Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thirsty For Ideas? If So, Dare Try This For Thirty Daisies, Friday Theorists

Stuck for an idea? The anagram server knows all...

Tell me about Ravenloft, o mighty oracle.

(rvn lft)

1. venal fort
2. fart novel

Too true, o device. Tell me, I'm stuck for next week, who serves the Bone Sorcerer?

Crone Orb Seer

Cool, can you give me some campaign ideas?

Pigmace naiads.

Ice magi pandas.

Pagan dais mice.

Aged psi maniac.

Ok, those are good, but I kind of wanted to start with the setting I was already using...

Forgotten Realms?

Storefront gleam

A Golfers Torment

Frost Rot Melange

Got feral monster?

World of Greyhawk?

Dark fey who growl

Why folk draw gore

Why work, feral dog?

Why dorkrage flow?

Of her gawky drow

Cute, but I can't really use any of that--what else is in there?

Dark wharf

Flaky keyword dwarf

Rowdy frog growl

Wolf ogre

Yardwork hog

Whale god

Keep on the Borderlands?

A ton of pork

A blended seedbed

A hornet knot

A bonded kestrel

Halberd orks

Resplendent bladed throne

Thorn depths

Dense desert stone

Drabnosed blatherer

Tomb of Horrors?

Throb room

Orb robot

Hobo mobs


To mundane ruin

Dour nun inmate

Urine ant mound

Uranium tendon

Unmounted mediator

Dominated urn

Untrained mount

Runt dame

Inordinate Mead Inn

Daemon ruination unit

Undreamt moan

Unmade drummer

Dream domain

Minuet rotunda

Main rout rune

Round atom

Rotund moaner

Death Frost Doom?

Dread foot moths

Dated hoof storm

Hatred moods

Mastodeth Froth

Rat food hoard

Serf tooth ad

Caverns of Thracia?

Charts of variance

Rot chief caravans

Hive front vines

Ethnic avatars

Chaos froth river

Craftier fanatic archer


Morn hive larvae

Vermin riven rink

Liar lava

Knave ankh

Harm raven


Iron roads

Drain swine

Rain or sand noise


A weird snow

Dawn wires

Rosedawn ore wand

Eon swords

Seawind drowners

Dark Sun-Carcosa?

Our dank carcass

Anus-cock radar

Ransack duo

Crack-rod saunas

Rancor aura

Sodas adorn an urn

Sunk orcas

Arson ducks

Rack road

Secret of Bone Hill?

Obscene flirt hole

October flesh line

Steel elfin brooch

Forcible snot heel

Blotchier eon elfs

Elite oreos

Heroin feline

Try it with your own setting, like so....

Nightwick Abbey?

Baby-chewing kit




Unknown said...

That's fucking hilarious (and yet so evocative).

Roger G-S said...

Some of my in-setting names are already anagrams ... such as the dungeon setting, Karthew's Legacy.

Logan said...

There is a lot of great stuff! Thx for this find! :D

Jesse said...

'Why dorkrage flow?' Gary didn't know the answer, but he had anticipated the question, all those years ago, and left it here for us to find.

This is amazingly evocative. Also: anagram magic: discovered by the first goblin shaman who learned how to read?

Jesse said...

Another anagram for World of Greyhawk is 'hokey dwarf growl.' It was built into the heart of the game from the very beginning.

Luca Lorenzon said...

"Birtright" gives "Brr High Tit", too.

Unknown said...

"Got feral monster?" = #11 on my must-have t-shirt list. (also I keep laughing and can't stop because the world 'feral' implies that the monster ought to really have a home or really out to have never been taken out of the wild, but now it's poor little monster soul is tarnished, living between two worlds eating out of garbage cans on the edge of town. wait, this is tragic, now I feel a deep and overwhelming sadness...)

Unknown said...

Obscene flirt hole

October flesh line

=Wow. This list is hilarious