Saturday, August 31, 2013

While The World Holds Its Breath....

The first major confrontation of the Slow War has begun, as the imperialist merchant fleet of Noism's Yoon Suin lead by the desert troll Huang Liu face the navy of Humza K's Pharaoh Nas Abu Khan Pharaoh Nas Aakhu Khan She En Asbiu in the port of Abu Zin Zeer...
From whose docks, in pretty much a total coincidence, my Monday D&D group is currently looking on in fascinated terror.
Meanwhile, through certain dumbwaiter shafts in obscure chambers, one can, on a 2 in 6, hear muffled Google+ conversations between rival potentates.

Even now both ______ and______ divest their lands of much of their forces to prosecute our great war against _______. Leaving them undefended from the _____.

I hope you will join us in out crusade against _____________.

I have no interest in hostility to him or ______. Have some chocolate. It's good.

Good to know. Fancy a biscuit with that? Cup of tea?

Sure. I have some fey wine if your interested? How do_____  feel about those to the sandy wests?

We have had no contact with them and have made no agreements either way.

Indeed. And tell me about this great war against _____. _____ sounds more amusing than _____. Why all this bother with the war against ____?

It's just this years fad you know?

Actually I'm pissed because I found _____ bodies on my border with the sign of ______ on them. 

I have a feeling of doom though because my kingdom is next to _____. It's only a matter of time really.

That sounds suspicious.

Anyway, I think ___________________________________________________________.

Anyway that's just my opinion. My ambitions lie elsewhere. I long for the novelty of ______. I've already tried all the drugs here.

Be careful up there. I would be totally unsurprised if someone else had killed my guys.

I'm working on controlling my coast, so, if that goes well, and if you get into trouble up there, feel free to come back and hang out or whatever.

ALSO - It is said _______'s forces are dividing: one heading to the ____ coast, another spreading out to scout and plunder around _____.

Of no interest to me, but possibly of use to you? Have some Dwarven bread. it keeps for weeks.

I'm going near there to try use the confusion to steal balloons.
*UPDATE: While the Warlord Emiri Al Qasit was distracted by this action in his harbor a 40 strong force of the Red King's vampire knights entered the city through a discarded mirror in the high city and took Abu Zin Zeer for himself!
( +Michael Moscrip is now winning)



Unknown said...

There is so much awesome in the names alone...

Allandaros said...

Thanks for the link! Could you make it, though? That's where I'm getting my gaming writing done.

(And looking forward to seeing the next batch of leaked cables. Stuff is going down. Just like some Yoon-Suin warships will be.)

Unknown said...

I'm sure this is old news and off topic -- but -- I just realized that my old battletech maps have terrain features and are keyed.

Also, I am remembering fondly that at high levels in the old Might and Magic rpg for the PC the random encounters would be like: "you have encountered 6,000 gorgons and 1 robot"