Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Welcome To The Gigastructure

I'll run a 40k/Gigacrawler/RIFTSy 4-person player-vs-player sci-fi deathmaze hangout game tonight.

11 pacific time. Or maybe earlier if that's better for everyone. Ask.

Sign up on G+ if you're into it tonight or another night.
*Murdermaze PC rules* 

Any race you can think of or invent so long as you are roughly human size. Cyborgs, hybrids aliens and mutants are totally ok.

6 D&D stats roll 3d6 in order

EXCEPT: Charisma is replaced with Racial stat: this represents the powerfulness of any stat associated with your race (night vision, claws, robot stuff, cyborg parts. etc)

Pick a class:
Soldier- +1 to hit EDIT: Soldiers roll 2 d8s and pick the highest for hp
Thief- Backstab and other thief functions based on dex rolls d6hp
Psionic- Pick 2 spells from any basic D&D d4hp
Techy- Pick EDIT: 2 extra objects , d6 hp

Pick any two objects to carry, they have to be smaller than a breadbox, subject to GM approval, do not be a dick. EDIT: You can have any nonpowered melee weapon as one of your items, even if it is longer than a breadbox.

Constitution modifies HP as in 3.5 or Castles and Crusades:
10-11= no mod

Players will start in different parts of the complex, the complex contains various useful items.

Play goes until only one PC is left standing.

Being the last PC standing lets you keep the same PC next time. You can switch out equipment or spells if you have them and add class hp (without your constitution bonus) to whatever total you have when the fight ends.


Jessica Grant said...

sounds fun. love the choice of images for mood/feel =)

Zak Sabbath said...

thank you! come out and play

Charlie said...

If you randomly found this page, Zak wrote up a 'what this was like' over here: http://dndwithpornstars.blogspot.com/2012/12/warlords-of-vornheim-is-really-fun-to-gm.html

In short, it was awesome (and adapted to Vornheim well). Basically this sounds like Valhalla for FLAILSNAILS. THOU ART DEAD, and now, eternal battle! Thor, show them what they've wonnnn!

Thanks for posting this, Zak! Is very cool.