection if you've got one.

-PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE WHEN ANNOUNCING A GAME: Please don't go: "Hey, if I run Palladium Fantasy, does anybody want in?" Go: "I will be running Palladium Fantasy RPG from 3-6 PM Eastern 8pm London time I can be reached at ConsiderateAndEfficient at yahoo dawt calm and if you want to play but that time is no good, tell me when is good and maybe we can work something out"

-Possible communications protocol: if everybody's talking at once and you need to say something, you can cover your camera with your hand so it goes all black so the GM knows you wanna say something.

-Consider consolidating all your recruiting responses in one place. i.e. you can advertise your game here and on your blog and on G+ and on twitter and whatever else, but it might make your life a little easier if you ask people responding to those advertisements to do it all in one place. It's easier to schedule if you're not talking in nine different places on the internet at once.

Of course, people will ignore you if you ask them to please respond in a certain place, so you might wanna close comments in any venue where you don't want to get responses.

-The video's a little fuzzy, if you want to show players a diagram or something, maybe use sharpie. Mappers may wanna do the same.

-Jeff's good idea: Once you have players for a game all ready to roll, create a new "circle" containing only the players in that game. Start a thread and have them post their character basics in that thread.

-However and ironically: once you have a group ready to roll and you know who is in, if you have something important to say (i.e. "tomorrow's game will be shirts vs. skins, please roll d4 now to see which side you're on" or "Sorry, gotta cancel") you may be better off using email than G+ to say it. This is because on G+, like facebook, important messages you send to people can get buried in their feed underneath dozens of other people posting about their cat.

-Remember: just because you're in a given time zone, not all your players have to be. People keep weird hours.

-Alexander Osias points out you can use this to schedule time zones. You may think "oh, I'll just use a time zone map" because maps are friendly and fun. But beware: daylight savings time makes things all weird. Use something with a brain.

-If you have a blog and are running a game that isn't full yet (or would like to start up a weekly game), I suggest putting a little widget in the corner of your blog (if you have one) describing the game and saying all the details you put in the thread below.

-2 hours seems like a good time. Though allow some lead time for character generation if it's a system with meat on it. If you can get players to make characters before they roll, do that.


-I can't see the calendar that's supposed to be on the right!

If you can't see it, reload the page--if you still can't, go
here and hit "agenda".

-Are Google + games fun? Are people liking them?

Yes. People have been playing on G+ for two weeks and the responses have all fit into one of 2 categories:

A) "That was awesome, when can we do it again" and

B) "I had technical problems so I couldn't play."

So, basically, if you can get your computer to do it right, it's fun and you'll probably like it. Some computers just take to G+ some don't. I don't know much about computers but have had no technical problems so far.

G+ seems to be an especially good place to playtest new game ideas.

-Whatever, buddy, I can't trust you--what does Jeff Rients think?


-Why not use Skype instead?

Multiperson videochat on Skype is not, as of this moment, free. On G+ it is. But hey, you wanna list a Skype game here, no problem. If you want to list an all-voice game on any platform, that's cool, too.

-How many G+ games have
you, guy writing this post, played?

Eleven as of this writing. Two were with all real-life friends. The GMs and systems were: Me (3.5/AD&D mashup), Tavis (Adventurer Conqueror King ), DarrenE (AD&D), Welcome To Dungeon (AD&D), Jeff Rients (Labyrinth Lord/Basic/Expert), 2 with Arcadayn (Swords & Wizardry), Il Male (Labyrinth Lord), Empire of the Petal Throne Ckutalik,
Ulek Xek (S&W), and Ben A (Gamma World)

-Any noticeable difference between systems?

None at all. Systems all feel extremely similar so far. After playing we go "Wait, was that Labyrinth Lord we were playing?" Who is GMing seems much more relevant.

Played 7th Ed Gamma World which has 4e style tactical movement but GM Bennet Akkerman managed it fairly smoothly.
"How many squares away is the giant eyeball?"
Not that complicated, so long as the DM sets up the game so it can work.

