Monday, December 30, 2013

How Patrick Got Stepped On

Dieter have best hat! Now you give sheep!
"I'm so sick of fighting those cannibal mermaids in the moat around the dungeon every time we want to go in."
"Can we ask that alchemist what we can use to poison the moat?"
"Well," he says "mercury in sufficient levels would make any body of water uninhabitable".
"How much would it take to do the whole moat? And quickly?"
"Oh, I'd say 3 large barrels."
"And where could we buy that?"
"Well, hatters use mercury for felting, but that is quite a large amount--the Hatter's Guild in Vornheim might have 3 barrels..."
"What if we got a giant hat?"
"A giant's hat might yield three barrels of mercury..."
"Ok, so we head north with a load of drunk sheep, right? And we tell the giants we're having a Best Hat Contest and the prize is 300 sheep and..."


Fonkin said...

LOL! Love it. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Dai Gardner said...

Best. Plan. Ever.