Monday, January 31, 2011

Basic Hand-held Kirbytech Weapon Generator + Random Techroom Feature

Roll 3d10

1 megaplasmic (heat damage?)
2 gravitonic (increases or decreases mass of target?)
3 tachyon (time effects?)
4 neutronic
5 negadimensional (teleportation effects?)
6 antimatter
7 negasonic (sonic damage?)
8 ionic
9 protonic
10 photon (blinds target?)

1 disruption
2 dispersion (splits target in two?)
3 inhibitor (shuts off/reduces powers/abilities?)
4 neutralizer
5 distortion
6 inversion
7 displacement
8 destructor
9 disintegration
10 annihilation (most powerful weapon?)

1 pistol
2 rifle
3 ray
4 beam
5 mine
6 disc
7 glove
8 grenade
9 gun
10 blaster

All weapons just do energy damage unless the name of the weapon suggests something else. Range (if applicable) is proportional to number shown in 1st d10 roll, damage is proportional to 2nd d10 roll.

In superhero games, weapons have barely any ammo and will run out shortly after the villains drop them.

Random Techroom Feature
1 Water line
2 Door controls
3 Electrical/power conduit
4 Plasma conduit
5 Remote viewer/window to other room
6 Computer terminal
7 Lights
8 Power conduit for other room
9 Ventilation shaft
10 Controls for nearest device in this room or elsewhere
11 Radioactive waste conduit
12 Roll again but feature is huge/major--i.e. a big fat water pipe, conduits for all power in area, etc.


Erin Palette said...

Before some wiseass pipes up to say that anything which shoots protons is essentially ionized, I'd like to suggest that "ionic" means lightning while "protonic" is a particle burst.

Zak Sabbath said...


As far as I'm concerned, all these weapons shoot Kirbydots.

The Drune said...

I've been thinking about ray guns a lot lately...I was thinking kirby dots all the way...or kirby krackle which i suppose is the same thing only more alliterative.

Johnstone said...

Why not break up the first chart into two, so you can have more types of effects? Roll 1d20 for prefix, and 1d20 for suffix. Roll two suffixes for extra gonzo.

1. anti-
2. bio-
3. de-
4. dis-
5. electro-
6. gravi-
7. hydro-
8. inter-
9. io-
10. mega-
11. mento-
12. nega-
13. neutro-
14. photo-
15. proto-
16. re-
17. tachy(o)-
18. tele-
19. vibro-
20. roll twice

1. -dimensional
2. -energy
3. -integrator
4. -laser
5. -matter
6. -mental
7. -metallic
8. -motional
9. -nic
10. -placement
11. -plasmic
12. -portional
13. -sonic
14. -structor
15. -technical
16. -tonic
17. -tortional
18. -tronic
19. -version
20. roll twice

Maybe when you introduce a -fix (for sure after the second time), you have to replace it with a new one. So I roll up a negaplasmic blaster, and I replace nega- with carbo- and I replace -plasmic with -congregational.

Anonymous said...

String theory is based on Kirby dots isn't it?

Very useful. I think I'll take these up to 12 and use them in the ICONS one shot I'll be running.

@Johnstone Love this chart as well. It needs to be slightly modified to make room for Necro- and Caulro- in the prefixes however.

Adam Dickstein said...

Personally I would expand the last chart by a lot. You've got gun, pistol, rifle and blaster listed when you're talking about the man who gave us The Moebius Chair and Silver Surfer's Board, not to mention the Cosmic Cube.

I would rather see...

1. Gun (Pistol, Rifle)
2. Gauntlet (Glove,Fist)
3. Chamber or Pod
4. Helmet or Visor
5. Sled
6. Bomb (Mine, Grenade)
7. Furniture (Chair, Couch, Barcalounger)
8. Shield or Buckler
9. Harness (Girdle - Whatever the hell that flying weapon is that Orion has)
10. Staff (Mace, Club, Flail or Rod, Wand - Kirby Stuff is full of staves).

Zak Sabbath said...


"Basic handheld kirbytech weapon generator"


"Signature device and/or plot mcguffin generator"

Adam Dickstein said...

I know but Kirbytech is so rarely simply a handheld device. That said, only the only 3, 4, 5 and 7 don't work. Everything else is pretty hand held. No?

Zak Sabbath said...


Those things aren't "basic". If somebody shows up with a harness or a girdle or a rod, they are gonna talk about it for 10 panels and the whole comic ends when the human torch steals it away.

This is just for random ephemera.