Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Drownesia, Day One

So the girls finally reached Drownesia--the penumbral and drow-haunted Isles of the Chimera Moon. 
Mostly on the strength of: they heard there were dinosaurs you could ride.

This turned out to be true. Ranger Laney went hunting atop a utahraptor with Prince Viswanathananand of Viswanathanananda Palace and brought down a bird of paradise. (An utahraptor?)

Meanwhile Connie stole 250 gp worth of gilded penumbral treasure from the palace.
Stokes acquired some powder of the white lotus from the gardens of Warmistress Parvathra.
Then everybody remembered they were playing D&D and decided to rob a caravan of goblin brigands. 
 Because, hey, they're goblins, right? Also they had some stegosaurs.

Preliminary ranger investigation reveals the 26 goblins are taxing everybody who comes down the road through the orchid-choked jungles.

So I clear the table and lay out all the goblin minis. I count them out and go "Oh wait, there's 30" and Connie's like "Wait, 30? Ummmm..."

But, fuck it, they fought 30 goblins.

It started alright--Connie backstabbed the leader within an inch of his life and Stokes fireballed 15 to death, but, a round or two later, Laney and Stokes had been carried off, Mandy was webbed at one hit point and Connie had been turned into a pig.

Another one of those near-TPK days.

They pulled it out, thanks to bold hog action, Defense Wizard David, and a magic item stolen long long ago from the Goblin King of Gaxen Kane.

He wants it back really bad.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like it was a whole lot of fun.

"An Utahraptor" looks correct but it sounds awkward. This is how I know I fail at English.

Fonkin said...

"A" vs. "An" Utahraptor depends on how British you are. If your BR (British Rating) is >50%= "An". Otherwise= "A".