Monday, March 28, 2011

Monsters and Items

This is just a page to help me organize old stuff on this blog to make it easier to find.


CifalGanger/Child of En-Gorath
Sublunary Men
Tower Golem
Hollow Bride
Maggot Naga
Eye of Dread
Narcissus Peacock
Maidenmother Crone
The Chain
Wyvern of the Well
Nephilidian Vampire
Lingua Necrotica or Plague Tongues


Hammer of Exorcism
Random Megadungeon Treasure Table
Artifact: Oorld's Wide Web
Artifact: Unimaginable Star of...
Forgetting Dust
3 Items
Binding Painting
Other Items


richard said...

Leading by example again! If you keep this page updated I can link it as a single entry on the wiki and know that all Zak's monsters are in one bestiary.

Zak Sabbath said...

hadn't thought of that, actually, but thanks! i guess that makes sense

Simon Forster said...

For a moment there I thought rauscat was a real post ;)

Haven't seen most of those monsters and stuff, must have missed them. I especially like the Hollow Bride and Tower Golem, and I remember the Chain from the gaming vids. Creepy and cool.

James said...

Missed that Megadungeon Treasure table. Thanks!

jay said...

Those are some great monsters. Love the Vomiter, Maggot Naga, Thog, shit they're all great. Makes me wish their were more radically non-Tolkien fantasy games of a more surrealist/trippy nature out there. Anyone in Los Angeles want to play Tekumel, Talislanta, or Jorune, or some bricollaged weird homebrew BRP/OD&D like some bastard offspring of Dying Earth, Yellow Submarine, Baba Yaga folklore and Planete Sauvage? I've always wanted to do a game where PC's could opt to be beholder larva who gradually levelled up to become full-fledged beholders by 9th level and fought Blue Meanies and paid for things with salt cubes, cuz they were more rare than gold. Who's with me?

Also love the idea that your world is the petrified bodies of titans that are riddled with dungeons.

Roger G-S said...

Hand centaur wins, for me.