Saturday, August 3, 2013

6 Hours in 20 Lines

Man Rider the horrible goblin tries to convert conjoined dwarf henchmen to Akayle Ozph.
The party tries to sleep in the dungeon.
They get woken by 10 dryads who need help who they thought they just rescued.
The dryads try to get the party to split because they're not really dryads, they're jackal men.
Someone decides to wake the druid, who realizes that they're jackal men.
3 hour fight. WEB, EVARD'S TENTACLES, DISINTEGRATE, FILCH and on and on.
Scrap and Joey spend most of it unconscious. Like hours of the game. It's kind of amazing.
Druid ends it by opening a hole in the floor.
Monsters fall into the treasure room below.
Players are like fuck this, let's sail with dwarf pirates for 11 days.*
Druid as bear kills a gargoyle on the way out.
They flee to go pirating, attack bitter Captain Basil and his spice shipment.
Scrap made him dizzy, Shoe jumped on his head until he begged for mercy.
Then to Vrokk and the Grotesque Elephant for tales of Eisengeth.
I know, that sentence doesn't make any sense.
They met the mercenary Chloris Choke there.
They met a sea elf on the high seas, and saw a leaping shark.
They decide to sail to Cobalt Reach and deliver messages to meet the army.

*(Incidentally this means the monsters won).

Calculate xp for: 3 dead jackalmen, king's treasure, 4 dead merchant marines, their treasure, a gargoyle.


Unknown said...

I'd been meaning to ask - Have you made any 'Conjoined-Twin' specific Combat-Mechanic modifications?

Jez said...

They make great goalies.