Monday, January 17, 2011

Gigacrawler: What's Going On In This Picture?

What's going on in this picture? (click twice to enlarge twice.)
New ideas included in the explanations will become part of Gigacrawler.

If your explanation includes a new character option--
Martial Arts
Devices & Equipment
Mutations, species adaptations, cyborg/robot parts, etc.
then you could be a champ and click over to the appropriate page and put it in there.


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Her left leg has been severed while the octopus-thing held her down. From the blades behind her, we can see that she is still on the Operating Table (A table which autonomously performs surgery), and that it has not yet had time to retract them (Obviously) from which we can determine that the surgery was only recently completed. She appears to have not been anesthetized. In the background above her, there are numerous non-humans observing. Possibly some sort of combined anatomy/psychology (Anatomy of the leg, fear/pain response in humans) class (using criminals, or do they simply have no regard for humans? Perhaps it's more of a veterinary class for them?). The bird/robot in front of her has come to transport her back to the holding area. Also, she appears to be pregnant.

Erin Palette said...

She's being assimilated into the fresco/bas-relief thing behind her.

For ages, artists have complained about people "not getting" their work. The problem is that most folks simply lack the perspective of the artist, and take things at face value. What's an artist to do when confronted with such ignorance?

Well, they could (through illusions or mind magic or psionics or however you want to justify it) make a type of art that absorbs the viewer, By integrating them into the piece, the viewer has a sudden new perspective and is able to regard the art as an extension of self. No longer is it "Something to look it;" instead it becomes "That which I am."

Which is great, if you're able to keep your head and consider your new form both objectively and organically. That way, you soon realize the quantum nature of art: by observing it, it changes you, and you change it (through interpretation). So you are it, and it is you, but it is also a reflection of you because your observation has changed it, and it's impossible to fully observe one's self, and the next thing you know you're back outside the art piece with a radically changed perspective.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can't handle this quantum-existential dilemma, and start screaming "OH MY GOD THE ART IS EATING ME!" and they panic and go nuts. Insanity, sadly, usually prevents one from critically examining one's self, and so these poor fools end up trapped within the art forever.

And then some demented genius got the idea of "What if I started using trained Mimics (as the D&D monster" to emulate my designs.

Art imitates death....

Anonymous said...

Sheela is surprised to meet her old pal "Tentacle"-Bill in the Post-Future Neo-Griga-Techno departement of the Musiblockstore(TM). Just yesterday he told her he wouldn't listen "to that old crap" anymore...

Ben L. said...

Depicted here is The Ritual of Consummation with The Exalted Ones, as practiced by the popular Cult of Sublime Transformations. In this ritual a lucky true believer is selected by lottery to undergo rapid mutations that allow him or her to mate with an Exalted One, a highly intelligent species of luminescent and malevolent space octopus that ingests its mate at the moment of conception. The event is always widely televised, as can be seen here from the numerous cameras embedded in the temple wall. The devotee depicted here is especially ecstatic at her fate.

Arkhein said...

Alana is communicating to K'lethgwauk in the creature's native language, which resembles high pitched, agonizing screams. They are discussing quilting techniques.

- Ark

Adam Thornton said...

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," continued to be the philosophy behind the pornographic web site "Creampie Surprise" well into its fourth century of operation. Even as it broadened its interspecies appeal, it wisely refused to modify its original, wildly popular, premise.

Anonymous said...

(written as a caption for "Monster Manual" illustration)

A surprised Pseudo-Siren has unwittingly lured a large Tentacled Crawler into her lair with her illusory display.

Agi - 14 - 20
Cha - 5 - 6 (18)
Int - 5 - 6
Will - 13 - 17
Phys - 12 - 15
Skills - +1 with unarmed attacks, +3 with tail lash, +2 Camouflage
Attacks - treat Tail Lash as a 5 STR bludgeoning weapon
Defense - Treat as having 1 level of natural armor
Special - Illusion Lure (see below)

Pseudo-Sirens are hideous mutations which lure explorers to their deaths with the use of a specialized form of illusionary mimicry. Typically they have the upper body of a female of a humanoid race with the lower body of giant serpent, slug, or worm. Although partially humanoid in appearance these creatures seem to have no formalized intelligence or societal organization. They are solitary hunters and their breeding habits are unknown.
A Pseudo-Siren uses a highly specialized series of globular secretions which appear much like grey vidscreens when inert. When prey is near these faux-screens will begin to broadcast an array of colors, patterns and swirls meant to disorient and attract prey. Those looking at the screens must make a contested Willpower check versus that of the Pseudo-Siren. Creatures with a Magic Level of 14 or greater or skills in illusionary magic get a +3 to this roll. Failing the roll means the victim sees a beautiful member of the opposite sex either trapped, wounded or in distress. Treat this interaction as though they were conversing with an NPC of CHA 18 and INT 18. The trap will seem to answer questions, promise rewards etc.
Once the prey is close enough to Pseudo-Siren will attempt to bludgeon and claw the prey to death with her naturally sharp claws and heavy tail. The tail is wielded much like a scorpion's tail from overhead save it has no stinger and suffices just to bludgeon prey to death. Victims struck by the tail will receive another contested Willpower roll to break out of the siren's spell.

huth said...

"I leave you alone for ONE NIGHT and you smash a hole in my wall of vintage toy record players!"

Craig A. Glesner said...

One of the creepier points of interest is the Neo-Amsterdamn's sewage control station. Somewhere in its past control, which had previously been the function of humans was turned over to a notorious meremaid. She often spends her day screaming at the dire-rats in the lower tunnels for making those annoying skittering sounds.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tentacles was having great fun basking in the murk at the bottom of the pit in his surveillance room, where televisions show him every other pit in the entire megadungeon, but he forgot to pick up owlbear stakes on his way home from work,so now his wife is yelling at him.

airpi said...

Countless robotic life forms gather in remote attendance to the Drama of Flesh. To most robots, bodily form is a thing of purely functional importance. If the body's efficiency might be improved by drastic alteration, it's only natural to do so. The raw terror of an organic undergoing forcible alteration is utterly alien, and to some, entertaining.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

@Redboxvancouver: Stakes or steaks?

Johnstone said...

@C'nor: They have a vampire problem, and normal wood doesn't work.
It's inda like Wordpress doesn't work with OpenID right now.