Sunday, October 7, 2012

Acceptance Speech, Orc-Fightin' Girl, Etc

So I was at the Indiecade festival all day explaining what this book I wrote had to do with games all day long.


1. The thing I hear most at Indiecade is "Vornheim? Oh yeah, your acceptance speech was funny.".

2. Dear 8-Year-Old Girl Who Wanted To Learn About Dungeons And Dragons...

...Mandy tells me you won initiative, rolled a 20 your first time, then defeated two orcs and tied them up and then asked Mandy if they had stuff you could take. Your instincts are impeccable.

3. Dear World-Building Panel, sorry I didn't make it, I thought I was supposed to be on you at 10 PM.

4. Dear All The People I Met Today Who Want To Buy A Copy of Vornheim--click on the picture over there on the right. If they're sold out, try here or here or your friendly local game store.


scrap princess said...

Dude! That is so sweet! Drunken acceptance speech FUCK YEAH

Trent_B said...

Hahahah! Best speech, my friend. I was like 'Oh god he's a write-off...' but then it all just came together into excellence. Love it.

mordicai said...

There is something really viscerally satisfying about seeing a little kid get into the hobby. Maybe that is just the sound of my biological clock ticking.

Alec Semicognito said...

Awwwww orc-fightin' cutie

Dan said...

That is just too cool.

Adam Dickstein said...

Very nice Zak, very nice indeed.

Congrats next generationer! I love hearing about and seeing kids excited about the hobby. Kudos to Mandy for ushering her in.

Now, I wouldn't mention this if it didn't strike me so, and I know some will think it sounds wrong (and I will have it duly noted that I rarely ever make mention of how attractive she is) but those have to be two of the most amazing pictures of Mandy I have ever seen.

Over all cool level on this post is out of the park!

Unknown said...

Well done champ!

Tom said...

I recall, some few years ago, the 3 year old child of the couple whose house we gamed at climbing up on the dining room chair when I excused myself from DMing for a personal break.

Leaning on the table, looking out at the surrounding players, she cried out
"Dance PC's Dance!"

And I knew my work in training the next generation was not in vain.