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Gigacrawler Devices

Here's a page where anyone can list devices and equipment for Gigacrawler, the sci-fi dungeoncrawl game we're making...

Each device has a tech level, if the device's level is higher than a user's tech level, s/he must make a tech level check against the device's level. (d10 + PC tech level vs d10 + device tech level.) Failure indicates the device (1-3) cannot be made to work by that PC until such time as s/he gains new relevant skills that might help him/her use it and can try again or (4-6) malfunctions in some way dangerous to the PC or the item (though the PC may attempt to use it again if s/he survives).

Once a creature gets it to work properly once, assume the device is understood and can be reused properly at will.

If a PC with a low tech level receives a device they are not sure they want to try to use during character creation, they can trade it to another PC or look for someone else to barter with during the game.

Tech Levels

Example of someone at that tech level (example of device they would not have to roll to use/operate/exploit)

1 Weasel (pile of food)
2 Smart Monkey (stick)
3 Primitive human (knife)
4 Medieval human (crossbow)
5 Renaissance to Age of Reason-era human (clock)
6 Steam-era human (film camera)
7 Contemporary Earth Child (Nintendo)
8 Contemporary Earth Adult (Car)
9 Contemporary Earth Adult Techie (Sound-mixing board)
10 Cyberpunk Era Child (cyber-implant)
11 Cyberpunk Era Adult (cyber-reactive vehicle)
12 Cyberpunk Era Techie (combat robot)
13 Blade Runner/Alien/Cyborg Era Child (android pet)
14 Blade Runner/Alien/Cyborg Era Adult (hovercar)
15 Blade Runner/Alien/Cyborg Era Techie (starship)
16 Nanotech/Genetic alteration is common/No space-warships or FTL drives Era Child (low-grav shoes)
17 Nanotech/Genetic alteration is common/No space-warships or FTL drives Era Adult (custom mutation injector)
18 Nanotech/Genetic alteration is common/No space-warships or FTL drives Era Techie (gene resequencing vat)
19-21 Star Wars (Faster-than-light drive)
22-24 Star Trek Federation (Replicator, transporter)
25-27 Alchemical cultures. Technology so advanced human nature/existence becomes fundamentally different in most ways ("Since we acquired the ____ we no longer feel the need to _____")
28-30 Technology and lifeforms merge imperceptibly
31-33 Godlike

If you are creating a character who has pieces of equipment, these will be determined randomly. Until the list is collated and numbered, you can count the results below and use this to randomize which devices your PC owns.

All PCs are assumed to start the game with a backpack or sack and the kind of clothes you might wear if you lived in the future and only saw a mirror once every 3 weeks.

Prices are not listed, as the Gigastructure mostly operates by barter. The universe has no common currency. Cultures which do use currency may or may not value the same sorts of items as PCs, depending on species' survival requirements, so prices vary wildly.

Things to remember when creating devices:

-New PCs will roll randomly on this list for equipment

-Armor class points are roughly scaled to match The Role Playing Game That Is Mentioned In The Title of This Blog, so if something offers the protection of leather, that's 2 points of armor, if something offers the protection of plate that's 7

-Blunt weapons and the like do current physique + (whatever) damage. Most other weapons just have their own weapon strength. I've tried to provide some guidelines in the examples below.

-Please do not forget to include a tech level.
It saves work for me, and the less work for me, the happier I am to continue this project.

Devices and equipment:

1. Distortion grenade: creates a 15' diameter sphere of energy that wildly distorts all magic effects within it. Range: It can be thrown current physique x 3 feet. Tech level: 25

2. 20th century automatic pistol. Range: (d4+1)x10 yards (roll when weapon is acquired, then that's what the range is from then on). Weapon strength: 10. Holds 10 +d10 shells. Comes with 3d10 shells. Tech level: 8

3. Hunting knife. Weapon strength: 7. Tech level: 3

4. Low grav shoes. Allow the wearer to hover up to 2 feet off the floor even in ordinary-gravity locations. Adds +2 to dodging and any other activities that might logically be aided by such devices. Tech level: 16

5. Anti-Logic grenade. Creates a 15' diameter null-logic zone. Any action attempted in the zone has only a d100% chance of occurring. Other irrational effects are possible at GMs discretion. It can be thrown current physique X 3 feet. Tech level: 26

6. d6 gallons of water. Sounds lame, I know, but in a day or two you'll find you're the most popular member of the party. Sleep with one eye open. Tech level: 1

7. Bulletproof jacket. 4 points of armor. Tech level: 4 (I know, flak jackets weren't made in the middle ages but a medieval person would know what to do with one)

8. Entropic field generator. Device the size of a hockey puck. Provides variable d12 points of armor (roll every round). Tech level: 16

9. Food! "Che Oyardee Aghetti O's" or whatever it says. Anyway, point is it's good. Well it's ok. Well it's d4+1 days worth of food, which makes you king around here. Tech level: 1

10. Baseball bat. Weapon strength: Current physique + 2. Tech level: 2

11. Witch Box. This alchemical device can absorb one spell (spell does not take effect or ceases to take effect--this can be done even if it's not the user's turn during combat), which the user can then release any time later at will. Re-released spells are cast as if at a magic level of 17 (roll success or failure as normal). The box is destroyed after the spell is released. Box is the size of a Rubik's cube. Tech level: 20. (Despite being the product of a level 25 culture, it is designed to be relatively easy to use)


Gonster said...

Vomit Stick -- A stick that, when it strikes the opponent, forces them to vomit and do nothing else for 1d3 rounds. Tech Level 10 (though it could be 9)

Zak Sabbath said...

How big is it?

Jasper Gein said...

Sturdy boots: Durable footwear made of leather reinforced with metal, and rubber soles. Protects against floor based environmental hazards. Tech level: 2

1d6 days worth of food made for a different species. Can be made edible with a with a DC 10 chemistry check. Tech level: 1

Modded chrysalis cannon. A high caliber gun that fires large fragments of exploding chrystals found in certain gas giants. Has been jury rigged to fire pieces of rock, steel or basically anything handy. Weapon strength: 15 with chrystal ammo, 5 with junk ammo. The proper ammunition is not included and next to impossible to find, but can be created in a well-stocked chemistry lab (which when i think about it is also kinda hard to find). Tech level: 9

1d10 rounds of ammunition. 10% chance it can be used with any weapon the PC has. Tech level: same as weapon

1d6 of a highly addictive combat drug with a complex delivery system. Gives the user a 1d4+2 bonus to physique for 2d10 minutes, but with a cumulative 10% chance of addiction each time it is imbibed. Withdrawal symptoms are represented by a 1d4 loss of physique each day (which can be healed normally) until the character can make a physique check against a difficulty of 10. Tech level: 6

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

"9. Food! "Che Oyardee Aghetti O's" or whatever it says. Anyway, point is it's good. Well it's ok. Well it's d4+1 days worth of food, which makes you king around here. Tech level: 1"

The can opener on the other hand is tech level six. Until then it's just deadweight.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

20. A can opener. Roll d6, with a 1-2 indicating that it is improvised, a 3-4 that it is damaged (50% chance of breaking whenever it is used. If it breaks, roll d20, with a 1-5 showing that the can was opened before it broke.), and a 5-6 that it is a standard, modern can opener. Tech level 6.

21. Powered Scout Armor. Has an armor rating of 5 against energy weapons, and a rating of 7 against those weapons which do not have an energetic component (bullets, swords, etc.). Adds 5 points to Physique. Tech level 18 [The muscle connections are hard to figure out.]

22. Laser pistol, Markith Type V. The Markith corporation has a major presence in many quadrants. The Markith Type V pistol has 6 beam colors possible (roll d6 to see which a specific one is). Any clothing, armor, etc. of the same armor is treated as having double its effective AR, or triple for reflective armor. Has a weapon strength of 25, or 10 against reflective armor. Tech level 17.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

23. "My First" Chemistry Set - Tech Level 5, 1d10 uses left for basic chemistry applications (making weak acids and bases, changing color of water, making foam, etc.). 1% chance of manual in box written in ancient human tongue.

