Thursday, February 3, 2011

D&D Ideas Stolen Or Derived From Whatever Comic Books Were In Reach When I Wrote This Blog Entry

-Crisis On Infinite Earths: Hey look it's Negative Woman.

Ok, so you fall unconscious and a Negative Spirit that has your stats but in reverse appears. To whatever degree a stat is above the norm, it is now below, and vice versa. It is also the "opposite" class: meaning whatever you're worst at (and consequently whatever it is best at) is it's prime requisite and it's a member of the corresponding class. So if your wisdom sucks, it's a cleric. You may control this being as if it's your PC but it lasts for a set amount of time, like a day, and you can't do anything about it. This is a spell, or a thing in an item.

-This isn't a comic book, it's a Hobby Japan catalogue. But it has Ultraman monsters.

This spell allows you to create giant monsters. Material components are two animals. The animals get combined into one creature then grow to the size of an elephant.

-Hellboy: The Troll Witch And Others. There's someone talking about eating worms.

Adventure idea: mad, decadent king demands mad decadent feast be prepared: unicorn toes dipped in giant squid ink, spidergoat eyes in whalefat, all that. PCs are hired by chefs to hunt down ingredients.

-Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos.

Fuck these yokels. NEXT...

-Ironwolf: Fires of the Revolution. Ok, so the Omicronese (I think) shut off all the Secret Police's high-tech zappers using some...thing...

Anyway, point us there's an item, or a place, that shuts off all _____ in the campaign. Familiars? Magic rings? Undead? Something that shows up a lot in the campaign and seems maybe more useful and/or common than it oughtta be. Or that the villains have in spades (but the heroes have enough of them that there's some cost-benefit analysis, like, say, it renders magical writing illegible for 8 days or a month or something.)

-Another Hobby Japan catalogue. It's a remote-control car.

You thought that all you had to defeat the rampaging sea-serpent/golem/elemental was to slay the mad wizard controlling it but actually it's the other way around.

-Blue Beetle: Endgame

There's a giant beetle. It's blue. It's eyes are yellow domes. They are full of smaller beetles. You have to kill it without cracking open the eyes because, when exposed to oxygen the little beetles get big.

-Scud: The Disposable Assassin

Curse: PCs must seek out and slay a worthy foe every day or die of spiritual starvation. Each foe must be more fearful than the last.

-Wolverine: Civil War

The guy the PCs are looking for is at the bottom of the sea.

-JLA: A World Without Grown-Ups

Annoying kid-versions of the PCs show up.

-The New Avengers: Breakout

The authorities haven't heard anything from the prison island since the big earthquake. Would the PCs mind terribly taking a look? Convict level x 1000 gp bounty for any strays the PCs pick up.

-JLA: Terror Incognita

This spellbook has some spells written on that a wizard PC can use right outta the box as if they were scroll spells, problem is it's so fucking boring it requires a wisdom check/will save/whatever just to remember the spell long enough to cast it.

-Frank Frazetta: Rough Work

The shaman's goblin-blood warpaint doubles your strength up to a maximum of 19 and doubles your speed, but you can't wear any armor and must drink the blood of every foe you kill.


Unknown said...

I thought spidergoats were a protected species. 8P

Adam Dickstein said...

-JLA: A World Without Grown-Ups

The PCs are magically transformed into children. A child PC they know becomes the only adult that believes their situation and can help them undo the spell.

Chris said...

- JLA: A World without Grown-Ups.

Characters have to work within the constraints of a society where they are legal minors with only limited rights and freedoms. Are the natives merely being "Coz I say so" dicks, or is there really something going on that outsiders just don't get?

Yeah, it's a bit Tekumel, a bit cultural taboos; but in D&D world (where saying "Pazuzu" really does make him turn up) it could be fun...

Telecanter said...

Negative spirit, scud assassin curse, goblin warpaint are what keep me coming back-- interesting, simple, and elegant. Thanks.

On the weird feast, I remember ze Bullette had an adventure/campaign idea about a man who lived so long in a dungeon he acquired a taste for monsters and hires the party to gather weird ingredients for his chef to cook.

Delta said...

Would recommend flat bonus to Strength instead of doubling-with-cap: maybe +6. (In AD&D count each "step" of 18/% as +1.)

dylearium said...

-Frank Frazetta: Rough Work

"The shaman's goblin-blood warpaint doubles your strength up to a maximum of 19 and doubles your speed, but you can't wear any armor and must drink the blood of every foe you kill. "

Frenzetta!! Hell, this could be a great Class to play.

BigFella said...

Awww. No love for Dum Dum Dugan? How about a whole tribe of dwarves with bowler hats and huge red handlebar mustaches! (Even the womenfolk!)

If you can defeat one in barehanded combat, you are granted the bowler as a trophy, and gain the power to punch out Hitler! (Or whatever fantasy evil overlord equivalent you so choose.)

Mange said...

"Fuck these yokels. NEXT..." Heh.
Not sure if you ever ran across it, but Chakan: The Forever Man is an interesting series. Basically describes someone who makes a sucker-deal with Death for immortality, realizes he wants to die, and gets told to piss off until he's killed everything evil in the universe. I guess he writer wanted to give himself a big sandbox to work in...
Also, if you like Hobby Japan, have you run across 3DSF/Maschinen Kreiger?

mordicai said...

I had to buy the newest edition of "After the Bomb" just because it had the rules for mutant mutant spidergoats.