Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fly! Fly my pretties!

Do this!...

Quoth Jeff:
1. Find a post at some old school message board or blog (doesn't have to be mine) that contains some really fun, useful or just kick-ass house rules or advice material.

2. Copy the link and add it to the OSR Links to Wisdom wikipage.

It's pretty dang easy to do, so dig up those bookmarks and share!

I added an advice piece from Mr. Raggi that I have long cherished. It took me like 10 seconds to do it. All I did was hit the 'Edit this Page' link at the bottom and followed the super-simple formatting as demonstrated by the other links already on the page.

Still reading instead of doing it? Ok: this is a very good thing and you should do it. Navigating through all this stuff is hard, even when the blogger's tryna make it easy. Like: see all those tags over there on the right I try to use to keep my links straight--up until a few weeks ago if you hit "Items" (for example), it worked fine until you worked your way back in time to the Secret Arneson Gift Exchange entries and Blogger went haywire.

I went and added one of my favorite magic items from Monsters & Manuals and it took seconds. Scared of computers and still want to help? Do this:

1. Go to the page
2. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Edit this page"
3. A version of the page in code will pop up
4. Scroll down to where you want to insert a link
5. Either add a number of asterisks = the number of spaces you want to space your entry over from the left (the Wiki is formatted like an outline) or just look at the original page and find an entry that's indented about as far from the left as you want yours to be and put the same number of *s
5. Put a [, then paste in the address of the link you want to add
6. Put a space, then type the name of the post you're linking to
7. Put a ]
8. Hit the "preview" button to make sure all is well
9. Hit the "save" button

Since this project JUST got started, here's some conspicuously lacking things I notice so far...

-Remember those "All elves (dwarves, etc.) do _____, some elves do ______" posts from a while back? If you did one of those, or know who did, stick them under "character races".

-There's nothing under "Spells" or "Monsters"--someone might profitably delve into the Hamsterish Hoard or another favorite source and start linkin'.

-Reviews of TSR products and OSR products--I know that Grognardia has reviewed nearly every early TSR adventure and so have a lot of other people, and these reviews definitely helped me decide what to seek out. A little googlin' could go a long way to help out at the bottom of the list there. If a review helped you to buy something or seek it out, hook everybody else up...

-The Valley of Blue Snails' fantastic random tables for character creation and world building need to be preserved in interamber for all time, and it looks like Canecorpus may be too otherwise occupied to do it himself.

2 notes:

I feel like we should leave "setting" stuff off the wiki. If everybody starts transferring whole worlds onto it then it may become unscannably long. A separate setting aggregate might be a good idea.

Thanks to Alex Schroeder for hooking it up.


Brian Moon said...

I added somethin'! That was totally easy. Anyone can do it.

Lord of Chaos said...

Wow. That was easy. Almost too easy...

Roger G-S said...

Yeah, send the setting stuff to the SameUniverse wiki.

James said...

Easy peasy. Never played with a wiki before. I just copied a link above where I was putting mine and then replaced the pertinent info.

Santa said...

All ____ do ____?

Like All Magic Users are Destined to Become Liches, or All Clerics are Lawful?

I did a few of those, although not always explicitly titled that way. I'm far too modest to add my own stuff, but if people like the posts, please feel free to add it.

I think this is a great idea. Over the last year the community has, it seems, decided it was time to get all this new stuff compiled somewhere. I agree wholeheartedly and hope to be able to help out in a few months (I am finishing a Masters in Information Science).

Jason Brezinski said...

Does anyone happen to know if there's a science fiction RPG equivalent of this wiki anywhere?

Zak Sabbath said...


Not exactly, but Atomic Rockets:
Is a lot of fun.