24. "My First" Electronic Circuit Board - Tech Level 9. Used to create basic electronic circuits (adding, subtracting, ringing a bell, clock, radio transmitter and receiver, producing noise through a speaker, logic gates, etc.). 1% chance of manual in box written in ancient human tongue. Requires batteries or some other low voltage power source.

Jamie said...

25. Hand Welder. Like in Aliens, you can use this to seal metal or metallic doors in 1d6 rounds. Breaking the door down requires a Physique check with a high result. Tech Level 8.

26. Hive Grenade. An organic bomb filled with genetically modified hornets. When the hive breaks, the hornets spread out in a 10 meter radius and attack anyone who enters the zone. After 1d6 rounds, the hornets explode in a burst of acidic venom. It can be thrown Physique X 3 feet. Weapon Strength: 5/turn, 10 after 1d6 rounds. Tech Level: 14

27. Compass. Generally useless for finding what direction North is (if there even is a North), this ancient compass can be used to detect strong magnetic fields. Tech Level: 5

28. Shotgun. Range d4x10 yards. Weapon Strength: 13. Holds 1d8+1 shells. Comes with 3d10 shells. Tech Level 8.

Chris Lowrance said...

25. Quantum-Industrial Labs "Imploder X-9Z." A purse-sized handgun that instigates a split-second mini-black hole 3 inches past the first hard surface the beam hits. After 6 shots the IMP goes into internal heat-death, blinks purple for a minute and a half then sets off an enthropic explosion of strength 15 within 20 feet. STRENGTH: 20, ignores armor thinner than 3 inches. TECH LEVEL: 8 just to point and fire (it looks and functions like a Nerf gun). 23 to recognize and prevent heat-death. 26 to rearm afterwards.

Chris Lowrance said...

Er, 29.

thekelvingreen said...

The Uncertainty Safe is a lidded box which only exists -- contents included -- when it is not perceived. Tech Level: 5 to grasp the concept, 25 to operate.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Addendum to Markith V: Range d20X10 yards.

29. Gauss Rifle, Selidar. Weapon strength: 10 for pellets (30 against unarmored opponents), 20 for "bullets". Holds d20X10 pellets, and 1d6 "bullets" which are actually pointed steel ovoids. Pellets fire in clusters of ten, "bullets" singly. Range for pellets is 50 yards, range for "bullets" is 150 yards.

Zak Sabbath said...


I would suggest these mega-weapons have an extremely limited/unreliable power source. Also: the gauss rifle needs a tech level.

Chris Lowrance said...

Addendum to #29 (my 29, the Imp): Range - 20 feet. It will go much farther but is completely impossible to aim past that - it wanders like a musket ball.

31: Sonic Toothbrush: Not a contemporary one, but the model that comes after. Tech level 11 to clean your teeth or other delicate items without paste, soap or water (which makes it a very useful item, if you think about it). Tech level 8 to break glass, ruin Tech 12 and lower stuff or make someone shit themselves.

Anonymous said...




Chris Lowrance said...

32: Bottle containing month's worth of anti-psychotic meds. If taken regularly by an Unstable, they will give a bonus to the roll against going crazy *only during the period of time they are taken*. [I'm overlooking the full mechanic for Unstables if it's there, or I'd be more specific]

Zak Sabbath said...

A month? D20 days.

Jasper Gein said...

Suggestion for new rule: For the superpowered ultra-weapons some people(including me) are posting, we could slap on an "unstable" tag. Unstable weapons have a chance to malfunction on a to hit roll of 1. The player makes a tech level check as if trying to activate then item for the first time, but at -5. Failing has the same effects as failing to activate the weapon, meaning it could be destroyed, it could do horrible things to the wielder, or it could simply stop functioning until the player can activate it again.

Or should it be worse?

Zak Sabbath said...



Zak Sabbath said...


I feel like that's ok, though I hesitate to introduce a term that a player has to look up that's not located int he device description.

The main vibe should be: rather than a D&D-style ascending-power curve, PCs in Giga should be "sometimes up, sometimes down"--i.e. powerful things should above all be temporary blessings. Power source and instability do this.

Menace 3 Society said...

Black hole jian (TL 25): This appears to be a normal tai chi/kung fu sword of sturdy construction. However, the blade is not sharp. Instead, each edge is actually doubled with a groove in between. These each edges each exhibit a unidirectional, short range gravitational force equal to that of a large black hole; normally they cancel each other out but in the area just between them, where the single edge of a normal sword would be, they pull against each other, giving the sword the power to cut, cleanly and effortlessly, virtually any material, including neutronium.

To simulate this, when rolling to hit, ignore the effects of armor, shield and parrying items, and most types of force fields. If the roll misses, an agility roll is required to avoid hitting something: cutting a hole in the floor, severing a pipe, hitting the wrong person if nearby, etc. On a critical failure, wielder either (1-3) loses control of the weapon and something on the battlefield gets slashed as a failure except it could anything/anyone within the character's throwing range, or (4-6) loses a body part unless dex save is made.

Halve the value of any die roll to parry with this weapon due to the risks of using a fragile and incredibly sharp weapon in this way (it can break, or it can intercept the blow with the cutting edge, slicing off the business end and allowing it to continue on to the wielder's face unhindered).

Jasper Gein said...

I see the point. Instability rules in the item descriptions also means not all items behave alike when they explode.

Revamped chrysalis cannon: A high caliber gun that fires large fragments of exploding chrystals. Has been jury rigged to fire pieces of rock, steel or basically anything handy. Weapon strength: 15 with chrystal ammo, 5 with junk ammo. The proper ammunition is not included and next to impossible to find, but can be created in a well-stocked chemistry lab. When loaded with chrystal ammo and the player rolls a 1 to hit, the player has to make a tech level check as if to activate the cannon for the first time, but with a -5 to tech level. Failure has the same effects as failing to activate the item. Tech level: 9

thekelvingreen said...

Kirbyforks resemble small tuning forks made of a blueish metal. If the frequency of the fork when struck (roll 1d8 when acquired) against an object matches that of said object (roll 1d8), the object falls apart at a molecular level. Tech Level: 25

Jasper Gein said...

Carton of cigarettes, contains 1d10 packs. A pack lasts 1 day. Smoking gives a +1 to willpower and a -1 to physique. Withdrawal symptoms impose a -1 to willpower and physique, but cigarettes are generally to few an far between for anyone in the GS to become addicted. Tech level: 4 (requires a fire source)

Lighter. Creates fire. Can be used 50 times before gas runs out. Often have gaudy pictures on them. Tech level: 6

Holo-disc. A small device used to record and play back holographic messages. Can hold up to 1 minute of data. If found (and not rolled randomly at character creation) it contains information of interest, locations of resources or clues to the current plot on a roll of 4-6. Tech level: 10

Electro-whip: A long and flexible weapon made of lots of thin wires and chains, with a rechargable battery in the rubber handle. Uses the attackers physique -2, but if it damages the target it is stunned for 1d3 rounds. On a critical failure the attacker is stunned instead, but takes no damage. Tech level: 8

Hivelauncher: A rifle with a ridiculously large chamber near the handle. Inside the chamber lives a colony of flesh-boring insects. The weapon uses the insects as ammunition, firing clusters onto its targets that immediately start digging into its flesh. The weapon can fire 5 times before the colony is too weakened. After this it takes 1d3 days for enough new insects to hatch so the weapon can be used again(a safety mechanism prevents the shooter from ejecting too many bugs and killing the colony). The hivelauncer must be fed meat each few days for the bugs to keep reproducing. If the bugs are not fed, they find their way out of the gun and attack the owner after 3 days. Weapon strength 16, only works on organic targets. Tech level: 9

Adam Thornton said...

Wang Tiles: self-assembling nanobot wound-closure/healing structures. A sealed plastic pouch contains a single application's worth. Application acts as Cure Serious Wounds or equivalent. TL 23.

