Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Split-Column Assignment Generator

Dear Exploring Infinity,
I have no idea how I found your blog, or this nifty situation generator that you made for Firefly. I also don't know anything about Firefly other than that it happens in space and has something to do with that Buffy guy people like.

Anyway, since it seemed pretty much useful for any game, I reformatted your table in split-column format. That way, if you have to roll a new situation fast (as you often do in sandbox D&D) you can roll once and read across, or, if you have a few more seconds, re-roll again for any result you don't like. I don't know if this kind of speedy flexible table is useful in the kind of games you play (we have no followed blogs in common and your categories are all games I don't run) but it is for me, so thanks! Your table is appreciated and has been added to the archive.



Worthstream said...


I've also remove any reference to the show in the descriptions (and let my inner typo nazi scan the thing)

Adam Dickstein said...

Neat! I have discovered an interesting new blog by way of an interesting blog I often visit.

Hurray for the internet!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome Zak, and certainly the one-line approach should work for any games pretty much independent of system. The original on the blog were modelled after those available in the Leverage RPG and Smallville High School Yearbook supplement.

Do you mind if we copy that for Exploring Infinity? We would link everyone here, but some people may be unable, unwilling, or just intimidated by the occasional NSFW content here on your own blog.

Zak Sabbath said...


be my guest

Jomo Rising said...

If I didn't want you doing D&D stuff all of the time then I would say watch Firefly.

Bill said...

And added to my DMing toolkit.

Additionally, I gave you a plug over on my blog, Zak. Thanks for producing the single most useful RPG book I have ever heard of, let alone purchased. http://the-crown-and-the-ring.blogspot.com/2012/01/building-world-27-grand-illvaren-npc.html

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Zak, this is Adam from Exploring Infinity. Much thanks for linking and posting a re-formatted version of the chart.

We've followed the direction of your inspiration: You may be interested in Craggle's new Fantasy Adventure-themed Situation Generator. It's the post from yesterday, Jan 11th.