Thursday, August 29, 2013

Opponents Wanted List

Want someone to play D&D with ?  Or any other game?

If you wanna find someone local to roll with put your name, location, and preferred games here.

All the following people are on Google plus, so can be contacted there, if you leave a comment under this post, leave a way you can be contacted.

Doyle Tavener
Aug 27, 2013
Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener - Houston, TX - Pendragon

Dennis Higgins
Aug 27, 2013
Dennis Higgins, Eastern Long Island -- Make me an offer... I play too many games to list. 

Christopher Helton
Aug 27, 2013
Chris Helton; St. Petersburg FL; Swords & Wizardry, Fate Accelerated, Fudge-based stuff, Marvel Super-Heroes.

Edit: Call of Cthulhu. I don't know why I forgot that.

Timothy Stone
Aug 27, 2013
Richmond, VA ("West End")

Ron Edwards
Aug 27, 2013
Ron Edwards, Chicago area (north suburbs), Illinois - playtesting mine & others' games, mostly

Brandon Vaughan
Aug 27, 2013
Brandon Vaughan; Federal Way, Wa. D&D 1e/2e, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Carcosa, LotFP, WFRPGv2, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry (Whitebox only), and Traveller....

I'm also down to DM all but CoC and WFRPG.

Michael Pfaff
Aug 27, 2013

We run an ACKS (B/X) "West Marches" style game in Louisville, KY. We've around 15-20 active players and two DMs running the same campaign world for nearly 200 sessions now.

Always looking for cool new players.


tony dowler
Aug 27, 2013

Tony Dowler, Seattle. Anything reasonably close to OD&D will be accepted.

Noah Marshall
Aug 27, 2013

Noah Marshall, Oakland, CA.
Currently running hacked up ACKS, but willing to run anything OSR, and play in anything. Playstyle is verycasual. Drinking is encouraged.
Usual play group is a pretty tight group of old friends, but everybody is welcoming to strangers.

EDIT: Oh yeah. I will run Dungeon Crawl Classics Dark Sun if you let me. Be careful.

Matt L.
Aug 27, 2013

Matt from Seattle.

I started on D&D 4e.

I've been converted to old school D&D in principle but I haven't really played much.

Jez Gordon
Aug 27, 2013

Jez, Northern Beaches, Sydney. Oz.

KangaRat Murder Society Founder, will give most games a go, and more than happy to show new gamers how to play. 

Joey Lindsey
Aug 27, 2013

Joey, SF Bay Area (will probably end up in Oakland), will try most anything, but currently wanting to play WFRP 1 or 2e, Call of Cthulhu, WH40K RPG, Elric!, After the Bomb, and Marvel FASERIP. (I missed all those back in the day).
+Noah Marshall  let me know if you get the DS DCCRPG game or something going, I sadly left my in-person group on the East Coast.

Marcus Tsong
Aug 27, 2013
Marcus Tsong, Brooklyn. Currently running a Dungeon Crawl Classics game in faux-Indonesia (that may travel to Qelong soon). Also prepping a new Carcosa campaign with added mecha/sentai action. Need players for both.

Would love to run or play any type of CoC as well!

Brock Cusick
Aug 27, 2013

Brock Cusick, Clay County, Florida - Basic D&D

Mark Kriozere
Aug 27, 2013

Mark, San Francisco, CA I'm trying to get a new gaming group together. I'm open to being either GM or player. I live the Central Richmond district and I'm willing to host. I'd like to play Savage Worlds, OSR (LotPF), DCC, Numenera or Mutants & Masterminds, however I am open to other games as well.

Shawn Sanford
Aug 27, 2013

Shawn Sanford
Des Moines, Iowa
Looking to put together a group for OD&D and other old school RPGs.

Brian Sailor
Aug 27, 2013
Brian Sailor
Ellensburg, WA
I like to play: OD&D, B/X, AD&D, WFRP (1st edition), RuneQuest (2nd or 3rd edition - no RQ II or Second Age (bleh)), Pathfinder, and I'm dying to try out Dark Heresy.

Aimee V
Aug 27, 2013
Aimee V, also in Oakland with +Noah Marshall's group playing that old school hack and slash. I like playing Dungeon World but not running it...

Gianni Vacca
Aug 27, 2013
Paris, France. Looking for English-speaking players for face-to-face M&M games.

Paul McCann
Yesterday 3:06 AM
Paul McCann, Tokyo

I'm up for anything, though I'd be especially interested in CoC, ORE, or rules-light games.

Ben Djarum
Yesterday 6:55 AM
Ben, Baltimore, Maryland
1st Edition AD&D, B/X D&D, Stormbringer, Warhammer FRPG, Bushido, Gamma World

Wil McKinnee
Yesterday 10:44 AM
Wil McKinney

Nashville, Tn.

TMNT & Other Strangeness


Monty said...
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Monty said...

Montaigne Bouvart

Phoenixville, PA (outside of Philadelphia)

Currently running a Pathfinder campaign; I'd really like to get into some OSR gaming, but I have played nearly every system at some point, and enjoyed all of them to some degree, so essentially anything.

Forgot contact info: email at

Unknown said...

Bill Winters
San Marcos, Texas (I'm okay with commuting to south Austin to play, don't know about San Antonio or Houston)

I played a lot of Advanced D&D in high school but haven't in years. I would be up for something light or a one-shot to see how I feel about something more complicated.

Tieranus said...

Jeremy Allen

Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Played more than my fair share of different systems, and am up for Almost anything (Barring D&D 4.0 and Pathfinder for personal reasons);

Weekends usually free, free after 5:30 on weekdays.

Anaxim said...

Nadav Ben Dov

Mevasseret Ziyyon, Jerusalem (Israel)

Looking to run and play fantasy games, although I won't do D&D 3.x, 4e or Pathfinder.

Free on weekends and some weekday evenings.

G+ Profle:

Sean said...

Sean in Montclair, NJ.
Have Played: D&D 3.5/4
Would like to play: I will try literally anything once, but would like to give FATE, Pathfinder, Numenera, Shadowrun a try (no order of pref)

This comment should be linked to my Google+ account, I'm willing to drive around North Jersey to find a table. If it's not linked, here:

Desert Scribe said...

New Braunfels, Texas
I'd like to get a campaign going, using the Holmes basic rules.

@Bill: What about driving down to NB?

Dale said...

Dale on the North Shore, Mass.
I run: Hackmaster (5e)
Would love to play: HM, BX or BCEMI D&D, anything awesome
Hit me up:

A Good Italian Boy said...

Brad B on Tacoma, WA
I run: basically anything that's new to me. I'd love to someday run Everyone is John with some drinking buddie or a serious game of Dogs in the Vineyard.
Would love to play: Anything that's not 3.5 or 4E. Or FATAL but that goes without saying
Hit me up:booshcocklepie on skype or

Unknown said...

Joe in Seoul

대한민국에서 식탁위의RPG 개임을 찾는다

I'm a bit of a beginner but I'd like to know what's out there

minus the NOSPAM

get at me

Vance A said...


North Seattle - back after a brief (30 year) break.

BX and clones, Pathfinder BB

glacier68 at gmail

Brandon Lighter said...
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Adam Dickstein said...

Adam Dickstein

New York City, NY

Currently have a group. I am the GM. Always looking to add. Very chill, story and character heavy, mechanics light group.

Play classic Traveller, Star Trek (FASA and LUG), Star Wars (WEG D6), Champions (4th Ed) and many, many other things. Prefer not to run D&D or it's relatives.

barkingalien AT gmail DOT com.