Called Wang Tiles *not* because you can only apply them to male genitalia, but because they are actually 13 different healing components, which fit together to form an aperiodic tessellation as large as needed. Strangely, they're colored just like the ones show here.


Obviously, creatures with significant Wang Tile reconstruction are visually rather distinctive.

mordicai said...

Radio Playdate.

Uses lingering information to randomly generate a companion for a child. This companion will ALWAYS treat the summoner as if they were a tween. Take any d4 tags from the nearest Tech Level 7 or better cultures, or any Tech Level 7 culture that has existed recently in terms of chronology-- that is, if there are H.R. Giger lizardfolk yonder, Jack Kirby'd viral intelligences nearby, & you are in the ruins of a once-great unicorn empire, any of those tags would be available for the Play Date. The Play Date creature serves loyally & can access any information in the radio waves/WiFi/Grid/Matrix/Holosphere/etc, but will filter that info as though speaking to a tween. Physically, without being activated, the object resembles one of the robot-aliens from "Batteries Not Included."

(Tech Level 13)

Zak Sabbath said...


You guys rock.

thekelvingreen said...

Snowglobe. What is snow? Tech Level: 2-3

Zak Sabbath said...

...and what is a "Green Bay, Wisconsin"?

Menace 3 Society said...

Rail Gun, 20th c. (TL 6): A large artillery piece mounted on railway car. Can go anywhere there is an intact railway, has a range of about 30km and explodes on a hit for boatloads of damage. Maybe like 8d8, going down by half for every full 5m further the point of impact, agility save also halves. Since not all railroads are the same size, shifting from one set of rails to another requires a Tech roll vs 10 difficulty to make the necessary changes.

Rail gun, scifi (TL 11 ): uses a moving electrically induced magnetic field to project a piece of metal really far and really fast. Does d10+10 damage (possible to survive but not likely). Range is 1000m for portable human-scaled one, 10km for tank-scale, 100km for spaceship-scale. Requires enormous amount of power to use.

Taser™ (TL 8): range 1m, does 2d4 damage, and living things whose current physique is now below twice amount rolled on the damage roll are now unconscious. +1 damage for small creatures, -1 damage for large. Robots and things are not stunned but take triple damage.

E-Z Bake Oven (TL 7): Produces delicious and highly delectable bake-goods deserts in 3d12 minutes. You must have a recipe and ingredients in order to make things however (not included). Random recipe: roll d20 three times on the table below:

1. cup water
2. cup milk
3. cup cream
4. stick butter
5. block cheese
6. bird's egg
7. cup flour
8. cup sugar
9. block chocolate
10. powder chocolate
11. tbsp confiture/jam
12. tbsp ground coffee
13. tsp vanilla
14. tsp
15. tsp salt
16. cup chopped nuts
17. tbsp peanut butter
18. roll again and add 10 (stacks)
19. roll again twice (stacks)
20. roll again twice and 5
21. cup honey
22. cup molasses
23. cup maple syrup
24. cup brown sugar
25. tsp baking powder
26. tsp baking soda
27. cup wine
28. cup brandy
29. cup bread crumbs
30. roll again twice and add 15
31. snake's egg
32. tbsp aloe vera
... etc.

Quality chart (2d6, with bonus for relevant xenobiology/culinary skills):
2 or lower: sickeningly awful, hatred
3: unpleasant and virtually inedible, angry
4-5: unsatisfactory, not angry but won't try again
6-8: satisfactory, well-disposed enough for repeat/sustained demand
9-11: good, friendly and creating buzz
12-14: great, bowled over by quality and enthusiastic friends
15+: astonishing, effects unpredictable (start a religion, insane addiction, etc)

Reasonable substitutions can be made but require a roll on the substitution table:
1: Makes it really bad: -5 to reaction roll
2: Noticeably worse: -2 to reaction roll
3: Imperceptibly off: -1 to reaction roll
4: Perfect substitute: no adjustment
5: Slightly better: +1 to reaction roll
6: Discovery! +3 to reaction roll

Anonymous said...

uh, my bad. whole bunch of posts since the original. here's a repost in its entirety. sorry for cluttering up the thread!

32. Lollipop Mace.
A large mace with a color-and-white-swirl spherical head. Reach of 5'.

On a critical to-hit failure, the handle bends. Until the handle is repaired, the mace is unusable in combat.

Eating the mace takes 2d6 hours of labor, and provides one meal of nutrition.

Weapon Strength: Current Physique + 1
Tech level: 3 to attack, 4 to eat.

mordicai said...

Von Neumann Evangelist.

The Von Neumann Evangelist is quite capable of doing almost anything-- it is, in effect, a genie in a bottle. Any wish that a Tech Level 22 culture could grant is possible, & takes a number of hours to fulfill equal to the requested tech level x 1d4.

The Von Neumann Evangelist, however, seeks to copy itself as cheaply as possible-- into other sentient creatures. Any attempt to use the machine MUST be accompanied by a Tech Level roll. A dramatic failure results in a new technological "Alteration" & a geas being laid on the character as they are...colonized by the device.

After three successful uses, the VNE will become frustrated with the user, & depart. After three dramatic failures, the player will be fully converted into a servant of the VNE, & become an NPC.

The Von Neumann Evangelist is an engimatic machine the size of a soda vending machine. (Tech Level 18)

Zak Sabbath said...


I like the taser mechanic.

I feel you should add a few more tangible survival benefits to the oven so that prepared food offers some significant advantage over raw food even if there are no NPCs to impress.

thekelvingreen said...

The Folding Steel Chair is quite handy for a rest after a long day spent traversing the gigastructure. Tech Level: 5

It can also be handy in a fight. Weapon Strength: Physique +2. Tech Level: 2


Vid Cubes are a small -- about 6cm per edge -- plastic objects which contain a length of video footage, including sound. When the cube is picked up by a warm-blooded creature -- about 31°C is enough -- this footage is displayed on all six faces of the cube. The footage plays to the end, unless the cube is destroyed. The cube seems to have no known power source.

Zak Sabbath said...


no problem--thanks for being conscientious

thekelvingreen said...

Oops, Vid Cubes are Tech Level 23.

Adam Thornton said...

No Choice

This TL32 device is a small black box, about the size of a paperback novel, with a single toggle switch on it. This switch has two positions: "ZF" and "ZFC". It's 50/50 which one is selected when it's found.

Flipping that switch toggles whether the Axiom of Choice is true in a radius of 1d10000 ( d8: 1 - Planck lengths ; 2; electron diameters ; 3 - attometers ; 4 - microns ; 4 - yards ; 5 - miles ; 6 - light-seconds ; 7 - parsecs ; 8 - teraparsecs )

It does not perturb the other axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory. You need the TL 33 version for that.

Whether or not engaging the device has any observable effect is left as an exercise for the logicians and set-theorists.

squidman said...

Ceramic Plate Armor - this is a highly advanced plate armor created from ceramic components. It gives an armor class of 9 to anyone who's inside and and Base Physique bonus +2 for attacks made with blunt weapons and other task that really on applying strength (breaking, bending stuff etc.). The armor runs on battery which can power the armor for d6 hours. If not powered, the armor can only be worn by humanoids with Base Physique of 14 and grants a -4 modifier to all Physique and Dexterity checks. Tech Level: 4 ( not powered), 10 (to turn on and operate properly)

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

And addendum to Gauss rifle: Roll to determine polarity of magnetic field used, and the polarity of any ammunition. Opposite polarity ammunition will not fire. Tech level 20. Unstable. Also, if there is a strong magnetic field in the target area, to hit is 50% of what it would otherwise be. If there is magnetic field of the same polarity (as that pushing them) in the area that the rifle is in, it will explode dealing 1d20 damage in 10 feet, and propelling ammunition everywhere - roll as though all pellets/"bullets" currently in the weapon, were fired out from the location of the former weapon. If the magnetic field is of the opposite polarity, it will simply not work. Repeated attempts to fire under these condition will burn out the field generators (check against tech level 25 to repair). In addition power supplies for the Gauss Rifle are extremely rare - 1% chance that they will be useful if a spare is found.

