Monday, July 25, 2011

Notes On Stuff + Only A Couple Days Left for the Hack Vornheim Contest

-Gary Gygax's birthday's coming up: July 27th. Meaning the Hack Vorheim Contest is almost over. Send in those hacks soon.

-Went down to comic con last minute (didn't expect to) with Satine for work (meetings with some people at One Of The Big 2 about maybe making something for them). Had fun at the Chessex table: didn't go in for all the shiny candy dice but did pick up: d8 result weather die, d8 random race die, d12 random class die (they make ad&d, 4e and 3.5 versions, so far as I can tell), a d12 random hit location die (not sure exactly what mechanics to use it with yet) and, most exciting, some blank dice. (This stuff mostly availble here, I think mostly. The actual Chessex site is useless.) Me and Connie and Cameraman Darren had fun writing our names on the d4 and playing "if-your-name-comes-up-you-have-to-tell-a-true-story".

-Did not buy the random monster die (1-in-12-chance of getting a dragon? mmmm...not so much) or the random trap die (tempting but it's too small--really hard to read)

-other comic con notes:

Flash on a Segway. Slower than a normal man!

just like the Adult Video awards, everybody in the industry congregates at the same hotel bar every year. unlike the Adult Video awards...well, everything else.

best and/or worst possible costume not sure: large gentleman, Next Generation Trek officer's suit, Alien facehugger completely covering his face. Grinning maniacally the whole time.

some guy told me out of nowhere "hey, you should grow half a moustache!"--I look at this guy:
nametag: Scott Shaw!. I go "Holy Hell! you taught me to read!"

Boba Fett's taller in person

"Hey, this is the artist I was telling you about"
Superman editor: "Your stuff is really great. If I put you on Superman they'd crucify me, but still--amazing work"

"Excuse me, is that a costume or are you actually hot?"

D&D events all day. thought about it. thought about it. didn't.

Con begins with me getting up at 6 so my friend can stand in line to buy a new Mattel toy and ends with Justine Jolie telling the Penthouse Pet of the Year to have sex with me.

-I decided that since having half the players skype in totally works in play, I can do something I never thought I'd be able to do with all these no-regular-scheduling-logic-known-to-mankind entertainment industry types: schedule gainm unilaterally whenever I want. No scrambling around each time we wanna play to see who has work and who has to flake. If you show, you show, and if you don't I have enough other people scattered around the country who play that we'll have at least 3 PCs rain or shine any day for any game. Very excited. Super excited.


RobChandler said...

When you say the big you mean the big 2 I think you mean? As in Marvel or DC? Or is this something RPG related? Sounds like a great time. I really can't stand the cosplay/dressing up shit...except the hot booth babes of course. As to those want.

Zak Sabbath said...



RobChandler said...

Hell yeah! Congrats man and good luck. I had aspirations of working in comics when I was younger, until I realized I'm a pretty shitty artist. Hope it works out for you.

Zak Sabbath said...


the trick is getting them to pay me enough that it's actually worth not doing my gallery stuff for a few months. weirdly you get paid more the fewer people know who you are.

Jeremy Duncan said...

Just to go into total procrastinating and now freaking out undergraduate mode: is the deadline at a specific time on the 27th? I have a couple of tables I've been working on and I may not have time to finish them until Wednesday afternoon (Atlantic).

Zak Sabbath said...


11:59 pm

Tricky said...

Best use of Body Part Dice: Roll twice when a critical hit is scored. If the same body part comes up twice, the character loses it for good!