Sunday, October 14, 2012

Totally Actual Play Report From Playing At This Years D&D For Literacy Event

Who gets up at ten in the morning on a Saturday? The wretched.

Let's play D&D for charity.

Satine got me a liter bottle of Dr Pepper. That was nice.

There were pre-gens. Mandy played The Weird Girl I played The 8 Year Old. It was quite a stretch.

The usual 4e challenge: see how far you can get without using anything on your character sheet.

The usual Keith Baker one-shot adventure challenge: see if you can get past every obstacle in a way other than the one Keith built into the adventure.

The guy playing the nerdy cleric kept rolling ones. He rolled a one every time he tried to cast a spell. He rolled a one to make people dance, he rolled a one to have radiant light come out of his hands. Yeah I know light is by definition radiant.

My character had a brother. He was a paladin. He pantsed the cleric. It''s all very complicated. Also they gave us cupcakes.

The adventure was puzzlier than usual. Which meant we were good at it because I love that kind of stuff. But people pay to watch you play: so it was bad that we were good at it because we finished earlier and weren't streaming as long as the other tables playing so maybe less children will learn to read on account of us doing things like realizing oh of course you have to dodge past the dirt dwarf in round one and yeah probably approach the room with the chessboard floor with maybe some caution. Sorry kids who now will never be able to read this! Didn't realize that!

At the end the Evil Boss was like "I demand you kneel before me!" and the nerd cleric was sick of all this not having pants and rolling ones and was like "Ok" and kneels and the Boss was like "Alright kneeling nerd cleric, I will grant you ultimate power as soon as I'm am finished dealing with this guy and his brother".

But then that went poorly for him on account of daily powers and action points.

So the the nerd cleric was like, the next round "Wait, I have to wait 6 seconds for ultimate power? Screw you Boss I'm zapping you" but he rolled a one again.

Dungeons and Dragons is fun.


Matrox Lusch said...

Hmmm, bet that cleric wasn't using Gamescience dice...

Kiel Chenier said...

See, this is a thing we need on video.

Richard Lowe said...

I believe it was being recorded, at least Satine said as much on the general video feed. The three tables ended up telling totally different stories even though they were all playing the same adventure and it was great to watch how the same characters ended up as different people at each table.

A few of us who were in the chatroom got to listen to Keith talk about how he designs adventures at the end, once all the tables were finished, which was pretty interesting.

And it all helps kids learn to read, result.

Karl said...

So where is a link to the video?