Adam Thornton said...


Another TL32 artifact, much the same as "No Choice", but the two positions are "Free Will" and "Predestination".

From a game-mechanical standpoint, what this means is that the GM will need a big stack of pre-written-down die rolls (so, you know, prepare ahead of time, and print out about 10 pages' worth of spreadsheet with random cells representing various die rolls). If the switch is in "Predestination", rather than rolling a die, read the next entry down in the appropriate die size column, and then black it out. With Sharpie. The Moving Finger, Having Writ, Moves On.

Toggling the switch means you go back to using die rolls again.

Jamie said...

Catheter Converter. A small biotechnological device with a reservoir about the size of a 3-liter bottle. When connected, it converts your urine into somewhat potable water that only other people can drink. If you drink your own converted water, you immediately lose 3 Physique from illness. No one knows why. Tech Level 11.

squidman said...

Nanon Yogurt - a small bottle of yogurt created by Nanon company, the bottle says "Contains Real Nanobot Cultures" The liquid in the bottle contains protein nanobots programmed to heal humans. After a person drinks the yogurt, the nanobots search for diseases and damages in the organism, boosting the natural processes and healing the person. One bottle of yogurt speeds healing from wounds by 3 times for one day, or cures one disease (the nanobots dissovle after 24 hours). However, if the Nanon yogurt is out-of date (50% chance, or dm's discretion) or wasn't properly stored, the following may happen:

1 - the nanobots have dissolved long time ago, it tastes horrible;

2 - the nanobots recognize and old scar as an improperly healed tissue - d12 damage over the next 24 hours, or until the person drinks a bottle of highly alcoholic drink;

3 - the nanobots try to fix the dna of some randomly determined body part/tissue, roll on mutations chart;

4 - the nanobots have evolved into a parasitic para-society. grant you a +1 to ability checks, but will start giving you one wound of d4 damage per day, if you don't ingest enough protein everyday;

5 - the nanobots target your dna and stuff goes seriously wrong. you get cancer;

6- the nanobots have evolved and the yogurt has twice it's normal healing potency;

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Malfunctioning Mutation Injector: If handled it will inject a massive dose of mutagens into the character, giving them 2d6 random mutations.

squidman said...

I forgot the Tech Level for Nanon Yogurt: 17 to know how it works, if you just want to drink it it's 2.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Whoops! MMI: Tech level 15 to activate, Tech level 20 to repair, Tech level 17 to set after repairing.

Zak Sabbath said...

On cute devices: funny's good, but be careful: Paranoia XP already exists, we don't need to clone it. There should be a balance.

thekelvingreen said...

Chainsaw. Weapon Strength: 15. Tech Level: 8.
When acquired, roll 1d10:
1-2: Full tank of fuel. Can be used 10 times.
3-9: Partial tank of fuel. Can be used 1d10 times.
0: Uses another source of power. There is a 50% chance that this power source is inexhaustible.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Tutu: +5 to Dance (Ballet) checks.

C94: A powerful wall/floor mounted explosive. Deals 8d20 (50 feet straight ahead, extending through walls and leaving a big hole), points of damage to whatever surface it is attached to, and 2d8 damage to all else within 10 feet.

thekelvingreen said...

Attack Dog: ACIWP: 12-06-04-06-12; Bite (Weapon Strength: 8). The owner must succeed at an opposed Willpower roll to make the dog obey an instruction; if the dog wins, it is distracted by something, and if the dog rolls a 10, it turns on its owner, runs off into the gigastructure, or expresses its disobedience in some other similar fashion. Tech Level: 3

thekelvingreen said...

Oh, I had forgotten that this was a skill-based game. As such, appropriate animal training/zoology/psychology type skills may give a bonus to the Willpower roll.

Zak Sabbath said...


The preferred order of stats is CAMP WIT or, for homophobic players, CAT WIMP.

mordicai said...

Six pack of canned champagne. What horrible, terrifying, wonderful geniuses the ancients were. TL 2.

Anonymous said...

Gigamortis Grenade: drastic implosive device that leaves an area of 20' radius in a state of temporal paralysis for 1d6 rounds. Range: It can be thrown current physique x 3 feet. Tech level: 23

Solipsismic Coccoon: a psychweave anti-trauma bag that when zipped up creates a feeling that the person's thoughts are the only thing that exists. 2d6 for effects when unzipped: 2-3 Catatonia for 1d4 hours, 4-9 Zen-like calm (+1d4 bonus to willpower for 1d4 hours), 10-12 Psychosis - attacks nearest beings for 1d4 rounds. Tech Level 22.

Zak Sabbath said...

Goggles. Roll for stats: d20 minus 10. Positive results indicate yards of night vision, negative results indicate points of bright burst protection (add to agility checks to avoid being blinded.) A result of zero indicates they're just sunglasses. TL 5

thekelvingreen said...

Ah. Right then. Amend that to CAMPWIT: 06-12-01-12-06-04-01 in that case.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

[67] Brainduller: Save versus mind control or be forced to format tables of things for d4 hours. When the effect ends roll for results as a Solipsismic Coccoon. Tech level 4 [designed for ease of use, if not formatting.]


This is related to the fact that I have all of the random equipment thus far set up formatted. Let me know if you want the table. Also where are the M and the T from in your response to kelvingreen?

Zak Sabbath said...

Alternate universe technology.

You receive a device from another game, stats must be accessible and convertible to Gigastats in the next 3 minutes. Roll d6: 1-2 player picks (subject to GM approval) 2-5 GM picks 6 randomly determined other player picks (subject to GM approval)

The device must be:
-something a starting character in the other game might possess.
-something with no equivalent on this list
-smaller than a breadbox.

Zak Sabbath said...

Magic level and
Tech level

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Oh... I'm an idiot. Magic and Tech. In my defense I barely made my save against coma after coming out of the brainduller.

Zak Sabbath said...


Your alacrity, enthusiasm and work ethic will be highly prized when all these lists are more finished and we need volunteers to organize it.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

And you post before me. Argh...

Zak Sabbath said...

Coldbringer Grenade

Creates an electromagnetic pulse in a 7 foot diameter sphere. Devices must make a tech level check against a level 22 attack. (device tech level + d10 vs. 22 + d10) or shut down for a number of rounds equal to the number of points of failure. Can be thrown current physique x 3 feet. TL: 16.

Zak Sabbath said...


Reliable, easy to use, requires no external power source or chemical propellant. Very popular.

Weapon strength: 8 TL: 4
Comes with d10 + 10 ordinary bolts and 10 "delivery" bolts which can be used to launch small vials of various substances at foes.

Effective Range: agility x 10 feet ordinary ammo
60 feet "delivery" ammo.

Anonymous said...

Piranesi Pod: a black sarcophagus for incarcerating one humanoid. The capsule attends to their bodily functions while the occupant imagines they are in a sprawling monochrome prison of monumental architecture and gothic machinery. One day in the pod feels like one year in the prisoner's mind. Tech Level: 24

Menace 3 Society said...

Thanks! The idea behind the oven is that delicious food, rather than having quantifiable effects, makes people happy and promotes social bonding. Nobody makes brownies because they need X grams of chocolate per day, they do it to please themselves or others (or have a bake sale to buy a bomber, which amounts to the same thing). PCs would make cupcakes to give to NPCs as a cajolement, or like the idea of making snake's-egg tiramisu, or just have a recipe as an excuse to get involved in madcap adventures (the only place for 600km where you can find maple syrup is the larder of the pirate king!), that sort of thing.

Name tag (TL 5): The wearer of this badge gets a +3 to all bluff or persuasion type rolls that involve being a member of a particular group or having a particular affiliation, provided he or she can remember to go by the name on the badge (intelligence roll vs. difficulty 12). There's also a high-tech version (TL 11) that can change the affiliation it identifies (but not the name).

