Saturday, December 28, 2013

D30 D&Dables From The He-Man And She-Ra Christmas Special

1, Bat shield
2, Purple hair, butterfly wings
3, A device used to spy on a lich
4, Ettin: half blue half purple
5, Lich servant: alligator man
6, Blue elf wizard learning about the ceremonies of foreign cultures
7, …and saving human children from an avalanche
8, Carrium water crystal required for teleportation spell
9, Crystal swamp
10, Mermaid with Russian accent
11, Amphibious aqua tyranosaurus
12, Lavender golems that shoot beams that put you in a bubble
13, "Monstroid Central"
14, Valkyrie with flaming sword
15, Dark gaseous spirit that lives in an asteroid
16, A pair of liches that obey it
17, Hand of steel
18, Psychedelic owl
19, About to shoot a bow? You're frozen.
20, Peacock throne that has clairvoyance
21, Blue halfling with cyborg parts
22, Sword that turns into a rope like I guess Ivy from Soul Calibur
23, Tripwires against giant foes
24, Ram-horned skull staff of spell storing
25, Lich inside a flying manta ray
26, Lich with hostages marooned in the snow
27, Serpent-prowed vehicle
28, Dog left to die in the snow
29, Snowbeast vs. lich
30, A cracked, volcanic plain

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