Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow Wallow Nightmare et al.

Copying Noisms again--I did this and made some stuff.


Wall Link Zombie:
A regular zombie but the building's made of them. You see them, intertwined. They will remain inert until a trigger action is taken.

Scarlet Device:
It's a small clamshell-shaped object--like a cigarettte-case--carved in some rich, deep red stone, set in colored bone or coral. In fact it is not a construct but a kind of highly evolved scarab beetle. It hibernates in its shell until it smells blood.

If placed in a pool of blood, its gold legs will extrude, and it will perform a sort of ritual mating dance in the blood, drawing patterns. Spells cast on the patterns will affect the target. Lasts until the blood is cleaned away.

Snow Wallow Nightmare:
A kind of 12' tall Asian snow mantis. Makes the snow viscous in a 20' radius--effectively slowing anyone trying to move or attack in melee (but not shoot or cast spells).

Royal Fist Monkey:
Small monkeys. Each wears one enormous Hellboy-like-but-jewelled glove with which they can smite with unseemly force. They are employed as personal bodyguards by southern drow dinosaur-princes.

Specter Master Lobster:
Ok, I have nothing genuinely good for this (or at least nothing I'd actually run), but I love saying it.

Ivy hair zombie:
Well, actually a Violet Leopard Orchid Zombie. But the queen of them. Her hair is a mass of creeping flowered tendrils.


Schultm's Skin Party

Wizard touches a target skin-to-skin. That target becomes glued to the wizard. Anyone touching the target with bare flesh becomes glued to the target and on and on.

Untouchable Merchant

A curse. Not obvious, but no-one will agree to buy anything from the target until it is lifted.

Screaming security

Like an alarm spell only the area warded must be a circle (size depending on caster's level), and the piercing sound of the alarm does d4-per-caster-level sonic damage to anyone not inside the circle.

Misshaping pool

Turns a vial of ordinary water into a magic liquid that can be thrown on the ground to make a 6-foot-wide magic puddle. The puddle is d4+1 feet per caster level deep and mutates anyone who touches it.

Whisper panic

Wizard whispers a warning into a target's ear. Target then must whisper the same warning into the ear of everyone it meets for 2 hours. It may or may not believe the warning, but cannot tell anyone that until the spell ends.

Drunk Reversal

Blood-alcohol levels of two targets switched.

Rodia's Complicated Siege

Cast on a foe's stronghold: transforms it into an Escheresque and non-euclidean maze--(roll on your favorite "weird dungeon effect" table for each room)--as difficult to exit as enter.

Nassim's Skull Ocean

A fucking ocean of fucking skulls fucking comes out of fucking nowhere and fills a 30-3000 square foot area. They fill the area 5 feet deep. Everybody caught in the ocean takes 2d6 damage and the skulls persist.

Prismatic Law

Caster becomes immune to attack from anything of a chosen color and anyone wearing that color. Only one Prismatic Law may be in effect on a given caster at any time.


thekelvingreen said...

Have you seen Cronos? Your Scarlet Device reminds me of it. I seem to remember borrowing the scarab for a Call of Cthulhu game during my wayward youth.

noisms said...

The spell name generator is even better. I like how most of these spells are not immediately useful but more plainly malicious.

Welcome to Dungeon! said...

Scarlet Device

Who is "the target?" Any desired target the caster knows?

John said...

The owner of the blood, one would assume. That's how magic usually works.

BigFella said...

You win for the Royal Fist Monkey. Gonna use that someplace.

When I read Specter Master Lobster all I could think of was Baltan Seijin from Ultraman.

Jesse said...

I got Vein Eater Unicorn and Mind Minotaur - and I wouldn't want to be a player character in that campaign.

Yeah, Royal Fist Monkey's a winner. Deserves to be a racial character class. Then another player can be the jungle drow princess and another can be her Sneak Raptor (something else I got from the Forge) and BAM! you're playing Rifts. And it's awesome. These are all great Zak, I could read this stuff all day.

Zak Sabbath said...

I personally think "drunk reversal" could be game-breakingly powerful in the right hands.

Anonymous said...

Nassim's Skull Ocean made me laugh stupid. The Forge is, in fact, awesome.