Other than my mash-up and AD&D I'd technically never played any of those games before.

-I see an interesting-looking game on the calendar--how do I join it?

I have tried--when it seemed appropriate and privacy-respectiful--to put the GM's G+ name on there so you can contact the GM on G+. If that doesn't work, check the comments on this thread or the thread for the previous Wednesday for the GMs announcement--it should have his/her contact info.

-Why Google +, why not ______(some other platform besides Google+ or Skype)____?

It just happens to be what I know about and it's free--if you want to run a game on some other platform please go ahead and post it.

-Why should I announce when I'm running a game
here? Why not just announce it on G+?

Because, even assuming everyone who might want to play in your game is already in your circles, G+ still isn't perfect: on your feed, if one person in your "Online RPG pals" circle announces "Hey I'm starting a game in 2 hours" and then 12 people announce "Hey, here's something WOTC did today that pissed me off and/or a picture of my cat", then your game will get buried in peoples' feeds.

Even if every gamer in the world eventually gets on G+ and adds you, until G+ finds a way to tag posts (and everyone agrees to use that system) and/or people stop wanting to tell other gamers that they have a cat there will have to be an outside sorting mechanism for games starting up. This is the mechanism.

-Is there some certain game system I should run?

Run whatever you want. Please run whatever you want. Sooner or later someone's gonna try it, you might as well be a pioneer. GURPS, OD&D, FASERIP, FUDGE, Mechanoids, Kill Puppies For Satan--whatever makes you happy.

Tips: 1) Be prepared to explain the mechanics as you go along, many people will be new no matter what system you use--this isn't that hard. 2) If you like to keep your life simple, start with a rules-lite system. 3) The only hard part is character generation--if it's D&D-related you can just tell people to give you race, class and 6 stats before the video session starts and smooth out translation issues then. I do this all the time, it's easy.

-Isn't playing with people you don't know weird?

Yes. That's why it's fun. If the game sucks you can always say you hear your mom calling and have to leave.

-How long is Constantcon going on?


-Can I start a campaign?

Yes. You can do whatever you want. Stop asking.

-I want to do a game where______ is that ok?

Yes. Everything is ok. It's your con, too.

-Would anybody out there maybe possibly be interested if I ran a game of_____?

Yes to whatever you were about to say. Pick a time and post it. If nobody else is interested, I am. I'll play anything once.

-I see all the guideline
s here about how to announce that I want to GM a game, is it ok if I just, like, totally ignore some of those guidelines?

Sure, just prepare for the possibility of people not signing up for your game and don't complain that I didn't warn you and that this G+ game thing is totally bogus and nobody loves you.

-Hey, I'm up to GM anything whenever, can I just announce that and wait for the game to assemble around me?

Well you can, but it will make scheduling really hard and take forever and require a million emails back and forth and re-announcements once you have a time and de-announcements to say you are no longer available "whenever" because you have games scheduled now and...

So if you actually want to roll you may be better off actually saying a day and a time if nothing else.

emember: The more specific you are about when you are running your game, the faster shit will get itself organized. If you're worried people won't be able to make that specific time, just say like "3-5pm(flexible)"and if anybody wants to change it they'll hit you up.

-Can I just say I'm available to GM any time?

No, because you're lying, because you sleep, and maybe work or go to school. If your free spirit just cannot be contained to one hour, at least put a range of hours you are available (in two different time zones, as usual). If you say "I am available whenever" then you are begging several questions--do the community a favor and answer them up front so as not to generate more noise (as opposed to signal) than you need to. Anyone answering your thread is immediately going to ask what hours you're awake
--please realize that ahead of time and deal with it.

-Help, I'm having technical issues with G+!

Post here. Or, if you can, on G+. People will probably help you out. If I don't comment it's 'cause I don't know.

-How's the video quality?

It ain't Stanley Kubrick--but do you need Stanley Kubrick? It'll freeze for a second here and there, but relax, you'll live. Audio's pretty good unless there's an actual connection problem. I can go in the kitchen and make pasta and still hear what's going on in the game.

