Friday, March 25, 2011

What Should You Blog About Today? Roll D10

1--Think of one of your players, describe his/her impact on your game, what he/she does, how his/her presence or absence affects your GMing (if at all). What you expect to happen when s/he's around, what kind of PCs s/he chooses, etc.

2--Add something to the wiki then explain why it was influential enough to you that you added it.

3--Four things you wish you want more of in your campaign, four things you wish you had less of. Or, if you can;t do that, tell us why you can't. Is your campaign perfect? Rock--tell us why you think it's humming so well.

4--Compare your favorite moment as a player to your favorite moment as a GM.

5--Write up a monster/trap combination. Neither the monster nor the trap must be original, but the combo must be interesting.

6--Give us a spell. Just one. Or more if you're hardcore.

7--Dragons. Seriously, how often do you use dragons? Did they work the way they were supposed to when you did? Were your players scared? How did it go?

8--Describe your local area, gamerwise--is their a local game store? Where do your players come from? Do you want more players? Are they your friends? If you play with strangers, who are these people? Where do they come from?

9--Google up a random mini, then describe this fellow or lass as an NPC. Give us some hooks for him or her.

10--Pull a gamebook off your shelf. Drink as much alcohol as you can. Generate a PC for that game and liveblog your emotional rollercoaster as you create the person.


Aos said...

I did # 6, hardcore, before I read this post even.

Anonymous said...

I like it. :-)

Simon Forster said...

I rolled a 4: to see the blog :)

Simon Forster said...

In fact, I might well do another tomorrow... and more, who knows?

Nope said...

Has anyone done 10? emo char creation sounds depressing...

Chris said...

*rolls d10*

#2. I hear and obey Dread One

(dammit! wanted #10)

Anonymous said...

1d10 = 9
Introducing Jeorst Dowornn, a random mini based NPC with hooks!

This was fun :)

Anonymous said...

And a quick 3 for the fun of it :)

Zak Sabbath said...


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