Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Are You So Boring? Oh...

This is the result of OKCupid doing some data-mining on their clients.

You have to love the detail that all the DNDWPS-type-girls are into "grammar" whereas the OMGD&D?WTF???-subset are into "England"......also the phrase "regularly" seems to explain a lot...


  1. Oh dear, I see my name right there next to the boring little man. Oh well.

  2. I'd like the see an alignment chart made out of that: rough sex, tattoos, anime, atheism, and the internet locked in an eternal struggle with gentle sex, parks, boating, christianity, and england.

  3. I'm English. That probably explains a lot.

  4. damn obsessed and ridiculous cynical
    dining england and challenges...

    The gentle sex doesn't make sense... ;)

  5. I'm assuming there's not a lot of 45-to-60-year-old bikers on OkCupid.

  6. I am cynical! Now you lie back and think of England!

    The words in isolation like that kinda remind me of how Sims get together. Soccer ball! TV! +++! Let's do it!

  7. Old-Fashioned Church going folk are probably less inclined to air their kinks on an open forum, doesn't mean they're not freaks in the sack.

  8. @janus

    good point.

    though communication -does- help in these matters. And if you ask for broccoli, you're going to get broccoli.