Thursday, October 3, 2013

You Have Exactly 24 Hours... make sure one of the entries in the best free RPG thing of the year was written just for you.

And the only price is one of the others must be written just by you.

So get your request in to Secret Santicore as skippy as possible

Joey says he's got over a hundred goddamn Secret Santicore requests this year, which is completely nuts. So that's a whole thing.

And don't say DIY D&D never did anything for ya.


Chris A. Field said...

I entered this year- I'd been wanting to for the last couple of Santicores, and kept missing the deadline. Looking forward to see what I get assigned.

Cassie said...

I has entereds! My request isn't anything fancy, although should be fairly easy to accomodate. Exciting stuff!

gerard said...

Put my request in last night, can't wait to see what I'm assigned.

Stuart K. said...

Got in on it this year, SUPER excited.