Saturday, December 21, 2013

Intimations in the Gilded Isles

Dear Connie,
Everybody is still waiting for your advice but, hey, I know you've been busy.

Anyway: remember that session where you ate future Mandy's brain? So you know some spells she had ready and have "erratic knowledge of the future"?

Well here's some of the echoes you hear in your sleep. Do what you like with them over the coming weeks....

(the tropical archipelago where our heroes currently find themselves)

Iron roads
Drain swine
Rain noise
A weird snow
Eon swords


Garden of the Bone Sorcerer
(the dungeon the party just broke into)

Cobra Throne
Scorn Forge
Crossbreed Ogre
Gore Drone
Crone Orb Seer

City of Asacaracc
(Dim island metropolis of bleak atrocities)

Icy Cysts
Fey Rift
Fatty Coast

Lake Hali
(In which Asacaracc dimly is mirrored)

Alkali Hail

Black Pyramid
(Where the White Leopard Orchid zombies were taking things from the Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer)

Lick Mark
Mad Imp
Ymrik Dirk

Eel King's Library
(Recently unearthed within the Gardens)

Grey Ink Labels
Eyeball Key
Binary Layering
Reign of the Glib King
Realign Gallery
Bleary Girl

Viridian Knight
(Servant of glistening Tiamat, subject of great sacrifices)

Invading Triad
Divining Grid
Virgin Hive
Grinding Hand

Ot Etf'a Imit Melpa 
(One of the larger collections of spires, steps and stupas in the Drownesian jungle)

Fatal Appetite
Impale Fetal Female
Metal Foam
Temple of Tiamat

Dalafesh Opnow

Flesh Wasp
Deaf Pasha
Fondled Opal
Shown A Panda
Falsehood, False Shape, Pawn
Plane Of Shadow

Lotus Sinecure
(The largest Drownesian city on the isle)

Rescue Cute Niece
Courtier Coleus
Tenuous Line
Soul Cure
Oust Tier
Nice Couture Entices
Untrue Noise
Unseelie Court
Suet Utensil
Silent Neurotic

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