Saturday, July 9, 2011

D6 Cluster Table: Bandit Lair

Long day. 4:54 am, just got home, can't sleep. Here's another kind of building tables using the d6 cluster building-generator method.

Bandit/Goblin/Raider Lair

Out-facing numbers (exterior of lair):

1-Locked Door w/trap
2-Concealed Entrance/exit
3-Arrow/observation slit
5-Locked door
6-Chained guard animal/monster

Up-facing numbers (inhabitants)

1-Chained guard animal
2-d4-d10 soldier-types
3-Boss+d4 henchmen
6-Sleeping soldier-type

Interior numbers (start with the first room and move out from there. Each combination describes what is in the next room in that direction.)

1-1 Hall w/tripwire (alarm)
1-2 Hall w/ tripwire (spikes, pit, green slime or other attack + alarm)
1-3 Hall w/tripwire (snare net, captures victims)
1-4 Hall w/ lines of arrow slits--75% chance someone is looking through
1-5 Water with movable bridge. Bridge is tied up on far side.
1-6 Hall w/ murder hole in floor or ceiling
2-2 Guard or guard animal with ambush prepared. Will attack first PC through door
2-3 Rats-filled store room
2-4 Treasure! (If this is close to the entrance it must've been hastily dropped due to some drama you'll have to make up further inside the complex)
2-5 Sleeping quarters
2-6 Empty room
3-3 Trapped door
3-4 Locked door (strong lock)
3-5 Locked and trapped door.
3-6 Locked and alarmed door.
4-4 Locked, trapped, and alarmed door.
4-5 Alarmed door (Opening door knocks over a bell, etc.)
4-6 Creepy little makeshift mini-chapel to disturbing god
5-5 Prisoner(s)
5-6 All doors into this room are secret and there's treasure inside
6-6 Kitchen/firepit/food storage


Zak Sabbath said...


If, as I've heard, the difference between trolling and criticism is critics believe what they say, then I suppose we have to assume you believe what you just said: blog post quality is proportional to number of comments.

In which case, my blog must, in general--be a heretofore undreamt-of font of genius and yours must be about as deaf, dumb and dead as they get.


But, of course, nobody really believes that. Which means you just typed something even you yourself don't believe because it "amuses" you. Which means you're a troll. So never pretend otherwise, little pup.

Anathematician said...


Brilliant work. I have been working on new dice mechanics and dice drop charts a bit as you know with Trifectas, using colored dice, and looking at the order of dice.

What you did was great out of the box thinking. I am jealous. Also I did send you a mail showing you my ideas at work. The "I run down an alley and...." chart.

Zak Sabbath said...


saw that--nice idea for if you only have 40 results and don;t wanna write 60 more or if you wanna make a d200 chart.

sorry I didn't say anything, i get a lotta mail.

Zak Sabbath said...


So therefore you're saying you definitely are a troll and are definitely lying and are definitely not interested in what we do here, which is talk about D&D stuff. Ok.

Step one is admitting you have a problem. Let us all know when you've managed to find professional help.