Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OMG Stripper DM!

So Reddit, and Boing Boing and who knows who else are falling all over themselves on account of someone posted an ad asking for a topless DM for a bachelor party.

I know because someone inevitably posts a link here during these conversations. (Perplexed?)

Anyway, here's the first I ever heard of this phenomenon from March, 2 years ago:


My name is ________ and I read an article about “I Hit it With My Axe” on yesterday.  I watched the first episode, thought it was an interesting and original idea for a web series, and I’m interested to see how it progresses. However, while the show is what inspired me to write you, it’s not exactly what I’m writing you about.  Here’s my situation:  I’m responsible for planning a bachelor party for one of my best friends, and I’ve decided to make it a D&D themed party.  I’ve never planned a bachelor party before and I don't play D&D, so combining the clichéd debauchery of a typical bachelor party with the not-so-fast-paced world of D&D has presented something of a challenge.  My initial thought was to hire one or two fantasy-themed strippers (elves, I guess) to go along with the D&D element of the party, but your show made me realize that it might be possible to be a little more creative about this idea. 

I’m hoping you might be able to help me in a few different ways.  First, I like the idea of integrating the typical stripper element of a conventional bachelor party more intimately with the D&D aspect of the one I’m planning, but since I don’t play I’m worried that it could get boring if done wrong.  Any suggestions for how to do it right would be welcome. Secondly, while it’s not hard to find strippers, finding ones knowledgeable about D&D is more complicated.  For reasons of geographical convenience, the party is most likely going to be held in _____.  Do you possibly know of anyone who might be helpful in finding potential participants in the area?  I don’t mind doing the legwork to track people down, but a good starting point would be incredibly helpful.  Finally, I’d love to hear any other ideas or suggestions you might have to offer about this.  From watching the show, it seems like you guys might have some similar sensibilities and tastes to my group of friends (we’re pretty much all heavy metal nerds), and I’m open to any suggestions for how to do this well.  At the very least, thanks for reading this and I hope you get a kick out of it.


My advice was:

first--talk to his D&D friends about it.
second--try this girl--
(Viv ---NSFW)
maybe she can do it, maybe she knows people.
third--it'll be expensive


They hired Viv and she told us how it went after. Pretty much as expected: She came in just like a regular stripper then hit the guy over the head with a d20 reference and it was all fun and games from there. IIRC she said they were nice and one or two of the guys "tried to mack on me in a very low level respectful nerd way but they weren't cute". Your Mileage May Vary.

On a few forums they are debating the morality of this: There's the question of ogling the GM, then there's the question of the whole institution of stripping and there's the question of the whole institution of bachelor parties. 

Personally, if we get to have problems with things that everyone involved voluntarily engages in, my mind goes first toward the weirdness of marriage itself and next to that stripping, bachelor parties, kicking our girlfriend some work, and topless GMs are pretty small beer, but maybe that's just me.

I always wanted to invite a clown and a magician over with separate notes that each said "just entertain whoever shows up" then leave.


Viktor said...

You mean just invite only a clown and a magician? That's awesome.

Zak Sabbath said...


richard said...

DMs are special innocent people! Asking them to strip is abuse - they can't say no.

Also consider all the on-the-breadline DMs who are just struggling along with a handful of dice and who could now be forced into stripper-DMing by a sea-change in the market. Be socially responsible, people!

On the clown/magician thing, I don't hate magicians that much.

Nihilistic_Impact said...

I really like this idea. One of my players has thought about becoming a stripper, so I guess I should train her in the ways of the DM.

Arthur Fisher said...

I don't think I'd trust a magician to GM. How do I know every roll isn't fudged? Even my own.

ravenconspiracy said...

My friends joked about a similar scenario for my bachelor's party (having strippers to roll all our dice) but we just played an epic game of Rifts instead. It ruled. Frankly, I'd have been too shy to enjoy strippers and gaming together.

Viktor said...

Yeah, but the clowns bloody well deserve it.

Delta said...

Great idea, no objections. So I just offered my services for the bachelorette party my girlfriend got roped into planning. Ladies, I'm available.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Delta, some topless Book of War action?

Also, it would be a shame if the TDM sat behind a DM screen. Gotta be either no-screen or else a lot of standing and leaning over the table to scoot minis around.

"Jim's bachelor party was so sweet, we burned down the pub but got chased into a graveyard by some wolves"
"Oh, you had one of those Topless D&D parties?"
"Uh ... yeeeeah."

James Holloway said...

You think you're joking, but I actually had a player once do that. The game used cards rather than dice, and she objected to another player drawing the card because he was a magician. I nearly died of vicarious embarrassment.

Unknown said...

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