-Why do I have to send you an email saying who I am on G+, why not just add you?

"I always thought it must be quite handy being called John."


"You can tell when you're going nuts."

"Sorry? I don't follow.”

"I mean, a real sign of megalomania, when a John starts thinking that
'John' will do. 'Hi. It's John.' Or: 'Yours ever, John.' So what? Everybody's called John."
Martin Amis "The Information"

Plus if your screen name is DisplacerBeast28 and your G+ name is Fred Walsh I am not going to make the connection. And if I don't then I won't know who you are or why you started following me (art fan? porn fan? somebody's ex-boyfriend? Spambot?) and I will not add you to my "Online RPG People" circle.

A lot of people who follow me on social media are anonymous citizens who don't want to be followed back or play RPGs.
So if you want in, please send an e-mail to zakzsmith at hawt mayle dawt calm and type your actual Google + name into the text of the email using the letters of the alphabet if you want to be added. "Hi, RPG, Fred Walsh I am holding a sprite in my picture G+" is enough. "Hi, add me on G+" isn't.

-I'm shy.

Wear a mexican wrestler mask.

-Won't this Constantcon thread get hopelessly long and confusing eventually?

Nope. Once a week I am going to close comments on these Wednesday threads and post new ones where people can post games they're running that week.

-Wouldn't it be cool if James Raggi, James Smith, and James Maliszewski
all agreed to GM games in one week and called it JamesCon?


-Do I need a webcam?

No, you could just use a mike and go audio-only. Do be aware that webcams are like 10 bucks though.
-The hangout window keeps shuffling from head to head and it's annoying.

G+ senses who is talking loudest and makes their head big. To tell it to chill just click on one person's little head below and their head will stay big.

-I need a G+ invite!

Complain here. Motherfuckers will hook you up.

-Who rolls the dice in a videoconference game?

It's up to the GM. The GM can roll all dice, you can use the dice robot app on the Dragonsfoot forums (you have to register) (I'm sure someone who isn't me can explain it), or you can just all roll your own dice and trust each other because we're grown-ups here.

-Is there some ap that allows me to do (some crazy thing I want to do on G+ chat)?

I have no idea. Maybe ask people on G+.

-I like you, Zak, but I don't want all your weird readers hitting me up for my game. What do I do?

Then post your GM schedule game on your blog. And tell me you did so I can decide if I want in.

-I am grumpy/antisocial/a luddite/just really busy. Will you ever shut up about G+ games?

I am going to try to only talk about them once a week.

-When are you playing, Zak?

I get up whenever and am generally awake until 4am pacific time/noon London time. My schedule is totally unpredictable, especially on the weekends, but since I paint and play simultaneously I might roll whenever.

-Are the girls playing?

Yeah. Though their schedules are even weirder than mine. But, like, Connie, Mandy and Caroline Pierce have all played G+ games.


Unknown said...

Ok dumb question here:
How have you guys been handling die rolls? just point the camera at the dice?

Zak Sabbath said...

That's in the FAQ I believe.

B King said...

long time lurker.... just added the ConstantCon calendar to my own google calendar so I can see what games are planned, hopefully I can join one soon. I had a thought - perhaps the "pitch" of the game can be copied/pasted to the calendar entry so you can just click it open and see the pitch/contact/etc?

Zak Sabbath said...

@B King

I tried to do that whenever possible but didn't chase down all of them yet. If you find an "orphaned" pitch in the other 2 constantcon wednesday sign up posts post it here and I'll add it.

Matthew Miller said...

Just finished a fun G+ session in Ian's Vats of Mazarin dungeon. Despite a couple glitches (my internet connection went dead twice) it was quite smooth once we all got warmed up to the format. I'd say it's probably the closest that technology has come to actual face-to-face play so far. Looking forward to more!

Thanks again for turning us all on to this Constantcon thing, Zak!

Destrude said...

So I'm having some trouble with the video. When I start the hangout it works for anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes, then looses the video feed. Un/replugging the camera and restarting the hangout works for a moment, then freezes again.