Plutonium Pacemaker (TL 9 to install/remove): Someone with one of these will never automatically die as a result of having 0 current physique--failed base physique rolls simply result in 1d6 more damage to current physique, sending it into the negatives. However, an enemy can still take a free round and kill the character for good, the character can still die from botched first aid rolls, and does not regain consciousness until brought up to at least +1 hit points.

Condom (TL 7?): +10 to saves against social diseases, and eliminates possibility automatic failures (if applicable?) except for herpes. -12 for rolls to reproduce. Use on nonhumans requires a relevant skill (xenobiology, prostitution for alien clients, etc) to get the bonus, no additional roll necessary.

Zak Sabbath said...


I didn't post that comment because I failed to grasp the intent what you did, I posted it because I feel like you might profitably extend the usefulness of your device. Or, to put it another way: I meant what I said the first time.

Gonster said...

@ Zak

The vomit stick is a black 12" long bat with two metal rings that hover over the end of it. It runs out of power after 2d10 uses and the rings disappear.

Chris Lowrance said...

@zak RE: anti-psychotics - Sure.

Field Surgeon's Kit: Is what it sounds like. What's important is the tech level. Note this isn't potions, spells or nanobots (which are pretty much potions). These are things that heal trauma the old fashioned way, but with different levels of tool.

1. Rusty hobby knife, hacksaw, needle, thread, super glue, cheap whiskey, rags in a zip-lock bag. Subtract 1 from medical difficulty role. Tech 3.

2: Actual scalpels, bone saw, wipes, gauze, medical needles and thread, used syringes, enough heroin to get someone through an amputation without dying of shock, in a toolbox. Minus 2 from role, Tech 8.

3: Laser-scalpel, sterilization wand, endorphin brainstem-injector, synthetic scars, in a vacuum-proof case. Minus 4, Tech 12.

4: Football-sized creature that will crawl into the orifice giving it best access, carefully chew the rest of the way, fix the problem and seal the wounds with its sticky excrement (made up of your own biological material) on the way out. Skin excretes a numbing agent - still unpleasant. Will starve if it doesn't perform surgery often enough. Minus 6 from difficulty, Tech 17 (requires supervision, isn't always correct)

5: MASH-MOB - Small box that contains the enslaved spirits of a collection of surgeons that died at war. These gore-soaked phantoms will operate on the owner to the best of their skill, then vanish. Minus 6, but a failure means the ghosts heal you but, in a vindictive rage, mutilate you in an interesting way at the DM's discretion and will do so every time hence forth. Tech level 2 since you only have to press a button.

Jamie said...

Oxygen Bar. This white chocolate-looking food bar is actually made of solidified oxygen. Eating a piece (there are 4 of them) can provide you with enough oxygen to hold your breath comfortably for an hour. Tech Level 2.

Mule. Any variety of small remote controlled all-terrain hauler. 400 lb. carrying capacity. Has 1d4/4 of a tank of fuel or remaining battery charge. Can take up to 25 points of damage before being rendered immobile until repaired. Tech Level 9 (maybe 7?)

Anonymous said...

A normal locker lock. Pickable.

d6-1 of the combination digits are still visible on the back. The rest are scratched up, etc. Solving the lock takes longer for each missing digit (10 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month).

Unless the character has a way to write down the combination, they must memorize it or re-solve it.
Tech level: 7

Suggestions welcome.

Zak Sabbath said...

Glass Bola

(PC receives d4 of these.)
Three relatively sturdy glass spheres (baseball sized) usuallyy filled with corrosive acid connected by a three-way wire or cord. A successful hit requires the target to make a second agility v. agility test to avoid falling. If they do, they are entangled and the acid attacks with a strength of 7. The bola is useless once thrown.

It is possible to drain the spheres and fill them with other substances before throwing. Tech level: 3

Zak Sabbath said...

(A successful second agility roll indicates the target is entangled but unhurt. Target may disentangle him/her/itself in one round.)

Adam said...

Spider Harness:

The enclosed, unpredictable and ruined terrain of the Gigastructure has encouraged engineers to think creatively about the question of transportation. Unsurprisingly many tech level 12 communities have reached the same conclusion: 4 extendible legs that can stick to walls are better than two which can’t, hence the parallel evolution of the spider harness across the incalculable vastness of the Gigastruture. The spider harness is the car of the Gigastructure’s tech level 12 inhabitants: if an individual has transportation at all, which she probably doesn’t, but if she does, it’ll probably be in the form of spider-harnesses. Think Doctor Octopus, but less weaponised.

Spider harnesses are Tech Level 12 or 13, usually robotic, sometimes biological, and operated cybernetically. Harnesses confer a +5 Agility bonus, quintuple movement, extend the wearer’s reach by 3 metres, and allow them to stick to most walls and ceilings. A harness with fresh batteries and a full charge will run for D6+2 days, with batteries losing reliability at a rate of -1 day every two months if used regularly. Some biological harnesses (Tech Level 13) don’t need batteries but do require food, and are capable of healing mild damage. Spider harnesses of all stripes have been known to terrify arachnophobes.

Wearers need the Spider Harness Operation skill to operate a spider harness.

mordicai said...

Polearm for tripping.

Weapon strength: Current physique + 3.

On a successful hit, the user can chose not to deal damage but rather to trip their opponent, who falls prone.

Tech level: 4

Adam said...

Someone should probably do cars 'n' bikes 'n' stuff.

Zak Sabbath said...

I wouldn't say its a priority--the whole game takes place inside.

Chris Lowrance said...

Yeah, I'm assuming when characters aren't hoofing it, the only way to cover any significant distance is unreliable one-way-only stuff like we've been listing. I don't even see much point in starships.

mordicai said...

Flint Lock Rifle.

Range: (d4+1)x10 yards (roll each time). Weapon strength: 10.

Must be reloaded each time, which takes one action. On the plus side, ammo can be made by melting metal into a mold & gunpowder can be manufactured alchemically.

Tech level: 6


Range: (d4+1)x10 yards (roll each time). Weapon strength: 7. Can be used to hit two enemies, if they are adjacent.

Must be reloaded each time, which takes one action. On the plus side, ammo can be scavenged from nearly anything & gunpowder can be manufactured alchemically.

Tech level: 6

mordicai said...

Embalming kit.

Syringes & tourniquets & strange chemicals as well as a variety of scalpels & hooks. Adds a +2 to any embalming check, & a +1 to any medicine or torture check.

Tech level 5.

mordicai said...

Oh, I just saw that @Chris Lowrance had medical kits...BUT that raises a question. Do items provide bonuses, or lower difficulties? That is, are we interested in having a general rule of thumb, or is the baroque complexity part of the fun?

mordicai said...

Ceremonial Kukri/Headsman's Axe/Executioner's Sword.

A huge, slow weapon. Weapon strength: Current physique + 11. Deals double damage against very slow targets-- zombies, lumbering ents, etc. -1 to AC as the weapon unbalances you.

Tech level: 6

Adam said...


A common, if usually illegal feature of Tech Level 14 shopping malls, the glamourizer is designed to subtly increase or decrease the attractiveness of anything that comes into its area of influence, thereby allowing shop keepers a degree of control over their customers’ self esteem and the desirability of their products. In effect an ultra-sophisticated omni-directional holographic projector, on a positive setting the glamorizer smooths away wrinkles, adds sparkle to teeth, shine to hair, and a glint to the eye. Negative settings go the opposite way, accentuating unattractiveness. But that’s not all, the glamorizer’s effects also extend to inanimate objects, in fact everything within its field will look newer, brighter and just a whole load nicer (or the converse).

The glamorizer’s area of effect can normally be set to wide or narrow as required, with narrow fields encompassing the average hand held device, and wide fields taking in an area of up to 100 square foot. It should be noted that wider field settings invariably demand considerably more power, a problem when you’re relying on batteries, less so if power outlets are available.

Glamorizers add up to +5/-5 to the Charisma of anything within its area of effect.

Glamourizers can also be hacked to produce specific, if subtle holographic effects by those with the requisite tech skills.

