Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's 4am Here's a Table

What Are These Freaks Up To? Table

roll a random NPC or monster...

then roll d20...

1. eating a
2. killing a
3. negotiating with a
4. selling something to a
5. aiding a wounded
6. looking for a
7. babbling about a
8. hunting with the aid of a
9. travelling with a
10. seducing several
11. eating several
12. killing several
13. negotiating with several
14. selling something to several
15. aiding wounded _______(s)
16. looking for several
17. babbling about several
18. hunting with the aid of several
19. travelling with several
20. seducing several

then roll another random NPC or monster.


Matthew Miller said...

man, I wish my brain worked that well at 4am...

brink. said...

my brain works so poorly at all times that it's noon here, and i had to read that first table entry three times before i realized it didn't say "entering a"...

Josh said...

I wish my brain worked that well...ever.

As usual, this table will be copied and hacked into whatever game I'm running. To be added to the 40+ pages of material already churned out by the OSR-lings. Throw in the 20+ free PDF tools / adventures / sandbox settings and I'm set...for life!

Now to find a way to get it all printed into a hardcover Gamers Encyclopedia Gigantica…?

Orion said...

*rolls* I got a red dragon...seducing several...wereboars. And I've just fulfilled someone's extremely specific fetish.