Using an iMage camera, drivers are all updated. Any thoughts?

Zak Sabbath said...


do you lose the feed or are you kicked out of the hangout?

if you're kicked out try "muting" the video (button on the right center) or try Skype.

If the video just stops working...well i don't know

Destrude said...

Feed just keeps dying. Think it might be my webcam, it's super old and I just found out it was having the same problem with another chat client.

Ah well, I can roll with just audio if need be, and maybe I can get a new one by tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Having just gotten done with the first session, during which much fun was had by all, I'll be running the Vats of Mazarin again sometime this or early next week. More details to come.

Destrude said...

Looks like the cam works with my old computer, so that's good news. My brother will be joining us from the other one, so he'll have no video though.

Ah, the benefits of being the older sibling. :)

Tedankhamen said...


Thanks for putting up a link to the schedule.
Changed my settings a couple ways but to no avail.
Anyway, hope to get some gaming in this week.

Matthew Miller said...


In preparation for my first RPG hangout last night, I did some experimentation with Google+ and found that upgrading my web cam made a BIG difference. I first tried the built-in web cam that came with my computer. It was choppy, with a crappy image and muffled sound. I went ahead and invested in a Logitech HD web cam (the one I got can be found for as low as $27) and I could really tell the difference.

As others have advised, I also made sure that all unnecessary background programs were closed.

That said, I suspect Google+ video hangouts' system requirements may be challenging for some older computers. It works well on my newer desktop, but it was choppy on the 8-year-old desktop in my office. I could barely get the thing going on my wife's low-spec netbook.

Hope that helps.

Josh said...

Looking for a Google+ Invite to run…

“The Queen’s Vengeance”, a Marvel Super Heroes RPG (FASERIP system) game in a Medieval setting where the Ancient Sorceress Morgan Le Fey has magically altered modern day Marvel Earth into the Middle Ages and enchanted the minds of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes“, The Avengers!

YOU are one of a small number of Heroes who know that Something is Terribly Wrong and have gone into hiding to resist and help the peasants of Earth, like Robin Hood of Old. Players can run slightly watered-down versions of standard Marvel Super Heroes (already made), or make an entirely New Hero of their own in about 10 minutes.

Next game is (tentatively) scheduled this Thursday, August 11th, at 8:00 PM PST. Right now, I’m looking to run at least once a week, or whenever people can show up. We’ve been using rpgtonight.com for dice rolls and pictures (I use LOTS of pictures…), and “voice chatting“ on our cell phones (party lines work ok so far). I’m running on a low-spec netbook, but I have access to a better lap-top too. I can contacted at breslerjoshua@yahoo.com

Josh said...

Zak’s asked for clarification on my last post, especially the cell-phone chat part. Handing out a phone number to a bunch of complete strangers world-wide is probably NOT a wise idea, so I’d like to try this Google+ instead. If it doesn’t work, then I’m willing to try other things online (like the before mentioned rpgtonight, which is free BTW) to find something that does work for everybody.

Basically, I’m looking to expand my group of two players by trying something new. This leaves at least 2 slots open, as a four person group would be perfect for me. I’ve ran a quick intro that lasted about 2 hours (using rpgtonight and phones), and that seemed like enough time to get into the game well. So, the game is “ongoing” but just really starting, and just like the comic books it‘s based off, anyone can jump in at anytime (yes I‘m cool with new people, always). Both of my current regulars don’t always show-up (for online or even cell-phone gaming), and neither has a Google account. If they flake or are unwilling to try Google+, then I’m willing to add other people in their place on any given game day.

One player is using a New Hero he has made and played for a while now (in Modern times). The other has taken the roll of “That Shamelessly Drunken Lout!” Sir Anthony Edward Stark, now concealed in the guise of “The Terrific Tin Man“. Established Super-Hero Names, Identities, and Powers are subject to whatever changes seem fun (player creativity is encouraged). Ex. Mild-mannered farm boy Peter Parker is secretly “The Amazing Attercop!”