Backpack bike:

A bike that folds up neatly into a relatively light backpack. Quadruples movement over suitable terrain. Tech Level 8

Chris Lowrance said...


I just tossed up the best mechanic I could think of, knowing Zak will shoot it down if he doesn't like it. But unless he does so, I'd just assume the intention of the kits accounts for the subtly different mechanic.

Chris Lowrance said...

Ghetto-Blaster: Comically large boombox with a collection of mix-tapes. 1d4: Late 80's rap, obscure Northern European metal, Ramones-sphere punk or Sex Pistols-sphere punk. TECH: 7

e-Moto: Gumball-sized ovoid. Holding it in one's mouth grants access to a quark-storage universal library of aural entertainment. If swallowed, it becomes uncontrollable and will drive the user insane before it can be excreted. TECH 24.

Chris Lowrance said...

Addendum: The e-Moto can be sucked on for like, TECH 2. You just can't control what you hear unless you can delicately manipulate how much saliva comes in contact with it and where. This means you might get a "song" from a part of the universal library that's damaging to human minds.

mordicai said...

@Chris LowranceL: Sure, I like the "mini-game" of mechanics, but when it comes to a bonus to roll/penalty to difficulty, it amounts to the same thing, mechanically. If it were me as the head designer, I'd want it to be (for example) ALL bonuses, to avoid headaches.

Adam said...

Portable Power Generator (Fusion):

Tech Level 14. While lower tech level portable power generators can of course be found within the Gigastructure, most of them are too large, fuel hungry and inefficient to be of much use to gigacrawlers. PPG(F)s on the other hand are normally small enough to fit inside the average backpack and are, fully fuelled, capable of powering a city block for over a month, a small town for 2 weeks, and a small city for 1 or 2 days.

PPG(F) longevity calculated as follows:

- Roll 5x D100. This figure represents the total number of hours the PPG can power a city block or equivalent.

- Divide this figure by 2. This represents the number of hours the PPG can power a small town or equivalent

- Larger areas at the DM’s discretion.

The second biggest problem facing a gigacrawler with a PPG(F)s is where to find suitable fuel, which, it goes without saying, is normally some sort of exotic element or compound. The biggest problem is the risk of a small thermonuclear explosion as a result of the day to day rigors of gigacrawler life.

mordicai said...

Asbestos jacket. 2 points of armor, half damage from fire. May cause cancer. Tech level: 4

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

How many times are you supposed to roll on this thing anyway?

Chris Lowrance said...

Thermal Jacket: Just a really warm jacket. Keeps you alive an extra round in deadly cold. TECH: 3

Snow Suit: See above, +3 rounds. TECH: 3

Zero-Transfer Body Glove: Fits like a wet suit. If not punctured, will not allow heat to escape or enter body. Survive indefinitely in cold and heat (but the suit will ignite in extremely high temperatures and melt open). Useless after you take anything but blunt damage while wearing it. TECH: 10 to don without being crushed (it shrinks to fit the wearer)

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Feline-Adapted Snow Suit: Functions as a Snow Suit, with the exception that it contains a cat in suspended animation. 2 rounds after activation this cat will re-animate, adding 5 extra rounds to the life of the wearer. Tech 3 to wear, tech 10 to activate.

Zak Sabbath said...



Chris' device should be expressed in bonuses, for simplicity's sake, but here's the general principle:

if you want to check the rules for a widget (spell, device, etc.), you should only need:

-the basic rules in the original blog post
-the rules in the stuff i post at the top of each post for the kind of widget in question
-the description of the widget(s) involved

There should be few or no "category" rules. i,e, "If so, victim is on fire--see On Fire in Conditions". Effects should be handled locally i each entry.

That way:

-It's easier for contributors to write new stuff, and when they do, it's more likely to be unique, and...

-The rules are made up only of stuff the PC has written down ('cause it's his/her widget) and the basic rules.

Also: on bonuses, remember that skill bonuses (+1 each), and martial arts are the ONLY form of permanent advancement in this game and they are acquired at 1-4 per adventure, so it won't be too hard for PCs to keep track of them since they'll be all excited about having them.

Zak Sabbath said...

How many times?
That is covered in the first post under character creation.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

That's right... I just hadn't translated it to die rolls. Sorry about that.

mordicai said...

Presto Bondo.

Congratulations. You've got a tube of superglue. This is useful in a wide range of situations-- it can prevent blood loss, aid repairs, allow innovative attachments, whatever. There are d10 "doses"-- a big job may require more than one dose.

TL: 3

mordicai said...

Holy Bullet!

One bullet, but the holy symbols carved into the side lead you to believe it has been enchanted by some tribe of priests. It deals double damage to any undead/demon/extraplanar horror/etc & will incapacitate it with pain for d6 rounds, causing it not to move & stop attacking, unless provoked by further PC attacks.

The bullet is for any weapon the PC possesses. If (and only if) the PC has no weapons, s/he may decide what kind of ammunition it is, choosing only from weapons on this list.

Zak Sabbath said...


This is 10 extra shots worth of ammunition for any weapon the PC possesses--the PC may decide it's 10 shots for 1 weapon, 3 for one and 7 for another, etc. If (and only if) the PC has no weapons, s/he may decide what kind of ammunition it is, choosing only from weapons on this list.


Zak Sabbath said...

Clampbolt pistol:

This short, fat-bored pistol fires a single squat cylindrical bullet the size of a lemon from which 3 tiny spider-leg-like clamps extrude when it hits its target, attaching it to whatever it hit.

Different types of clampbolts have different effects:

Smack: explodes doing weapon strength 15 damage in a 7' radius as soon as target is more than 30' from pistol.

Crazy: explodes releasing a cloud of hallucinogenic gas in a 7' radius as soon as target is more than 30' from pistol. Targets must make a willpower check vs. level 15 to disbelieve hallucinations. Whoever fired the gun may describe the hallucinations. They last 4 rounds.

Shock: creates a 10' diameter pulse of electrical energy causing everyone in the affected area to make a physique roll or fall unconscious for (18 minus current physique) rounds. Affects robots, AIs and computer systems, too. (Computers are considered to have a physique equal to their tech level for this roll.)

Gun comes with 3 bolts of each type. Range: 60 feet.

TL: 10

mordicai said...

Petal eater grub.

You've got the dried fruit rations of those damn pacifists. It will last indefinitely, but it totally devoid of protein content. There are 1d6 days worth.

Zak Sabbath said...


A real, physical book in a language the PC can read from one of the ancient worlds. Press the "random article" button on Wikipedia. That's what it's about. Reading the book gives you an Expert: That Subject skill (+1 to checks on it) and a +2 if you consult it while or just before performing a given action.

Kind-hearted and hard-working GMs may wish to generate a Random Somewhat Useful Book list instead, I suggest this list should begin with:

1-a Merck Manual or Physician's Desk Reference
2-Gray's Anatomy
3-An Oddly Prescient 20th Century Comic Book That Seems to Contain True Information About The Gigastructure
4-A tome of necromantic wisdom
5-Bacon: 50 Recipes For Everyone's Favorite Food
6-a copy of Guns & Ammo

Tech level: 4

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

What tech level is a petal eater grub?

mordicai said...

Petal eager grub is TL:1-- a dog could figure out how to eat it.

Eric said...

Mushroom mycelia, like these:


Takes 2d6 weeks to grow on vegetable refuse; after that point, converts 2d8 percent of the mass of that pile to food over d6 weeks total.

TL 4 to propogate; at appx TL 6 aware of microscopic spores (this stuff will spring up anywhere.)

Chris Lowrance said...

Re: Bonuses

I'm cool with that. The minus can just be translated as a bonus to medicine checks, then.


Clampbolt range?



This cybernetic eye doesn't actually see. However, at will the "iris" spirals open and a spinning drill emerges. The drill can be launched 100 feet, trailing a microfilament. It will bore in on impact, then wind back into the eye socket. Useful for anything that weighs less than a cinder-block. TECH 10

Seth S. said...

