Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Goblin Empire

This table can be used for random encounters inside the Goblin Empire. Roll d100 for encounters outside the cities. For encounters inside Gaxen Kane and other goblin cities, roll d4 for the first digit and d10 for the second digit.
On this table "goblin" indicates an ordinary goblin or goblin warrior, depending on context.

All references to Fiend Folio monsters refer to the redone versions of these--(Bloodhawks as exploding chemical weapons, etc.)

*Indicates the creature is used as a mount if rolled as a member of a goblin cohort or in a city.

1 d8 Goblins
2 Sacred maggot procession--1 carrion crawler + 3d4 goblins
3 Crow-headed man
4 Shrieker
5 Assassin bug
6 Bats
7 Bushbabies
8 Witchgrass
9 Wither (skunkman)
10 Stunjelly-slathered…
11 Troll (ridden by 2 goblins)*
12 d4 Boars*
13 d4 Wolves*
14 d4 Suicide dogs
15 Fleshgolem (stitched up from goblin parts)
16 Displacer beast*
17 Clubnek wielders
18 Giant centipede*
19 Giant beetle*
20 Carrion crawler
21 d6 Goblins
22 d4 Xvarts
23 Trilloch
24 Pig balloon rider
25 d4 Terithrans (+1d4 goblins)
26 d4 Snyad/dyads (+1d4 goblins)
27 d4 Othuagg baboons (+1d6 goblins)
28 d4 Nilbogs
29 d4 Meazel-infected gobins
30 death dog
31 Blindheim*
32 Giant bats*
33 d4 Bloodhawks
34 Osquip*
35 Tiger fly scouts
36 Tower golem
37 Abomination * (A huge head with legs and four tentacular tongues)
38 Vortex
39 Volt *
40 Boschoforms/chaos-spawn*
41 Tiraphegs
42 Giant strider *
43 Mantari *
44 Babbler*
45 Xorn
46 d6 Wererat
47 3-eyed Spawntoad*
48 Ogre *
49 Imorph
50 Symbiotic jelly
51 Sussurus
52 Slaads
53 Mephit
54 Meenlock (maybe)
55 Witch
56 Water weird in pond
57 Fucked up unicorn
58 Thornchild
59 Hobgoblin witch
60 Kilmoulis
61 Temple of Juiblex
62 Temple of the Maggot
63 Halfling (escaped?)
64 Hell cat (+hag or witch)
65 Hallucinogenic fungi
66 Hag
67 Grimlock
68 Grig
69 Grell
70 Green slime
71 Gorbel
72 Gloomwing (the depressing kind)
73 Gibbberling
74 Gibbering mouther
75 Garbug
76 Giant mushrooms
77 Foxwoman
78 Flumph/orth
79 Firenewt
80 Eye of fate
81 Eye killer
82 Ettin
83 Ettercap
84 Enveloper
85 Evil Ent
86 Drow
87 Elf (escaped)
88 Drider
89 Doppleganger
90 Crowman (small)
91 Dark creeper
92 Cockatrice
93 Caterwaul (+hag or witch)
94 Bunyip-thing
95-00 Cohort: d6 goblins plus roll d20 times on this table in the following way: d4 for 1st digit/d10 2nd digit.


John said...

I'm in the middle of jotting down notes for my own goblin empire. I get the feeling your goblins are very different to mine, but I still think I'll steal that "sacred maggot procession".

deleted said...

I agree about the maggot procession. That one line of text sure does fire up the imagination.

Simon Forster said...

I love goblins. My favourite humanoid 'baddy'.

noworkethic said...

I think I'm going to mess around with this for a haunted forest. I'm thinking lots of encounter checks, 6 on a d6 will be (mostly) this sheet and a 5 will be a natural obstacle (climb checks, hunting traps, air-born spores from hallucinogenic mushrooms) then have a few (4-5) important things they have to do, all while not getting lost (won't happen).

Adam Thornton said...

Until I looked at the first picture and read
"crow-headed man" I hadn't been picturing the interior of a Goblin city as something out of Hieronymous Bosch. Now I am. That's awesome.