Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Spacemonster Generator

A bizarre silhouette of gargantuan proportions shambles into the lurid mesh of wire, halogen and indicator light...

This table has been playtested once for FASERIP and was grotesquely successful, it can easily be adapted to any sci-fi game, though since it's at its most effective when the "veil" is pulled back it's better if you are cool with that playstyle...

"Roll a 6-sider..."

"Um, ok...5?"

"It's a 'Thraxian...' roll again."


"'...war'...' roll again."


"'...squid from planet...' roll again."


"'...Twelve'. It's a Thraxian Warsquid From Planet Twelve."

(Players happy.)
(Fun obtained.)
(Small rubber toy placed on board)
(Players happy again.)
(All details of size, limb arrangement, means of locomotion, etc. will match the toy used.)
(Battle commences.)
Ok, roll 3d6, one at a time.
(Any rule or 'crunch' detail specific to the Marvel-Superheroes RPG will appear in blue: assume FASERIP stats of: GdGdAmMnFeFeFe. Assume no Karma. Assume power rank of any abilities is--duh-- Monstrous.)

(Health = 150 + 10xnumber rolled on first d6 here)(Yes I realize this is not the canonical way to calculate FASERIP health scores. The Thraxian Glaxothrox annihilates all human mathematics with its eyebeams.)
1. Gorgallian
2. Vortaxian
3, Zortakkian
4. Polarian
5. Thraxian
6. Karkalian

1. Throg- (swallows foes)
2. Glaxo- (eyebeams)
3. War- (horns or claws, S:Un E:Un)
4. Gorgo- (radiation breath)
5. Slime- (supersticky or superslippery)
6. Zergo- (sonic shriek)

Body armor = 10x number rolled on third d6 here...
1. -worm
2. -throx
3. -beast
4. -squid from Planet (D6: 1- X 2- Z 3- Twelve 4-Zool 5- Crax 6- 99)
5. -sphere
6. -crawler from Dimension (Have players roll a d10 and then just pick a number that sounds cool and isn't the number they just rolled. Dimension Nine is the default.)

(superhero counters used during playtest, front row L to R: The Thing (sculpy), Wolverine, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man (can't tell but it's done with Sharpies), Thor)


Pere Ubu said...

Isn't Glaxothrox what they give you to prep you for a bowel exam?

Justin S. Davis said...

I would love if someone out there statted out Spectreman and Ultraman monsters, like they've done for The Herculoids and such. (In dungeon-friendly proportions, I mean.)

Rex Venom said...

Too cool. I dig tables for generating strange and odd.
Rock on!

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Quick question: Is that post on the ALICE modifications for Gigacrawler in the spam filter?

Zak Sabbath said...

I took what I found in my inbox form you on ALICE and posted it.

In the future try cutting things up into smaller chunks.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Thanks! I'll try to remember to do that.

Capcha: Making. It's always weird to get real words...