Preservation Chamber

This mostly transparent tube can be used to slow or stop the rate of decay of whatever is placed inside so food, detached limbs, rusting machinery, whatever.

It is rarely larger than say a breadbox, and while larger ones exist it will reduce its portability.

Tech level 18: it's more than just putting something inside a tube, the proper settings must be made in order to properly preserve whatever is inside

Adam said...

Portable illumination

Roll a D100

All Tech Level 3 except where stated

01-20 – 1D4 old fashioned standard flaming torches. Flame burns for 1 hour.
21-40 – Flashlight. Batteries last 2D6 hours
41-51 – Windup flashlight. 5xD100 charge/discharge cycles. 1 minute of winding equals 30 minutes of light (that diminishes over time). Fragile.
52-57 – Storm lantern (electric). Batteries last 1D6 hours
58-63 – Storm lantern (liquid fuel). Fuel lasts 1D6 hours. Wick needs to be replaced after 10 hours of use.
64-69 – Portable searchlight. Very bright indeed. Batteries last 1D4 hours
70-75 – 1D6 Lightsticks. Low level illumination. Last 12 hours each.
76-80 – Fancy torch. Shock proof, waterproof, adjustable beam, very bright. Batteries last 2D6 hours
80-82 – Fuel cell torch. Cell lasts 4xD10+2 hours
83-85 – Fuel cell storm lantern. Cell lasts 2xD10+2 hours
85-87 – Mining helmet with torch. Batteries last 3xD6 hours. Confers Armour 3 to the head
88-90 – 4xD6 adhesive glow buttons. Bright. Last 48 hours each.
91-92 – Inexhaustable torch.
93-94 – Inexhaustible storm lantern
95-96 – 4xD6 Inexhaustible glow buttons.
97 – Inexhaustible search light
98 – 2xD6 sparklers
99 – I large pot super-luminous paint, plus brush. Bright. Stays lit indefinitely.
100 – Roll a D6. On a 1-3 roll on the torch table again. On a 4-6…

Light orb: Developed by many Tech Level 16 civilisations, the light orb is small, floating, voice controlled, inexhaustible light source, capable of of emitting variable light levels in any colour as commanded. Fragile. Bonds exclusively with owner’s voice. Tech Level 8 to use.

mordicai said...

Nice one, Zom.

Jeffrey Runokivi said...

Gauss/EMP Rifle
Tech Level: 11
This hi-tech looking rifle is constructed entirely of some space age, black plastic/polymer material. When the trigger is pulled, all robot, computers, cassette tapes...anything that has a battery or electrical system is rendered inoperable until it is repaired. (this mechanic could be changed as information of Robot PC/NPCs develops.)
If the weapon is used on an organic organism it only causes one point of damage.
The rifle runs on a power clip which provides enough power for five shots.

Adam said...

Hmmm, I wanna alter that now to include flares (that also work underwater), and a flare gun with parachute flares.

Cheers, mordicai

Anonymous said...

@Menace 3 Society

Addition to Condom:

d4 Condoms. Can be used as intended, or as a container for air, water, or other liquids.

Each condom has a 3% chance of being defective (and therefore not usable as a container, etc).

For my sanity, I'm going to go Tech Level: 8

For the curious, condoms are tested by inflating them (google "condom burst test").

mordicai said...


You can plummet from a great distance & survive. Assuming you have the technological know-how to figure out which of these stupid cords to pull.

TL: 9 (more complicated than you'd think it needs to be).

mordicai said...

@Saice: I assume you meant to skip TL: 7 (child, hence the sanity joke) but wouldn't like...TL 4 be actually appropriate?

mordicai said...

Bag of Marbles. TL: 3

Bag of Magnetic Marbles. TL: 4

Anonymous said...


Yeah, basically. As long as you could tie knots with rubber and understand how stretchy things work, you'd be able to use it for those purposes.

TL 4 would be fine. Maybe TL7/8 for proper use. I think they had contraceptives pretty far BC, but it might take until TL7/8 to realize that's what it is for and exactly how to use it.

In summary, sure!

Seth S. said...

2d10 Gigabyte flashdrive


This device allows one to save or backup information found on a computer, just like in real life. Its debatable how high of ML computer data can be stored or even if higher tech computers would even have a USB port. That would likely need to be decided on a case by case basis.

mordicai said...

Cable ties. 2d6 plastic ties, suitable as handcuffs, binding objects together or any thing you might want super strong string for. These are very strong, & very easy to use, once you've got them figured out. TL: 7

mordicai said...

Ant farm. Suitable for 1 days worth of ration, or hours of entertainment. TL: 1

prfd said...

•Grapple Rope

100' of strong synthetic rope. One end has a high-powered on/off switch electromagnet, the other, a large metal hook. Either end can be thrown physique x 3 feet. TL: 4 for the hook end, 7 for the magnet end.

•Jaws of Life

A door opening/metal ripping device that looks like a cross between a Post Hole Digger and a Drill Press. It has a central mouth/drill section with four handles, each 3' long. When biting into any door or wall it allows up to 4 PCs to attempt to open vs. that objects strength. Add the physiques of all characters using the Jaws and make 1 roll to open. Effective, but always takes a time. TL: 8.

•VaporTek Breath-Mask

Classic gas mask (goggle eyes and mouthy canister). Has no effect without being loaded with one of any number of interchangable canisters. This one comes with d4 canisters of the following variety (roll d6):
1: Filtration - allows user to survive in non-safe air places. Lasts 1hr.
2: Oxygen - actually contains a supply of oxygen. Allows user to survive in non-safe air places AND underwater. Lasts 20 min.
3: Amp-Up - performance enhancing combat drug. Adds 3 to all physique and dex rolls. Lasts 20 min. After which, user suffers -2 to all physique and dex rolls for 24 hours.
4: Laughing Gas - General anesthetic. Any doctor roll made to aid the user is made at a +3. Lasts 20 min.
5: Truth Serumz - User must tell the truth. Lasts 30 min.
6: Unlabeled - no clue what it does, roll on this table at time of use to find out. If you roll a 6, canister is empty.
TL: 9.

•Dowsing Rod

Size and shape of modern day metal detector, but indicates proximity to water. Does not guarantee potability. Starts with 2d6 charges. Takes some kind of [rare] battery. TL:8 can get direction to water, TL:9 can get distance to water.

prfd said...


This is a red plastic computer about the size and weight of a Speak-N-Spell. It has a touch screen and the back panel opens to reveal something like a dozen of the most common tech interface connections. The function of the Hack*Box is to provide a common language interpretation of what any given computer/digital system does. When connected to a system, it will process for d6 rounds, then provide big, colorful iPhone-style buttons that represent everything the user can do with that system. This will NOT hack or bypass security in any way - it serves only as an interpreter to show a non-technical individual what an extremely technical system does. When used it reduces the tech level of any system by 2d6. Using the device in this manner is TL: 8.

The internal battery starts with d4 charges. Recharging it can be accomplished via almost any available power source, but doing so requires a check against TL: 15 (it was designed to be used by noobs, but serviced by SmartDumm™ employees).

•Mad-Hatt-er Control Apparatus

The apparatus consists of one transponder shaped like a head band, and any number of receivers, shaped like metal credit cards. When a receiver is placed within 3 inches of a sleeping individual's head, that individual is put into a semi-permanent sleep, and will sleep walk under the command of whomever wears the transponder. Those controlled will remain in control as long as the receiver remains in proximity to the brain. They will do whatever they could do while sleepwalking (think zombie-level of coordination. No acrobatics. -2 to any physical check). User using the transponder must make a tech check upon first use to figure it out, afterward, use is automatic (user may not perform any actions other than control while controlling). User must make an intelligence check for every controlled subject beyond the first every round they control more than one subject. Failure on any check results in crippling migraine that stuns user for d4 rounds. Device needs no discernible power. Transponder comes with box of receivers with slots for 52, but only d4 remain. TL:14

•Ring o' Keys

A ring of keys (some type of key common to the area PCs begin in...Magnets, RFID, cubes) either stolen or found. Contains d20 + 10 keys. GMs discretion as to what they go to. TL: 4.