Marvel Super Heroes rpg (MSH) is very easy in the Basic game (I think the original box said it was for “Players ages 10+"), those new to the game shouldn’t have too much trouble jumping in. You don’t need any material, I’ll be happy to simply email your character. For those familiar with FASERIP, I have made some very quick and simple rtf. documents of the Universal Table, Combat Tables, and the Intensity Tables form the Advanced Judges Book. Every single thing that was ever published for MSH is available at Classic Marvel Forever (if you want it). I don’t REQUIRE anything except that you show up and try to have fun.

Hope this answers any questions, email me if you need anything else.

Zzarchov said...

When: This evening (Aug 10 2011) at 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time? 11:30:00 p.m Berlin Time.

System: Neoclassical Geek Revival
From Being sent the quick start rules to first dice rolls of the adventure should be 15 minutes or less. Prior knowledge of the rule set is not required if you understand the gyst of D&D. So you don't need to bring anything except the ability read and use pdfs Available here:


I recommend printing a hard copy of the character sheet and using physical dice since I don't care if you lie about die results, If you cheat on rolls keep it to yourself and let me live in blissful ignorance. I assure you I will inform you of dice as they land in my case.

A shift in the flow of a river starts to lower a bogs water level (just go with it). Local looters have set up shop in the local frontier village on rumours of sunken treasure and long buried tombs. Which is great because you have some debts that need paying..now..

Zzarchov said...


G+: Zzarchov Kowolski
Liber Inter Dico at jee mayl dawt calm

arcadayn said...

@Zak - Would you please remove my C series game (Fri 8/12 at 11am-1pm CST)from the calendar? I had some work stuff come up and am going to have to re-schedule.

Josh said...

When: Saturday, August 13th, at 8 PM PST or 11 PM EST. I’m on Google+ now, and tried the “Hangout” with a friend and found that a hard-line connection was much better that Wi-Fi. Headphones are great for improving the sound as well. I toyed around with Twiddla and would like to use that to share pictures and use interactive maps.

Game System: Marvel Super Heroes RPG (FASERIP system) in a Fantasy Setting. You don’t need to know the rules to play, a short description should work. However, if you’d like to check out the system, pdfs of the Basic Rules can be downloaded at the link below. The Campaign and Battlebook to the left are easiest; the Revised Campaign and Rulebook to the right are more detailed.


I’ll also be using some rules and combat options from the Advanced Rules Set; notably the Ultimate Powers book, which can be used for creating new characters. Here’s that link…


I have some very quick and simple rtf. documents available if you just want to just print up a few quick rules to reference during play, instead of going through the books…

The Universal Table and Making Feats (The Main Chart that the whole game is resolved with; I‘ve narrowed it down to one sheet of paper) ,
The Combat Tables (Shows what happens when you hit or get hit, and gives a list of a bunch of quick combat modifiers, one page),
The Intensity Tables ( a general chart that shows how your character compares to the rest of the world, and things like “how much damage does a hot fire do?“, also one page)
Common Medieval Weapons and Armors (a bunch of weapons and armor on two pages, this is a Fantasy Game primarily, so people will try to stick arrows and swords in you instead of bullets)

Email me if you want these.

The Setting: “The Queen’s Vengeance”, is a FASERIP game in a Super Heroic Medieval Fantasy setting (Earth of the “Morgan Conquest“) where the Ancient Sorceress Morgan Le Fey has magically altered modern day Marvel Earth into the Middle Ages and enchanted the minds of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes“, The Avengers! Players are one of a small number of Heroes who know that Something is Terribly Wrong and have gone into hiding to resist and help the peasants of Earth, like Robin Hood of Old.

What You Need: You don’t’ need to bring anything to play, except d100 (two 10-sided dice). I have several characters already made, or you make a new character of your own in about 10 minutes. Statistics are minimal, quick to understand, and easy to use.

Contact Me At: breslerjoshua@yahoo.com

Zzarchov said...

Re-running this game tonight:

When: This evening (Aug 12 2011) at 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time? 12:30:00 a.m Berlin Time.

