Monday, December 24, 2012

Did You Know...

...Secret Santicore has its own blog?

I did not know that. Well it does.

Here it is.

Here is my favorite thing I found so far, from the Hansel and Gretel adventure...:

(insert macguffin npc’s here as needed)
1.goblin,kobold or other small humanoid
2.Stray orphan or mostly unwanted peasant child
3.Child of someone who has stuff, like a noble or a dwarven Boozelord
4.A busting fat piggy!
5. Halfling Minstrel
6. Sheep in a Dress

What is Secret Santicore you ask?

Oh everyone sends someone their requests for RPG material to a central someone and then that somebody mixes all the requests up and sends them out to the requesters, who then complete whatever task they get.

Here's last year's.


These things remind me I haven't read all the cool free stuff out there yet.

Does anyone have a One Page Dungeon from last year's One Page Dungeon contest they particularly liked? Leave a comment saying which one and, most importantly,  explaining why you liked it.


pjamesstuart said...

Devil Gut Rock has a very clean simple map, that ended up with a guy jumping into the volcano with the vampire, which was fun.

Hellmarsh monastery had my players arguing about how to dig up the posessed tree and take it to the nearest town which had an inn from vornheim with a bar table made from it's lost love. (It was lying, they never knew). You can trap them in there quite easily

The vault of illusion drove everyone fucking nuts and nearly killed them all.

The tomb of nesta the mischievous is good if the players are getting depressed, its full of ridiculous amounts of treasure which cheers them up no end.

MadMoses said...

The First Casualty is a nice little dungeon for beginning characters and comes with an idea for a campaign set-up. Also, there's an NPC situation that can bring up some interesting results. I've run it three times and that NPC encounter turned out wildly different each time.

NowhereMan said...

I really loved A Rough Night at the Dog & Bastard. Though not technically a dungeon, it seemed like it would make a nice single-session interlude for my group that I could easily dump into a game if I was short on planning time. Most of the other dungeons would require quite a bit of prep to get them to fit snugly into my setting, where RNDB is nice and self-contained, but could have memorable, interesting consequences.

Unknown said...

Commentators: Those one page dungeon recommendations look great! I do not know if I can report back, but rest assured 2 or 3 of them will get table time here thanks to you.