•Animal Rations

d10 days worth of dogfood or some similar. Can be eaten by PCs, but gives -1 Willpower for 24 hours after consumption due to loss of morale from eating crap. TL: 1.


The gigaverse equivalent of Mountain Dew. 64 cans of the stuff. Provides +1 bonus to intelligence for 6 hours after consumption. Does not stack. TL: 2 (gotta get that can open...).

prfd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mordicai said...


A variety of fireworks.

1d6 - 3 "big ones."
1d6 - 2 "medium ones."
1d6 - 1 "small ones."

A result of zero means you only find duds.

"Big" fireworks can be used as impromptu rockets, dealing 10 points of Physique to anyone in a blast of 15', with a range of 100 feet. Any targets within the blast are deafened & blinded for 1d6 rounds. They require a successful Agility check to fire, or else the blast centers on the player character. "Medium" fireworks used as a weapon follow the same rules, but do no damage, only blinding & deafening those in the radius.

Fireworks can be used otherwise as entertainment, signals, propulsion, or whatever the PC can think of.

TL: 6

Zak Sabbath said...

Interrupter (TL 9): range 3 meters, taser-like weapon designed for personal defense. 1 shot fires a electroshock cartridge (recoverable) connected by wires to the Interrupter. Does Weapon strength: 8 and living things whose current physique is below 8 after a successful hit that causes damage are unconscious for d4 rounds. +1 damage for small creatures, -1 damage for large. Robots and things are not stunned but take triple damage.

Psionic creatures will simultaneously attempt to initiate all of their available abilities (uncontrolled) if they are successfully hit with an interrupter, though if they are concentrating to maintain an effect before the hit their concentration is lost.

Zak Sabbath said...

Very Cool _______

Everyone from the same culture as you thinks this vintage ___(any item of clothing or nonfunctional accessory you want)___ looks really spiffy on you. +2 on charisma when dealing with creatures from the same culture for the first time.

Tech level: 3

Zak Sabbath said...

Circular Saw Blade

(or other thrown bladed weapon) Range: agility x 2 feet Weapon strength: 7

Zak Sabbath said...

Reinforced Mesh Jacket
4 points of armor
Tech Level 2

Reinforced Mesh Coat
6 points of armor
Tech Level 2

Random helmet, shield, shoulder plate, kneepad etc. (PC's choice)
1 point of armor
Tech level 2

Rocket Glove
Large gauntlet with thrusters attached. Adds 5 to Weapon Strength of a punch.
TL 17

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Dice container

Small plastic container with dice inside. TL 2 to open/close (Is closed when found), TL 4 to understand the concept of dice. Will hold up to a half cup of water.

Anonymous said...

Musiblock (TM) - TL 18
These play music. They are sold in high tech rich areas to snobby kids and contain a musical recording and trideos of a band (or secret instructions) that are transferred direct to the listeners brain, and are genetically coded to the DNA (or it's equivalent in more exotic lifeforms). The ultimate form of DRM.

Tom Lando said...

WADS: A highly alcoholic drink, often used to either start fires, kill nanobots, or generally ward off the horrors of life in the Gigastructure. Supposedly made through the combination of various beverages from a bygone age in dark corners of the Gigastructure where it is said that no residents can form coherent sentences. Tech level: 3

migellito said...

Plas-spray - A spray can containing spray-on quick-hardening plastic. Applied to any surface it becomes permanently bonded and as hard as typical plastic used in TL8 home appliances. Hardens and bonds in 10 seconds. Contains enough to cover 1d30 square feet when found. Never aim at eyes or face. External use only. TL6 to use correctly.

thekelvingreen said...

Kem™ is a general purpose poison gas, available in various quantities, from grenade canisters (throw Physique x 3) up to human-sized barrels.

When released, Kem™ fills the area with a greenish-yellow cloud of gas that obscures vision, causes suffocation, and melts flesh. However, Kem™ is an unstable chemical and spoils easily, becoming an unpleasant but harmless cloud of stuff. Either way, a cloud of Kem™ dissipates in 1d10 rounds.

When unleashed, roll a d10, with the 0 reading as zero. This is the number of d6 to roll for damage suffered by unprotected beings caught in the cloud.

One in thirty containers of Kem™ comes with a money-off voucher for another container.

Kem™ can sometimes be found in a Vendbot.

Pierce said...



Hardline Cable

The Hardline Cable (also known as a Agony wire) is a device meant to fully integrate a living host with a computer system.

The cables are of variable length but rarely more than a few feet. At either end of the cables are large metal spikes ringed with tiny holes. When one end is violently stabbed into a computer jack and the other end stabbed into the base of a living creatures brainstem (or eyesocket)- tiny nano-filaments issue out of the spike pores and into the inner workings of both computer and creature, allowing a direct interface usually possible only with advanced cybernetics and other alterations.

Hardline Cables take their toll on the user causing intense pain when removed - at best. Severe mental trauma and even death is not uncommon. Also computers are often irreparably damaged by the use of a Hardline Cable interface.

Hardline Cables are a fast, cheap and dirty way to fully connect to a computer, and their usefulness is almost always out-weighed by the risk.

Tech lvl 18

thekelvingreen said...

Kem™ is Tech Level 8.

migellito said...

Chainsword - TL 16, weapon strength 16. Treats personal armor as 2 points worse than it actually is. Adds +2 to parry attempts, and if the attack is parried within 2 points the offending melee weapon is damaged as if attacked by the chainsword. Power cells provide 30 rounds of operating time before needing changed out.

Unskilled use requires a dex-4 check, with failure resulting in a normal damage roll to oneself.

Wikitorix said...

Hand cranked battery charger: (TL 6) One hour of turning the crank will put one charge unit on a battery, but require the operator to eat an extra 100 calories of food on the same day or the next to regain the expended energy.

Battery powered circular saw: (TL 7) Damage like the thrown circular saw blade above, as long as it's a wood cutting blade (very hard to find in parts of the Gigastructure where wood was not used for construction), half damage but bonus to armor penetration if a metal or ceramic cutting blade. One battery charge unit will power the saw for two minutes.

Pierce said...

Hardline Cables should maybe be more like tech lvl 10 as there really isn't much too them.

mordicai said...

4d10x10 feet of rope (1 lb per 10 feet). Made of (1d6):

1: hemp (heavy, x2 weight)
2: silk (strong, +2 to resist breaking)
3: intestine (gross, +2 to intimidate)
4: nylon (stretchy, 25% longer)
5: hair (faerietale, +2 to use with magic)
6: plastic (dangerous, a failed check with this rope deals 2 pts of damage)

Mike said...

138. Warts in a tube

When this light green cream is spread on the skin of any carbon lifeform it causes warts to appear. The warts are the size of the patch of skin covered in cream, and they can be up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Areas larger than 1 1/2 in. are covered in multiple warts of varying sizes. Comes in a toothpaste like tube covered in the symbols of the Amphibian Duchy.


Mike said...

74. Industrial Vaccuum

You can suck in and expell things with this industrial vaccuum.

Said things go into a 2x2x1 tank somewhere on your body.

Suck/Blow Range is 1.5 X Physique feet.

Damage done by expelled objects is dependant on the type of object

Soft (wad of paper, plastic bottle, garbage) - 1d4 - 2

Hard ( rock, paperweight, clock) - 1d6

Weaponized (canned food, cannonball, Lots of ball bearings) 2d4

Mike said...



Cameron said...


Solid steel tined object suitable for stabbing.(meats and the like)

Marcus said...

141. A Towel

Tech Level: 3

"A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value - you can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a mini raft down the slow heavy river Moth; wet it for use in hand-to- hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindboggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you - daft as a bush, but very ravenous); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.

More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag (strag: non-hitch hiker) discovers that a hitch hiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitch hiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitch hiker might accidentally have "lost". What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with."

-Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy