Sunday, July 31, 2011

Consequences of Beer, Both Real & Imaginary

Barfight Knockback Table

(When a blow connects, attacker or defender may trade two points of damage for a roll on the knockback table--d12)

1. Table--reflex save/dex check or fall over
2. Chair (as table above)
3. Patron--look up and smile--charisma check or get attacked by patron, too
4. Patron holding glass--take d4 minus 2 damage plus as 3 above
5, Serving wench holding tray full of drinks--take d4 minus 2
6. Over the bar--you are now behind the bar. Any knockback behind the bar causes d4 damage from falling bottles.
7. Dartboard--take d4 minus 3.
8. Window--take d4 minus one from the glass plus reflex/dex check or fall through it.
9. Stag's head mounted on wall--take d4
10. Stairs or slippery rug, take d4-2 plus dex/reflex check or fall down stairs/down on rug
11. Shelf with something ornamental but heavy on it take d4-1
12. Sleeping pub dog. Reflex/dex check or trip over, plus charisma check or it attacks as a 1 hd monster

Hey, It's Sunday...

Z: You know what's cool?

Connie: What?

Z: Being awake.

C: Yeah? I mean, I just started but maybe, like, after I try it for a while I might get into it more.

Z: Oh, totally, like, in the beginning it's like What's up with this? I don't really get why people are so into it, but then like, after a while you realize it's kinda cool like you can do stuff like, say, stuff you said you were going to do the day before...

C: Oh yeah, totally, I can see that.

Z: Yeah.

C: What time is it?

Z: 2:45 pm.

C: I was up late. We were drinking.

Z: Really? So like you weren't totally sober when you posted at 5:45 am on Google+ Hey, we're jamming, who wants to hang out?

C: No, I was not.

Z: So...I imagine it'll be a bit before you're over to play.

C: Maybe...3:45.

Z: Yeah, maybe.


RobChandler said...

Love the knockback table. Especially option 3. Will be using for sure.

Roger G-S said...

Speeded-up ragtime piano music plays in my head as I read that table...

Capheind said...

What about the long term health benefits of drinking. As a rather prolific drinker myself I can assure you that they are many, if sometimes not immediately evident.

Powered by Frozen Fruit medley from the big box store, and sailor Jerry rum.

Adam Dickstein said...

I'm like that with being asleep. I just don't get the appeal.

Mattias said...

I made this, rather similar.

Zak Sabbath said...


i like that