Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gravity Distortion Effects plus First Contest Entry

Oh no, you've been hit by a gravity distorting spell or trap or monster or, in the case of our group a couple days ago, a Graviton Distortion Glove.

What happens? Roll d8...

1. Gravity now pulls target up instead of down
2. North is now down
3. South is now down
4. East is now down
5. West is now down
6. Gravity is doubled for target--s/he is effectively twice as heavy but no stronger. S/he is sucked to the floor, initially, and will have trouble pulling away.
7. Target is super-lightweight, as if on the moon.
8. Target is, as far as any object or person in a 20' radius is concerned, the most massive object in the area. S/he does not gain in size or mass, but everything slides/falls toward him/her as if s/he was the floor.

Got the first Vornheim: Hack This Book contest entry from Jason. It's basic, but it gets high marks in the efficiency category, and the odd/even bit is good:

Important People Randomizer
Odd – female, even – male)

1-2 Grandparent
3-4 Distant relations (uncle, aunt, cousin)
5-6 Parent
7-8 Sibling
9-10 Spouse
11-12 Lover
13-14 Child
15-16 Mentor
17-18 Close friend
19-20 Long lost …

Roll once on the table to determine a random significant person; odd numbers always signify a female, even numbers a male. The result “Long lost …” indicates someone the person hasn’t seen in a long time: a childhood friend, a party member from their early years, a nursemaid; or someone else on the list they have not seen in years (in which case, reroll).

This simple table helps the DM when;

· They need an important person from the PCs life. You know, to screw with them.

· The NPC is looking to hire the party to follow-up on the missing/kidnapped/murdered loved-one.

· An NPC is being manipulated by/looking to have killed off/looking for the perfect gift for a loved-one.

When a result seems unusual you can always reroll or use it to delve deeper into an NPC. When the table indicates that Ott Orben, a celibate clergy member, is looking for the perfect gift for his daughter, it could be a child from before he took his vows, the evidence of a one-time affair or a secret family. Likewise, the motives of someone who has kidnapped a child might be really different from someone who has captured a grandparent.

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