Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Burning cookies don't smell like elves""How do you know?"

Me and Mandy and James Raggi talk about games on this here podcast for, jesus, 2 hours.

Guide for the impatient:

-First half is mostly James (including a fun bit of everybody comparing notes on how Death Frost Doom went when they ran it) and LOTFP:WFRP, second half is me and Mandy and Vornheim.

-Both halves start with us doing a lot of talking like responsible business people about our respective products that just came out and then, happily, degenerate rather pleasantly into everyone telling funny RPG stories, which is nice because then it's fun.

-Buried in there is Mandy calling herself a genius, calling me obnoxious, everyone having in-depth discussions of Keebler elves, James admitting to playing Dogs In The Vineyard, and the host giving out a 20% off LOTFP promo code.


mordicai said...

I was having a work dream about Book Expo America last night & you were there promoting the Tin House booth?

Samwise7 said...

I enjoyed hearing James' voice, instead of just seeing his pic and reading his words. He still feels like the older brother I never head that just happens to like RPGs and metal. :)

Of course I enjoy hearing you and Mandy talk about RPGs too.

Anathematician said...

Good stuff, and I enjoyed the rambling reminiscing. It was very organic/natural. How are you enjoying Dark Heresy, and do you see yourself tweaking the rules at all?

Zak Sabbath said...


haven't run a game yet. we will see.

Chris Goodwin said...

Burning elves smell like cookies.

Don't ask me how I know.