System: Neoclassical Geek Revival
From Being sent the quick start rules to first dice rolls of the adventure should be 15 minutes or less. Prior knowledge of the rule set is not required if you understand the gyst of D&D. So you don't need to bring anything except the ability read and use pdfs Available here:


I recommend printing a hard copy of the character sheet and using physical dice since I don't care if you lie about die results, If you cheat on rolls keep it to yourself and let me live in blissful ignorance. I assure you I will inform you of dice as they land in my case.

A shift in the flow of a river starts to lower a bogs water level (just go with it). Local looters have set up shop in the local frontier village on rumours of sunken treasure and long buried tombs. Which is great because you have some debts that need paying..now..


G+: Zzarchov Kowolski
Liber Inter Dico at jee mayl dawt calm

Mike D. said...

Wed Aug 24th (2 Hour Session)

10:00PM (22:00) EST / 01:00 GMT

Ruins & Ronin / Swords & Wizardry Core Rules

1st Level Characters

This game will be my mega-dungeon for Ruins & Ronin set in a foreign land where most classes are available. Players should roll up a first level character using either my Ruins & Ronin rules or Swords & Wizardry Core Rules. All of the below character types are available:
- Bujin
- Half-Ogre
- Shugenja
- Sohei
- Fighter
- Cleric
- Magic-User
- Headhunter (class is available on my blog)

For characters created from R&R only equipment from R&R may be purchased. For characters created with S&W, they may purchase equipment from either book (except Plate Armor, not available) however if their equipment is lost or damaged, it may be hard to replace due to the remote location.

As you can see all characters will be humans (or at least half human) and there are no dwarves, elves, or halflings to be found. Other character types may show up later. The game is set on the remote south sea island of Azai a small colony of the Empire of the Eternal Sun. It is also a trading port for many nations in the vast Southern Sea. As such there are typically many visitors in the main castle-town (small city) of Gozu.

Contact info: You can contact me at mike.davison317 AT gmail dawt com. We can only have 4 players at a time, so if there is more than 4, I may set up two different game nights. As this is a mega-dungeon, there may be many character deaths and opportunities for new players to join.

Jeremy Duncan said...

What? Empire of the Petal Throne

When? Next Friday at 8 EST / 7 Central / 5 L.A. /1am London.

How long? 2-3 hours.

I have two players already, +Chris Kutalik and +Mike Davison , and I'm looking for two more. If interested, submit a 1st level character to this email: jduncan24601 at gee mail daht cawm. We have two warriors already, but no priests, sorcerers, etc. Links to character creation, equipment, etc., can be found here (ignore the Guile stat) : http://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/EPT_Jakallan_Nights_and_Days#Resources

Here's the pitch:

The setting is a vast, decrepit palatial estate on a tiny island off the coast from Jakalla. The owner hasn't been seen or heard for over a decade, during which he's left a notice outside (now quite dusty and sun-bleached) stating that he is preoccupied and doesn't wish to be disturbed. This is understandably a source of frustration and embarrassment to his descendants, eager as they are to renovate the property or have it demolished (it's on a prime location, after all). If only there were some way to check in on great-uncle without a personal breach of etiquette...

Enter 4 uncouth barbarians, fresh off the boat and eager for gold, glory, and a stamped authorization from the Deputy Sub- Minister of Housing for Foreign and Indigent Persons facilitating their move out of the rancid, vermin-infested tenement in which they currently find themselves.

Jeremy Duncan said...

+Zak Smith and +Mandy Morbid have thrown their hats into the ring. They'd be using the same computer, so I can bump the number of total players up to 5. There's one more space open if anyone wants it. If you don't make it in before the cut, submit a character anyway and you'll be first in line if someone isn't able to make it/has to bail early.

Jeremy Duncan said...

.... and we're all filled up. I'll still be accepting character submissions for a little while, so we can have alternates if anyone has to drop at the last minute.

333 said...

