Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random Notes With Jetlag


So here's a strictly utilitarian post:

-Vornheim Contest Winners I haven't forgotten you. I am just getting things settled 'cause I'm here in Montreal for the moment. Be getting your prizes to you as soon as I am free and you email me saying which ones you want.

-Constantcon fans, note that the Google + game calendar on this here page (on the right there) has been changed to Eastern Standard Time, since I myself have changed to Eastern Standard Time. Some cool stuff going on this week including Gigacrawler and James Q starting a series of old TSR modules.

-Kenneth Hite waxes audiopoetic on Vornheim: The Complete City Kit over on This Just In...From Gen Con

-As long as I'm pointlessly hocking my book to a bunch of people who probably already own it I would be pretending to be more modest than I actually am if I did not point out that Jeff rather dubiously claims it's an achievement comparable to blowing up the Death Star.

-Played a lot of games lately, but the only one that wasn't basically just D&D was playing Empire of the Petal Throne for the first time courtesy of ckutalik. Which was basically D&D. (In a good way.) The sophisticated/barbaric/exotic southern hemisphere atmospherics were all there and operative (reminds of me of William Burroughs and JL Borges more than I expected. but everything does, I guess.) but, really, anybody who says you need a linguistics degree to grasp or play in this setting is just hanging out in the mezzanine flinging peanuts. It's a game, it has a setting, you fight things, it's fun. Recommended.


Higgipedia said...

And you get to light apes on fire without ever seeing them.

Mark Siefert said...

I'm glad you enjoyed EPT, Zak. I love it infinitely more than "Vanillia" D&D and I really wish it got more attention.

Zak Sabbath said...


alright Paul, you're banned.

Zak Sabbath said...


Already read it:

Chris Kutalik said...

(reminds of me of William Burroughs and JL Borges more than I expected
There are touches of Interzone there, aren't there? And the stranger flights of Vance.

And you get to light apes on fire without ever seeing them.
And slide through the resulting goo of the ape critter--and your barbarian N'Luss meatshield.

It's only OD&D, but I like it.