Monday, May 2, 2011

Female Characters Done Right: FemShep

Mandy......and Vivka...
...on the costume options for the female Shepard (the main character you first-person shoot as) in Mass Effect 2.
Viv: I can see the point of her outfit since she's a commander of a military unit, but as a girl who likes girls I am appalled. Jack's is skimpy and Miranda's is totally skimpy, but you can't play as them...(that's Miranda ass)(below is Jack)
...why can't hers be skimpy too?

Mandy: Miranda's way hot--the one outfit you unlocked is great.

Viv: There should at least be an option you can unlock if you beat the game.

Mandy: The fact that they let you customize your battle armor is at least a bit better, but the thing that bothers me about it really is that they didn't change the sort of Cerebus pseudo-military uniforms for the women at all--which I can sort of see as utilitarian and fair but I don't want to run around in the same uniform as the men --at least give her something less bulky and manlike, when you see her moving around she looks like a guy, her hips don't move like a woman's hips.

Viv: Another thing: as a person who likes cosplay, I like Rikku's outfit in Final Fantasy, it's cute and sexy but it's got layers and they show her stomach and...

But look at Shepard she's got this frumpy outfit--like I like the Evangelion plugsuits, they were form fitting but utilitarian...

Mandy: In real life having women's military outfits be as similar to the men's as possible makes sense but this is a fantasy game.

Viv: Am I the only one who thinks its weird you can give her scars, but not change her boob size? Or at least give her shorts over pants?

Mandy: Or like a pencil skirt suit and big boots?

Viv: That would be way hot.

Mandy: Its sexist to put her in there but then animate her so she looks like a man with a woman's head.


  1. When do you guys plays D and D if you don't mind me asking would like to join ?? I work in the industry but do video editing. Also a lot of the costumes should be revamped watch for 3 you will see a totally overhaul. A lot of response's to character design because of fans.

  2. Just tell Mandy she's gorgeous, even when she's making faces at the camera.

  3. Hey Viv, can I come live with you in you City of Wonder? Mine village is for shit. lol

  4. @asphyxiation

    Want in?

    Place 3 polar bear cubs between the ages of 9 and 17 months in the third mailbox on the right heading east on Hollywood from Phil's Used Furniture Warehouse while wearing an orange tutu on the 9th of each month until early 2012, then wait for the signal.

  5. Maybe it's just me, but I found my female Shepard to be quite sexy...mansuit or no mansuit.

  6. @Asphyxiation

    Just like how guys break into the porn biz, maybe if you offer to bring a hot girl to the game who wants to play, that might work.

  7. The bad thing about it all is money is what it all comes down to. New voices are easy as can be, but movement take months of work. If you notice all the female character really has the same run as the men. Clothing can be fixed with mods that people have made, but it would have been nice for the creators to do a little more. Last thing when moving the game to EA certain things were change relationships, game play, and other things they did try to fix the relationship thing with Liara T'Soni with one of the dlc's. Ok im done lol.

  8. Could be worse. The romance could be "inspired" by twilight much like in Dragon Age 2 :\.

  9. I'll put a girl in a pencil skirt suit and big boots in the next space illo I do. Just for you guys.

    capcha: DEROMEN


  10. Like Janus, I really liked my female Shepherd.

    But then she shared a physical resemblance and attitude strikingly similar to Cate Blanchett's character in Indiana Jones 4 (she was created well before that flm came out). Except more goth.

    The military jumpsuits really suited her. Damn she was a cold bitch. It's all about style.

    The remark on the gait is interesting, something I hadn't noticed. I guess I can't really comment, but maybe every woman doesn't need a slinky wiggle? Maybe gait should be customizable like appearance?

  11. The point is it should all be customizable. But even women in the military don't have to walk like men. A more feminine option for on-ship uniform (don't get me started on the awful hair styles available--it was worse with the men!) would have been nice. And why can't I have pink or green hair? C'mon.....

  12. I'll agree with you on the hair thing.
    For male Shepard, it wasn't an issue because I made him a bald ginger-bearded badass.
    For female Shepard.... it could have done with a lot more variety. Women's hairstyles tend to vary a lot more than males and the character generation should probably have reflected that.

  13. At least give us options... Sheesh.
    That's why I typically play female characters anyways, they're much more fun to look at! If I didn't give a crap I'd play as Shepard "classic"...

    Looking lovely ladies, as always.

  14. Maybe if they went the way of saints row 2

    I was a damn sexy bitch in that.

  15. after playing the kasumi mission i got a nice LBD for my femshep...