Game Name: [Unisystem] Secret Police

Day: Tuesday, 16th of August, 2011

Time: 11:00-14:00 UTC-time
7:00 PM to 10 PM - Perth time
6:00 AM to 9 AM - Chicago time
4:00 AM to 7 AM - Los Angelas time
3:00 PM to 6 PM - Moscow time

System: Classic Unisystem (AFMBE, Witchcraft, Conspiracy X, etc.)

Level: 20 point Attributes, 15 point Qualities, up to -10 in Drawbacks, 35 points in Skills and see notes below for additional setting restrictions and special conditions.

Stuff to bring/notes: I'll be rolling the dice for everyone...unless you guys feel there's a better alternative. Be sure to have a copy of your character sheet on hand.
Page references! I have the corebook for AFMBE, but I'm relatively fine with material from other Classic Unisystem games, assuming it isn't too out-of-place for the game pitch (see below). But having page numbers and book names will help, you if not me!

The pitch is that you're all recently recruited black operatives, who have been memory-wiped somehow by the government of modern day Australia and sent out as "secret police" to perform dirty business, in exchange for granting a request - but all is not as it seems. Before the memory-wipe, you could have been a soldier, an intelligence agent, a criminal, a civillian, whatever - but you don't know now.

Again, the pitch:
- modern day Australia
- memory-wiped (yes, I know amnesia shouldn't work like that - and it doesn't in my game, so how the government has managed it is a mystery to you, for now)
- black ops, with unoffical government sanction
- you were granted a request in exchange for your "tour of duty" as a deniable asset

What this means for character creation:
- You get a 5-point Contacts Quality for "free". Being government sponsored, even unofficially, means supplies, info and backup - for a price.
- You get a 3-point Secret Drawback for "free". They're called "Secret Police" for a reason.
- You get a 3-point Obligation Drawback for "free". Hey, YOU signed up for this...
- You don't get any Qualities and Drawback that rely on your life before the recruitment - the government has effectively erased your existence, for now. No Adversaries, no Contacts and so on, unless you make them "in the field". You can have Minority, Charisma, Appearance and other such traits, since erasing your identity wouldn't have changed those...you think.
- Your equipment probably has been supplied by the government, so don't bothering with negative or positive Resources levels - and be sure to prepare seperate lists of equipment in advance. These lists are what you REQUISTION from the government in advance of a mission - anything else you either acquire in the field, or buy with whatever money the government supplies you with. Be sure to have equipment lists seperated and customised according to mission type - a mission about assassination should have guns and cleaning kits, an investigation mission requires rubber gloves, notepads and lockpicks, an surveillance mission needs cameras and so on. Again, list book title and page number. The government may deny you access to stuff, if it feels the need. Of course, it may let you buy what you want with the money it supplies you with.
- Again, remember that you're playing an amnesiac - a manufactured amnesiac. You definitely have the skills you developed before, but your Mental/Social Qualities and Drawbacks may have changed in the process of giving you a "fresh start". After all, what defines our personalities more than our memories?
- You are probably an Austrlian citizen and therefore know the English language at a native level.

Contact info:
Send your character sheet draft and pre-game questions there!
I'm Michael Keenan, you'll recognise me by my black hair, white skin, glasses, healthy liver.

Zak Sabbath said...

Running a DnD game at midnight London time/5pm EST (flexible about time) today (sunday).

zakzsmith at hot mayle dawt calm if you're in

character generation rules:


Zak Sabbath said...

if you're in, don't post here, email me--it's cleaner for ppl checking out the thread

Josh said...


When: Wednesday, August 17th, at 8-10 PM PST or 11PM-1AM EST. Doing a Google+ pickup game for a local who couldn’t make the last one, and one more who‘s just started. There will be 2 slots open for anyone who wants to join, but you’ll need to get a pc ready (takes about 10 minutes).

Game System: Marvel Super Heroes RPG (FASERIP system) in a Fantasy Setting. You don’t need to know the rules to play, a short description should work.

Anyone interested can read my Saturday, August 13th post.

Contact Me At: breslerjoshua@yahoo.com

Zak Sabbath said...

This thread closed, new one here...