Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mmmmm...Rich Creamy Vanilla

God damn there's a lot of talky NPCs and things to keep straight in the Maze of the Blue Medusa.

My players are in the Reptile Archive, but they still don't have their Chameleon Woman paladin with them who actually cares about the Reptile Archive.

In addition to cleverly outside-the-boxing past the undead bees and the Scorodron, they re-visited the Laughing Lich and The Guys That Think The Dungeon Is Their Hell, they ran into The Guy That Talks Constantly To The Glass History Golem, The Guy That Plays the Weird Organ of Forgotten Sounds (Acontias Skink--renamed "cunt skank" by the girls after he turned out to be way too self-absorbed), The Guy That Transcribes The Things That He Hears From The Engine That Collects Forgotten Sounds, The Guy Who Wants To Overthrow the Dungeon's "Power Structure", and found The Teapots That Have The DNA of Every Adventurer Who Died Looking For Them, they also heard The Faint Tinkling Noise, The Murmuring Noise and the Strangely Haunting Plangent Music of Acontias Skink but I forgot to include the Moaning Golem Faces On The Bridge...

They also got the ranger's animal companion ape addicted to a Crack Beast and had to save it but mostly they talked a lot--and they were good at it, too. But the best part of the adventure was when they finally got in a real fight:

They walk out onto the narrow bridge, I rolled some Chameleon Women on the random encounters. Everybody failed their perception check.

The first one throws a net over the barbarian, the second casts a version of Web which makes the net extend over the barbarian and ranger, blocking the bridge.

Now Stokely is playing her barbarian for the first time, after having lost two characters in this dungeon already.

"How do we get out of this Web?"

"Well it's a strength check."

"Oh god"

"If only you had some way to make sure you succeeded on a strength check..."

"Oh yeah Rage"

Stokely's barbarian rages for the first time, picks up the nearest chameleon woman, natural 20s to throw her over the edge of the bridge. Then the ranger knocks and arrow, aces Intimidate and scares off the rest.

Then on the way back though the bridge room later, I roll another wandering monster check and get the result that tells you you're getting hungry.

So because everybody's been through the Gallery where time speeds up and food spoils, nobody's got anything. They gotta crawl down there to the bottom of the pit, butcher the chameleon woman and eat her. Then a random NPC party rolled up and they had to share.

D&D is such a good game you guys.

I also got to test out these things that All Rolled Up made (use the links, their website makes the Maze look straightforward):



Fuzzy Skinner said...

Do you have a link to the one with the dry erase graph inside? (All of these look like cool products, but you were right about the organization of their website...)

asdfsd said...

What happened with the scorodron? I just got to that part last night and it seemed pretty benign.

F said...

Yes, link to the one pictured would be great.

Zak Sabbath said...

they wanted the scrolls inside. they lit an exorcism candle and sent its soul to the afterlife so its undead husk gave out

Zak Sabbath said...

Can't help. I did the best I could.

I can't figure it out either

Wolfgar....... said...

I'm actually buying this to store lockpicks in... why do I mix my hobbies...

Karma Choying said...

I ordered my roll-up today! Looks great!

Unknown said...

What system are running the maze with? I know its optimized for LotFP, but it sounds like you are running some version of DnD (5th? ADnD?)

Zak Sabbath said...

The Maze is not optimized for LotFP-- it is designed to work with generic old school D&D, including Basic, AD&D, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, etc. I used AD&D for reference in most cases.

At home I run a modified 5th ed D&D--to read about specific modifications go through old posts with the word "5e" in the title

Unknown said...

Thank you, Zak.