Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Sexiest Thing I've Heard All Day

Oh my god, so good.

"I have to say I'm sorry it's got totally out of hand, I have no idea who won the game."

"No, that's ok, we had a great time."

If I link to an interview, you might ignore it. If James Mal links to an interview, you might ignore it. But if we both link to it you know you best listen to that shit.

The history of the hobby didn't just go:

war -->wargaming-->D&D

There's some fascinating stuff in-between. Check out how game theory, the US army, and the problem of referee-boredom helped invent RPGs.

Every "new" idea I've ever heard about GMing is tucked away somewhere in this interview.


John Matthew Stater said...

I listened to it today while doing data entry - fascinating process of the creation of D-n-D, and it made me wonder if the final version isn't missing a key ingredient - players competing with one another instead of working as a team.

Unknown said...

I don't think the co-competitive aspect is necessarily "key," but I think that many players could benefit from thinking about their characters as individuals rather than pieces of a party. 4e D&D has this problem, because the writing assumes (and asserts) that everyone is playing as though they're a member of a video game party.

I think this takes away some of the magic of the game, because it means the only thing you ever worry about are the enemies. Not that worrying about enemies is necessarily a bad thing, but rather that having that lingering doubt about your party members can help build a lot of tension.

Anonymous said...

"Every "new" idea I've ever heard about GMing is tucked away somewhere in this interview."

My thoughts exactly.