Monday, January 23, 2012


Once upon a time this blog had zero followers. Assuming you are reading this before the end of all things, it probably now has more than that. Here's a highlight reel for anybody who might've jumped in mid-stream.

WTF is This Blog?

Our TV Show (episode 18 is the best, they let us kinda do what we wanted starting around episode 5, the ones starting at 8ish are the most popular)
Yeah, We Were In Maxim
The "players" tag has all the articles about the girls themselves
The "actual play" tag has all the actual play reports
I did Red & Pleasant Land which is a very well-regarded game book
Likewise Vornheim
I also did the deluxe rewrite of the DIY D&D classic Death Frost Doom
These three things are available here.
New one, Maze of the Blue Medusa is available here.
Most of the other stuff I invented for my D&D setting that's up on this blog is indexed here.
I have a new horror game I'm writing and drawing here, if you wanna see it finished chip in to the Patreon here.


Most of our daily RPG conversation goes on here on Google+, send a message that you want to be added.

How I Want To HearAbout Your Setting

Dwindling (a good thing about crunch)

Allegedly funny

Cathedral of All-Flesh (A dungeon)

Galleries of the Nyctites (A slightly bigger dungeon)

20 Pirate Queens

Search-And-Replace Dungeon (A sort of Mad Libs dungeon)

Some rules & DM tricks I use and, sometimes, why I use them:



George said...

Holy shit! Saved as favorite. Enough reading material for a long, long time here.

biopunk said...

Zak, I may be blind, but did you post your answers to the GM Questionnaire anywhere?

Zak Sabbath said...


Seth S. said...

I don't suppose you have any tips for how to get more followers?

Zak Sabbath said...

@syrus w

Easiest way: consistently write posts i want to read. Then you're on my blogroll, then you get followers.

Chris Kutalik said...

It's interesting going back to read some of your earlier posts.

Sometimes I forget where the ideas and discussions that had a large influence on how I think about the game came from. The Conan knew more about Cimmeria one in particular was a pretty key one.

A good long run you've had here.

Fonkin said...

Zak, I ran across your blog (and IHIWMA) at just the right time. I'm digging your rules-light, seat of the pants approach. I've been flopsweating (sweating flop?) because I'm slated to run a D&D game for a group of RPG newbies in the 11 to 16 age range and realized:

a) I haven't run a game for teenagers since I was a teenager (so late 80s early 90s), and

b) even though I've started up lots of newbies, I've been running pretty much the same player group for 7 years and

c) it's 3.5/Pathfinder, so lots of crunch.

Man, I wish I could buy you a beer and pick your brain for a couple hours! I guess instead I'll have to troll your blog some more. Thanks!

Zak Sabbath said...


are you on Google +? join then add me: Zak Smith (black and white picture, asymmetrical haircut) then ask me via audio chat.

Then add a few beers worth of credit to the flattr account on his page

Fonkin said...

Still figgerin out Google+ but on my way!

d20critsj00 said...

ill be playing D&D with a pornstar in a few days.

check it out here:

Ryan B. said...
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chartmapcounter said...


Somehow I ended up at your blog today (must have opened the door to the treasure room). Great posts, awesome art, cool to find out about the girls as real people, and very impressed with you.

Zak Sabbath said...

Welcome to the rabbit hole

Anonymous said...

Zak, I know it's been a year since you posted this. Have you switched to a color picture? I think I have the right Zak Smith . . .

Zak Sabbath said...

i did

Unknown said...

Hey I dunno if you have heard of this but have you guys seen I have just started getting into RPG style games and what I heard about the game, and the art being awesome really drew me in. I figured you guys might be interested, and awesome group of people to play with!

Thiago "El Cid" Cardim said...

Dear all, hi! I'm the editor of a Brazilian pop culture website called JUDÃO ( and I would love to have an interview with you to talk about the project. It could be through e-mail, no problem at all, I can send you all my questions. Just let me know, please? Thanks a lot! My e-mail: thiagocardim at

Ro said...

...I couldn't help but notice that you listed Simonson's Thor saga as inspiration. I can still picture the Executioner with an M-16 in each hand holding off the hordes of Hell. I'm in!