Saturday, December 1, 2012

Joey called it "So Useful It Is Nearly Offensive"

...I hope so.

So yesterday I posted a villain generator whose guts were derived from some old tables here and elsewhere plus the Random Warband Generation rules from the classic and nearly impossible-to-find Warhammer --Realms of Chaos: Slaves To Darkness.

Well, sweet mother of Khorne Dave Abulafia went and automated the whole thing.
Here's one of the shorter, simpler villains it spit out:

The Titan of The Unshriven Light

is a half orc (civilian) from Pseudo Eastern Europe (w/ vampires), but currently based in a mine. 
Noteworthy features:

  • Served by blue slaves
  • Covered in arms
Motivation: Sees PCs as a threat
Every villain needs at least one mutation: Walks as if gravity pointed toward whatever wall creature stands on
Other Stuff:

  • Own(s) 4 hounds/beasts characteristic of patron god or style
  • Has a magic weapon

    • 3 extremely intelligent ratmen with
      • Mutation: Chaos Spawn
      Wizard/cleric with 4 followers (all mutant or crippled crow-headed creatures) with
      • Own(s) 6 hounds/beasts characteristic of patron god or style
      3 Human soldiers/mercenaries with
      • Your hands are skeleton hands
      3 ratmen/wererats

It's a little rough around the edges, mostly on account of the massive amount of data Dave shoved in there all at once and the mutation tables being based on several different sources written in several different ways, including Scrap Princess' excellent (but written in 2nd person) tables.

...But it definitely does the trick: spits out baroque villains with details and hench individuals.

Also of interest:

Here are the mutation tables by themselves. Well over 1000 entries.

And Scrap Princess and Monster Johnson Voltroned up to create this monstrosity...

A Dying ninja who is pale and hairless and is about to deal the deadly final hand from a stacked deck in a traveling circus with an ugly reputation

A trusted friend who is undead and rotting and is being protected without their knowledge in the Maze of Rotting eyes


Marianne said...

From the Fantasy horror plot generator: A disgraced torturer who is polite and filth encrusted and is producing truly beautiful woks of art with human body fluids in the inside of a massive cloud hive.

Oh wow..

jamescbennett said...

So, The Order of the Phoenix is a one-eyed, double-jointed sea hag with a flaming skull face who rules from a bed (in a swamp, though she is originally from the desert) and pals around with a pair of human mercs with demon armor and a pair of rotting, three-armed goblins?

I don't think Harry Potter should be hanging around with people like that.