Sunday, July 12, 2015

Alleged Bibliography


1. Vornheim

2. Red & Pleasant Land (Voivodja)


3. Amazons of the Devoured Land (north of Vornheim)


4. The Medusa Maze (200-room dungeon with False Patrick. Needs a graphic designer.)


5. The Place of Scorpions (Southern Continent: the red pharaoh, the ruined city of Nizadd, Tower of the Hourglass, rules for language acquisition, heatstroke, sandy box kit, etc)

6. The Sea of Ignorance And Pain (Wavecrawl Kit, the Pirate Queens, horrible sea elves, ship-to-ship combat, a not-boring underwater city/dungeon, Nephilidia and the amphibious vampires etc)

7. Realm of the Negatsar (Clockwork baba-yagas, warriors in the wastes, the abandoned summer palace, faceless orc witches, the Puzzle Palace of Tetrus Imperious)

8. Gaxen Kane and Cobalt Reach  (varieties of goblin, the goblin city, goblin inventions, insane goblin architecture, beasts that serve goblins, goblin laws, goblin gods, goblin terrible ideas, rules for radioactivity and slow mutation, Ferox the God-Dragon, the Congress of Freaks, warlords including Nepthyc Vo and the Limbless Harlot, inventions from the Distant War)

9. Drownesia (rules for training dinosaurs, the etiquette of the Gilded Princes, the Viscid King, etc)

10. Serving Time In The Middle of Nowhere (Guide to other planes of existence, Vornheim-Kit style, lots of magic items and weird gods, rules for moving in insane places)

11.  Man is Too Ignorant To Exist (The Distaff Powers--modeled after the original GW Realms of Chaos books) (Possibly part of 10)

12. My Name Is God, I Hate You (a campaign--with linking events and background--about the wedding of Tiamat & Demogorgon, each chapter is named after a Black Sabbath song, in chronological order)

13. Blue Rose 3rd Edition (the most popular and egalitarian edition, but it upset hardcore fans, art by Trungles)

14. 100 Dungeon Rooms (a deck of cards, each has a sketch, you can lay them flat and make a map)

15. You Hear A Noise (50 Encounters, one page each)

16. Why Did We Even Come Her? (50 picture-maps of small dungeons/locations, one page each)

17. A GM's Almanac (Custom campaign notebook, with astrological info for each day, daily background events, weather, short monster and NPCs idea and GM-screen-like tools on each page)

18. The Thousand Dead (The elusive game-tome-as-in-world-player-handout complete adventure in a book)

That's about 30 years of work at the current rate of publishing, so we should be good for a while.
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賈尼 said...

I like No.12!

Terje said...

O my dog, nr 10 & 11! :D

Jeff Heikkinen said...

Place of Scorpions and My Name is God, I Hate You sound the most intriguing, but at this point I'd give nearly anything you did a shot. (That will, of course, change if one comes out that's a noticeable letdown.)

ML said...

I love every single thing listed here. I impatiently await an opportunity to throw my money at you.

amy said...



Sean McCoy said...

I would buy all of these. Twice.

Patrick Mallah said...

I eagerly await this... Place of Scorpions